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Sirk Family West Virginia
Census and Land Records

Birch River - Braxton County - West Virginia

In 1790 Census of Pennsylvania Adam is listed as Adam Sark 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, 3 females. This census was taken for the following areas: Berwick, Cumberland, Franklin, Germany, Hamiltonbon, Heidelberg, Mount Pleasant, Mount Joy, and Strabon Townships.

Adam was later listed in 1810 Shenodoah County, Virginia census as Adam Sirick.
Adam later listed Lewis Co. Virginia 1830 Census as Adam Sirk, 1 male 60-70 yrs & 1 female 60-70 yrs.
Listed Lewis Co. deed bk E/187 Adam & Catherine sold 60A & 12 1/2 poles on Salt Lick Creek of Little Kanawha River up Bear Garden Run to James Gibson on 7 Feb 1833. north side of Bear Garden Run S80 degrees W 164 poles, S29 degrees E 28 poles S76 degrees E 170 poles.
This piece of property was conveyed to Adam Sirk by Andrew Boggs on Salt Lick Creek and taxes were paid as listed in Lewis County land book as being paid in 1831, 1832, and 1833 by Adam Sirk
Bear Garden Run is located just north of Heaters on old US Rt 19 north of Flatwoods north of Sutton. About 4 miles from Heaters.
Virginia Land Records:

Isaac Sirk received a 200 acre land grant from the state of Virginia around 1820 on the back Fork Cedar Creek. Cedar Creek is located in the area of Exchange, WV that is just north west of Sutton.
The story goes that Isaac and John came to Cedar Creek when Isaac got the land grant and lived for a short time in a sycamore tree very similar to the story about the Pringle brothers that lived in a sycamore tree near Buckhannon, WV in Upshur, Co.
Braxton County Land Records:

Title Bond Bk 3 pg 24 10/28/1835 250A Cedar Creek Fm: Elisha McComas to John Sirk. Title Bond Bk 3 pg 23 1/26/1837 50A back Fork Cedar Creek Fm: Elisha McComas to Isaac Sirk.
Deed Bk 2/357 3/21/1844 340A Saltlick Crk branch of Little Kanawha fm: John Wyatt to William Sirk.
Deed Bk 15/110 3/19/1880 154A Clay/Braxton fm: W.L.J. Corley to Luther & William M. Sirk.
Deed Bk 1/231 8/2/1837 100A Cedar Crk fm: Isaac & Gamima Sirk to Samuel Cutlip.
Deed Bk 1/311 4/24/1838 100A Cedar Crk fm: Isaac & Gamima Sirk to Samuel Cutlip.
Deed Bk 1/457 11/3/1840 200A Back Fork of Holly River fm: William Sirk to John Conrad.
Deed Bk 2/395 11/1/1845 100A Flatwoods Run fm: William & Amanda Sirk to David Perkins.
Deed Bk 3/39 4/12/1847 900A Elk&Holly River fm: John Sirk, John Riffle etal to: Saulsbury
Cedar Creek is located near Exchange just a little northwest of Sutton, WV just west of Flatwoods about 15 miles.

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