In 1944 a devastating tornado past through Shinnston completely destroying the area of Pleasant Hill. Most of the families rebuild but several after rebuilding sold their properties and moved elsewhere.

One of these houses belonged to Santo Retundo and my father and mother bought the new house he had built on the ruins of his old house. Two people were killed it the old house when the tornado destroyed everything.

The new house had a side porch which had a door directly into the room my sister used as her bedroom. Late one night while my sister was sleeping an inebriated neighbor accidentally mistaking our house for his came onto the porch and entered my sister's bedroom It was a harmless mistake but from that day forth the door to the porch was secured and was not usable from the outside. No more incidents of entering the room from the outside.

In 1950 my sister got married and moved out of the room thus the room becoming all mine. I made sure that the door was properly secured and no one could enter.

Late one night I was awakened for some reason and there was a large white cloud or mist at the door. Of course, this concerned me so I turned on the light and the white mist disappeared. Turned the light out and it reappeared. I went back to sleep thinking it was just a weird occurrence. I said nothing to any one about it.

Over about a month the mist would appear occasionally but not every night but each time it did appear the white cloud moved further from the door and near the foot of my bed. It didn't scare or concern me, I just learned to accept that something was there. Eventually the cloud moved to the foot of my bed and over time the cloud started to look like someone to me. After several; of the appearances of the cloud it started to reshape and look like a small gray haired old lady and I finally realized it was my grandmother's image.

There after it appeared directly at the foot of my bed and looking like my grandmother. All she did was stand there and watch me. As time went on and over the years, grandma would appear to me occasionally and I just accepted her and I always looked forward to seeing her. The appearances happened with longer times between times that she would appear to me. By the time I finally joined the Navy in 1955 her appearances became less and less.

After joining the Navy and only sleeping in my old room on rare occasions I never saw her again. The bedroom became my younger sister's room and I told her about Grandma appearing to me she said it never happened to her.

My Grandmother had died in her room which was down stairs in October 1949 after being in a coma for a week before her death.

Ghosts are real, I don't know why and how but my whole life I have caught images in the corner of my eye and when I turn my head to look there is no one there.

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