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More from my grandfather's

Old Trunk

Memorabilia from W W I

Troops waiting to go in Fairmont, WV

Troops awaiting transfer in Fairmont, WV

Train at Ashland, KY used to move troops

Train in Ashland, Ky used for Troops in W W I

Song book from W W I John Sousa

A W W I Song Book given to my grandfather
by a young soldier by the name of John Sousa
when he returned home from the war

troops singing

I don't know how many, you can count them

Troops marching W W I

Marching Army Troops returning from W W I

Boys waiting for transportation in Kingwood, West Virginia.
July 25, 1918

One of the movable guns mounted on rails used to protect the eastern coast of Great Britian during World War I

Both pictures were obtained from a distant relative whose grandfather is one of the men shown on the big gun

Another view of the same type movable gun used during World War I on the coast of Great Britian

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