John Hanson Wilt

John Hanson Wilt Barbara McRobie Wilt

Barbara Ellen McRobie

My grandfather John, 1871-1910 was a lumber jack and worked in western Maryland all of his life. He died as a result of an accident when a tree fell on him breaking his back. He was bedfast from 1908 until 1910 when he died. He left my grandmother Barbara, 1870-1949 with six small children. My grandmother worked as a custodian in the Mountain Lake Park Hotel for several years and also as a domestic to support her children. My grandmother was also a very good seamtress and made clothing for many of the wealthy families of Mountain Lake Park. She was very accomplished at crocheting and could make any thing from small pieces to a full bedspead.

Susie Wilt Holbert
Susie Wilt Holbert 1895-1984

Susie was the oldest of the Wilt children and took care of all the boys while their mother worked after her father's death in 1910. Susie married Arthur Holbert and was the first of her family to move to West Virginia from Maryland.

Wilt Boys Herbert Wilt

In the picture to the left are the five Wilt brothers, Harry(Preach)1897-1980, Henry(Hen) 1898-1923, was killed in a mining accident. George (Flick) 1900-1962, Ernest (Pude), 1902-1961, Herbert (Bud)1904-1985. Their clothing worn in the picture was made by their older sister and only girl in the family, Susie, (Sis) 1895-1984. The picture on the right is my father, Herbert Wilt taken when he was approxiamtely 6 years of age on his uncles farm.

George Wilt Socks McRobie

These are two people that influenced me to go into the service. On the left is my uncle George. He joined the United States Marines in 1926 and served for six years with a tour in China. On the right is Laree McRobie (Socks) who went into the Marines in 1926 and remained in the Marines for over thirty years before his retirement. Socks was a first cousin, the son of grandmother's brother.


My father Herbert Stanley Wilt
(Bud) born in McHenry, MD 1904 and died Fairmont , WV 1985

The picture on the left of Harry M. Wilt 1897-1980 and the picture on the right of Ernest T. Wilt 1902-1961. Both were taken in 1920's.

Dick 1950 Snow Dick 1968
Dick 1956

These three small pictures are of course of me, Dick Wilt. On the left is a picture taken in front of my home just after Thanksgiving 1950. I was fourteen years old. It had snowed 48 inches over the previous few days. The middle picture was taken when I was twenty one years old, while serving with the US Navy in Bremerhaven, Germany. The picture on the right was taken at my last re-enlistment ceremony in the Panama Canal Zone in 1969. I served from 1955 until 1974 with the United States Naval Security Group, in several overseas stations. I retired from Homestead Airforce Base, Florida on July 15, 1974 as a Chief Commmunications Technician (Technical Branch)(CTTC)

NCVA U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association
Am. Legion American Legion National Hq.
NSA National Security Agency
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

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