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Last updated March 1, 2012

     These pages contain over 14,000 individuals listed by Last Name, First Name, Middle Name (intial) giving the Webpage URL where the individual can be found. If an individual can not be found on the Webpages indicated please contact me by Email. You are welcome to use any of the information Footprints in History gleaned from these pages for your personnel or family use. Feel free to exchange anything that you find but please do not pass it on to, or place it on a commerical website. All information here is free and must remain that way. Information to purchase CDs with the contents of these web pages may be purchased from me. The data is free if you which to glean it from the site but if you want it compiled for you is available as noted on the Main Page Information gleaned from this site and placed on closed or commerical site will defeat the purpose of true genealogical research.

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