This letter was given to me by Annie May Ross Rector Seese Radford born March 9, 1877, died September 21, 1962 the daughter of John W. and Josina (Cooper) Ross. It was given to me sometime before I was nine years old when we moved from Bethleham,WV where I lived across the road from Annie. Annie was a great friend to a young boy growing up on Mud Lick Road.

       Annie was first married to Lewis Eugene Rector on August 22, 1905. She then married William Sylvester Seese on September 14, 1935. Next Annie married Charles A. Radford on October 16, 1943. The letter had been passed down through the family of her first husband Lewis Rector the son of Nelson and Mary Rector.
I tried to keep the wording and spelling as it appeared in the letter.

March the 11th 1835 Harrison County

My children I have undertaken to write you a letter or a sort of a letter. I will in form you that we are well in resonable state of health and I hope these lines will find you in good health x and I hope you will forgive me for my harsh and unthouthtfull behaveyer to you. I want to tell you apast anthing you know of on can form in your minds. I want you to with me. I have nobody but (my two) George and David only the Blacks and I can not be at rest with out you to live with me if you will do so I will do more for you and better than I would for any body else and I hope you will come and live with me as long as I live. Little Polly as for as I know. Elias has this day moved to the same house he did live in wen you was hear-- I am Sory I let you come away as you did when I heard by John Low how you aloud to do but I being confused in mind that I did not think to do as I ought to have one but it was for the ........ thought for which I am sorry for and I want you to forgive me for it. We are about making Surgam (sp) we have made only 45 pounds. Have a good deal more I want to write to you but I cant know I want you to send me a letter or come and fetch it your selves as soon as you I am a poor hand to wright a letter and that makes me put it off longer than I ought to and so it is now I shall look for you along this spring no more at present but remain you father to John and Recter.

From John Slocum

(Letter is addressed to:)

John W. Recter
Warrington, Fanquier
County Virginia
(Post Markered)
March 14, Clarksburg, VA