My Chronicle for 2017
by Richard R. Wilt

January 1, 2017
New Years, was at Millie's for New Years Eve.
1:23AM Arrived home from Millie's.
2:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed
8:15AM Up and about.
9:00AM Took Tyler to work. 9:15AM Back home and having a little breakfast, toast and espresso.
11:30AM Back to bed to snooze.
2:45PM Tyler text and needs a ride home.
2:48PM Troy called and said Tyler was having trouble with his phone and wanted to let me know he would be home late tonight or early tomorrow. He also has some brain fart, says he wants to talk to me when he gets home. He gets these brain farts when ever he goes to one of these festivals.
3:00PM Picked up Tyler from work, when I got back home and Chandler and Andy are here. Tyler is upset because Chandler and Andy are leaving Tuesday for Maryland.
6:00PM Going to Millie's 6:30PM Millie said her crock pot has stopped working so the roast isn't cooking. Going to McDonald's to get some supper. Got double biscuit and gravy for Millie and breakfast burritos for me.
10:00PM While watching TV someone called Millie and told her niece's husband (Richard Piccolo) just died at Ruby Hospital in Morgantown.
11:00PM Going home early. Millie has to make some telephone calls to notify everyone in the family. Since Millie is the matriarch of the family this has fallen on her to take this responsibility for the family.
11:30PM Watching Star Trek Voyager series on BBCA.

January 2, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:00AM Up and about, nothing to stay up for, so back to bed for a while.
12:30PM Millie called, she was up most of the night and this morning calling and receiving calls from relatives about the death of Richard Piccolo yesterday.
1:00PM Checked on Tyler in garage, Troy is asleep on the couch in the garage.
2:45PM Troy came in the house, he has his right arm in a make shift sling. I asked what happened and he said he had a seizure at the festival and they took him to the med center and they said he was dehydrated and that was the problem. He finally admitted that he had a couple hits of acid. Of course, that had nothing to do with his seizure. What kind of shit does he think he can feed me. They had to restrain him when he was on acid and that is when his shoulder was injured and of course, he has no memory of hurting his shoulder. This shit is going to have to end or I will have to put him out on the street and he will probably continue to try to kill himself with all of this shit. His father is a drunk and he is becoming a junky.
5:00PM Fixed Kasbahs, green peppers, onions, and sauerkraut for supper.
7:00PM Called Barb.
7:15PM Called Millie to see how she is getting along today. She wants me to come by and pick her up and follow her to the garage to get her car fixed and then meet Bill Lewis and his wife at Jimmy's for lunch at noon.
9:00PM Watching Star Trek marathon.

January 3, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, Booster, going to bed.
8:15AM Up and about.
10:30AM Going to Millie's
12:00PM Dropped off Millie's car at West Fork Motors and went on to meet Bill and Kitty Lewis at Jimmy's
4:00PM Picked up Millie's car and went to Ace Hardware and picked up a clamp to fix her TV antenna.
5:00PM Back at Millie's and fixed her TV antenna and removed the splitter in her TV line and all the channels from 5 through 12 all work fine now.
7:00PM Back home. My phone isn't working right. It stopped working while at lunch.
7:30PM Turned my cell phone off and then back on and it reset and seems to be working fine now. Called Barb and let her know and called Millie and let her know. I had called them both on Tyler's cell to tell them that my cell was not working correctly.
8:00PM Received a couple texts from Kit with some great pictures attached.
9:40PM Received a text from Bill that they had made it to Marion, VA on there way home. Had a great time today with lunch and the visit. Bill's wife Kitty is really a very nice lady.

January 4, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:30AM Started getting several of the damn calls again. Marked them all rejected and those numbers are taken care of when they come in. I know they change the number when they get no response from a call.
10:00AM Dr. Tomes office called about my PSA test results and she wants me to see a urologist at UHC since I have no idea when I will get an appointment with the VA. The VA has changed my GP again and the last time at the VA urologist all I saw was a PA and she referred me back to the GP.
1:00PM Very tired so going to take a nap.
3:00PM Troy took Tyler to work.
10:00PM Tyler home from work.

January 5, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:30AM Received another of those calls, placed the number on reject list.
12:00PM Up and about.
5:00PM Checked into the WVFN net.
6:00PM Took Troy to Mia Margarita to pick up his pay check. Roads are in bad shape at Charles Point. About 2" snow on ground at this time, still snowing.
7:00PM Called Barb, she is snowed in.
7:30PM Called Millie, told her if the weather doesn't clear up a little and the road conditions improve we will not go to Fairmont.

January 6, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
7:00PM Called Barb

8:00PM Called Millie. Very cold. About 10 degrees.
January 7, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. My main Laptop stopped working. Have to take to Staples to see if they can replace the fan.
10:00AM Up and about. Still very cold out.
1:00PM Asked Tyler if he had to work today and if he needed a ride. He said yes he works and if he needs a ride he will clean the car off. Just looks like he thinks it isn't his responsibility to do anything he doesn't want to do is OK. I just don't understand the younger generation thinking. If they decide it isn't to their benefit they just don't have to do it. I need to go out to take my computer to get worked on but I can wait until it is warmer and the snow melts by itself. I am not going to clean the snow from my porch, walk, or car. At my age I shouldn't have to even think of doing that, since I have two young men living off me and doing nothing but play games and listen to music and smoke cigarettes and pot.
1:15PM Temperatures is 19.4 degrees barometer 30.25 and steady humidity outside 73% light wind out of the north, and east.
3:00PM Tyler off to work. Someone had to take him, he didn't clean off my car so I have no obligation to take him to work.
7:30PM Barb called. Made a mistake and mentioned Obama wife and upset Barb. She does not like politics in anyway so I try not to mention anything to her.
8:30PM Called Millie, she called while I was making myself some supper, corn beef hash with raw onion.
8:45PM Took two loaves of bread out of the oven. They came out pretty good. Took a long time for them to raise, had to place them in the oven at 175degrees for 1/2 hour to get the loaves to raise.
11:45PM Tyler just came in from work. Didn't say anything about working at 9 in the morning.

January 8, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
8:30AM Up and about. Tyler out to clean the car off so I can take him to work.
9:00AM Chris came by and put Tyler's SSA earnings report for 2016.
9:30AM Dropped Tyler off at work and came back home.
10:00AM Fixed coffee and had a couple bagels with cream cheese w/rhubarb, Strawberry jelly.
1:30PM Back to bed.
3:30PM Woke up.
4:00PM Tyler is home. He and Troy are sitting in the garage.
7:30PM Called Barb.
8:30PM Called Millie. I seem to be coming down with something. Hope it isn't a bad cold. If so the boys had to have brought it home to me.

January 9, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 8:30AM Awake, Tyler going to work. someone is picking him up. Didn't get out of bed. 1:00PM Up and about, I have slept all day. I am catching something, raspy throat, cough, and nose running. 2:00PM Called my doctor, talked to the Nurse, she took my symptoms and said it is just a little virus and All I need to do is get plenty of sleep, take a decongestant and something for my cough. There is nothing that they could give me that I can't get at a drug store. Also asked about my Urology appointment and she said she had not heard anything back from UHC about an appointment. 7:30PM Called Barb. She seems to be OK. Of course, Dana hasn't been around to check on her. 8:00PM Talked to Millie, told her that I have a cold or what ever it is and the doctor just wants me to take OTC drugs. 8:15PM Tyler and Troy borrowed my car to go get something to play with doing with painting. 8:30PM Made Rice w/brown beans and diced tomatoes. Taste pretty good, really filling. January 10, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, booster shot, going to bed...taking the OTC drugs so I can sleep better. 8:30AM Troy took Tyler to work, Tyler's phone is not paid so his cell isn't Working. 9:00AM Fixed an omelet, w/bacon/toast and had a cup of coffee. 10:30AM Back to bed. 2:30PM Woke up when Nelson called about the rent. 3:00PM Bryan and Nelson came by an dropped off $590,00 fir rent. 4:00PM Took the rent to the bank and deposited rent in Eric's account. 4:30PM Went to Staple's to try to get my computer repaired. They said that they would charge me $350.00 and send it off to get fixed, and if they can't fix it I don't get any of my money back and if the fix it I am charged for the repairs and still don't get my $350.00 back. 5:00PM Went to Rite Aide and picked up some cough syrup and cough drops. 6:00Pm Don't feel any better than yesterday. 7:30PM Barb called. 9:00PM That black Son of a Bitch President is on all the TV stations giving his farewell speech. I don't want to hear any of his bull shit. Just 10 days and is gone. That is what we all hope but knowing the press he will be on TV every day with some sort of bull shit on how great he is and how lousy Trump is. If he doesn't pardon Hillary in the next 10 days her ass is toast and she knows it. January 11, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed, my cold isn't any better. 9:00AM Woke up when Tyler went to work, back to sleep. 2:00PM Slept in. Still feel lousy. Have a very deep cough. Took some of the cough meds and sitting in living room just felling lousy and coughing. 2:50PM Talked to Millie. 7:00PM Called Barb. Watching news on TV. Missed Trumps press conference today but the news will let me know what they want me to know. Watching FOX. January 12, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:00AM Heard Tyler leave for work. Got up and took some coughing medicine. Back to bed 3:00PM Back up, still have no pep. I don't feel to bad but no energy at all and still coughing. 5:15PM Millie called and we talked for a while. She had just gotten back from the funeral home for Mrs. Simmons. 7:20PM Called Barb, didn't talk very long, still very tired. Hope my energy comes back soon. 8:00PM Warmed up the soup that I had last night and fixed myself a hamburger. Also had a large cup of tea. January 13, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about. My cold seems to be easing up. My kidneys are hurting. Drinking some water. 5:00PM Fixed myself something to eat, omelet/green pepper and onion and cheese. Fixed and had a cup of coffee. 7:00PM Called Barb, Wendy and Bob are there for the weekend came before the icy rain begins. 7:30PM Called Millie. 8:00PM Boys went to Shop & Save. Tyler couldn't get my card to work as a credit card and I would give him my pin over the phone, so he paid for the groceries. Owe him $100.00 for the groceries. He was upset that I would not trust him with my pin number. I wouldn't trust my mother with my pin number. When you have it in your head and then you know that no one has it except you. 9:00PM Tyler fixed some steak, it was very good. Tyler seems to be a good cook as long as he cooks what he wants to cook, but he always makes a mess and never cleans up after himself. I suppose when you are cooking in a restaurant you always have a dish washer cleaning up after you, so the cook never learns to clean up when they cook. 11:00PM Found a YouTube on how to remove the fan from my HP laptop and it is quite a job. Have to remove the keyboard and all of the units inside including the mother board because the fan is mounted on the mother board. Nothing to lose. Either I will fix it or will have to buy a new computer which what I have to do if I don't replace fan. January 14, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about. I seem to be getting plenty of sleep since I started taking this expectorant before I go to bed. 2:00PM Raining very heavy. Tyler borrowed my car to go to Fairmont. He told me he is selling his xbox to some guy in Fairmont. 4:00PM Tyler back, he did not sell his xbox he traded it for a banjo and something else. I thought he was trying to get money for his car. What's new. 6:00PM Fixed myself two hamburgers with onion/tomatoes and mayo. 7:00PM Called Barb, no answer. 8:00PM Barb called, Wendy/Dana and the grandkids had a birthday party for Barb at Dana's January 15, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about. 2:00PM Feel a lot better today. 3:00PM Got the fan out of the laptop and looked up part on the Internet and ordered a new fan. 4:30PM Millie called. 6:00PM Tyler fixed some 4 cheese alfredo and I had a nice helping. 7:00PM Barb called, said everyone had gone home. January 16, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about. 3:00PM Took the towels out of dryer and folded them, put them on shelf. Put more clothes in the dryer. 4:00PM Took a shower and shaved. 5:30PM Stopped by China One and picked up chicken fried rice, won tons, and pork egg rolls to take with me to Millie's 5:45PM Stopped by bank and got $100.00 from ATM to give to Tyler for paying for groceries on Sunday. 6:45PM Arrived at Millie's. January 17, 2017 12:15AM Arrived home, Tyler in bed and Troy and Cheyenne in garage. 1:00AM Meds, injection, booster, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about. 7:00PM Called Barb. 9:00PM Held SJARA Tuesday Night net. Had 19 check ins on FM portion and 9 check ins on Digital plus myself on both nets. 9:30PM Sent report of call signs to KC8AJH Doug for the sinewaves. 11:00PM Didn't much at all today. Waiting for my order for the fan to get here to put my laptop back together. January 18, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about. Still very tired and worn out. 5:00PM Finally got myself together and gone to Millie's for dinner. 6:00PM Millie and I gone to Sunset for dinner, I had spaghetti and Millie had steak, very good meal. 8:00PM Back at Millie's and watching TV. January 19, 2017 00:15AM Back home. 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about, woke up several times during the night but do feel a little better. 6:30PM Leaving for the SJARA meeting. Called Barb on way to meeting. 7:30PM Meeting came to order. Feels great to not have anything to do with club business other than a plain member. Paid my dues tonight, gave Ceil $20.00 and told her to put the extra in the treasury. Meeting went as I expected, Dick N8FMD had to start mouthing off. He made a motion and the vote had two nay, me and K8RAS. Nutty motion "Not to volunteer with the Health Dept. or any organizations that do not make sure they have well trained and good operators" This is the way I understood it but will get the quote of the motion from the Sinewaves when it comes out after the monthly meetings. Did not volunteer for Tuesday Night, I told that I would others have a chance after K8WWW and I did it every Tuesday for 6 years. 9:00PM Called Millie while was driving home from the meeting. 10:00PM just had a taste of POT (nothing) January 20, 2017 00:00AM Well, today is the day. Hope Obama didn't pardon Hillary. If he doesn't Hillary might have a heart attack a little after noon this afternoon. LOL 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 8:30AM Up and about, fixed myself an omelet w/pepper jack cheese, onions, green peppers, toast and coffee. 9:00AM Started watching the inauguration activities. 1:00PM Millie called and wanted to know if I was coming down this evening. 3:30PM Talked to Millie, I am not going down this evening. 4:00PM Continue watching the inauguration activities. January 21, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:30AM Up and about. 10:00AM Breakfast, steak, potatoes, onion, green pepper. w/coffee and toast. 6:00PM Going to Millie's. Talked to Barb from the car while driving to Millie's. January 22, 2017 1:00AM Going home, very foggy on the way home. 2:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed as soon as I get the bread out of the oven. 4:00AM Bread out of the oven. 2:05PM Up and about. Didn't get the bread out of the oven until around 4AM so off to bed. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 8:00PM Nothing much going on this evening. January 23, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about. 3:00PM Taking a shower, getting ready to go to the foot doctor. 4:00PM Doctor's appointment with Dr. Anderson, foot doctor. Trimming my toe nails. 5:00PM Picked up the rent from Nelson. $160.00. Did not make it to the bank so will deposit it tomorrow. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 8:00PM Talked to Millie. January 24, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 5:30AM Up and about, can't sleep. Got out of bed and fixed myself a large salad and had that for breakfast w/coffee. 8:30AM Watched some morning news and going back to bed. 1:00PM UP and about. Getting ready to go to Clarksburg to get a hair cut. 3:00PM Stopped by Rite Aid and picked up some Musalex (sp) to see if I can get some of this stuff up out of my lungs. 4:00PM Got a hair cut and set and talked to the guys for a while. 5:00PM Dropped by Eric's and put a receipt for Dale in the mailbox. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 9:00PM Talked to Millie. January 25, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, booster, going to bed. 10:00AM Up and about. Still have some congestion. 2:00PM Don't feel well so am going back to bed for a couple hours. 4:00PM Back up, taking a shower. 5:00PM Going to Millie's for dinner 7:00PM Finished dinner, we had manicotti, it was great. 11:59PM Going home. January 26, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 8:30AM Up and about. Had toast & coffee for breakfast. 10:00PM Back to bed. 3:52PM Back up. Noticed Millie had called at 8:58AM. 6:15PM Called Millie, she said that had not called me this morning. I accused her of sleep calling. LOL 7:30PM Barb called. I was eating. Tyler had baked the pork roast and it was great. Tyler is getting to be a good cook. Some of the things he cooks I don't like but it is not because it isn't it any good, they are things I just don't like. January 27, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 10:00AM Up and about. Fixed breakfast of scrambled egg, green pepper, onion, pork roast, w/cup of espresso. 1:30PM Tyler off to Winchester, VA Gasoline Alley Auto to buy a car. I gave him a check signed to pay for the car. He will make arrangements to pay me when he gets back. I really didn't want him to go because of the weather but you know you just can't stop him when he makes up his mind. It is only money and I hope it works out for him. He has to have a car. Now if I can get the T-shirt equipment sold for Troy so he can get a car. 5:00PM Going to China One to pick up Gen Tso for supper and then onto Millie's 5:39PM Received text from Max that they were just leaving Winchester, VA. 10:00PM Arrived home from Millie's and Tyler was home but just leaving with Troy to go somewhere. I'll look at the car and give a complete run down on the car. He said the dealer gave him a 90 day 3000Mile warranty. January 28, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 10:00AM Up and about, had a bagel w/coffee. 11:00AM Typed up the agreement between Tyler and me. 11:30AM Tyler is out somewhere trying to get insurance on his car. He wants everything in a hurry. Just like the car, he was going to get a car for a couple thousand dollars and what did he end up with, a 6000 dollar car and, of course, I came through for him again. I make it to easy for him. 12:00PM Back to bed for a short nap. 2:30PM Back up. Tyler told me the check was for $6024.75 and I told him to put $25.00 my savings account on Monday and the he will owe me $120.00 per payday for the next 56 weeks starting his next payday. He went out and got insurance and I think it is costing around $300 per month. I am only financing this car because Tyler can't get a good interest rate to buy the car. I hope I haven't made a mistake. I think I will make some inquiries to see if I can find a cheaper insurance for him. Maybe to put him on my policy and let him pay the amount for his car. 7:00PM Tyler fixed steak, mash potatoes, toast, and broccoli cheese soup. It was delicious. Tyler is becoming an excellent cook. 7:10PM Called Barb, no answer. 7:30PM Barb called, Dana and Dwayne had taken her to Bob Evan's for a birthday dinner. I hope they paid for it, normally Barb pays. Of course, it is her 87th birthday so they should have paid. 9:00PM Tyler took Troy somewhere, Troy said he would be back tomorrow. Tyler in and out a couple times this evening. Patrick dropped by. January 29, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. Didn't do much today. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 11:00PM Millie called. I had called her twice during the day and she just returned my call. Snowed on and off all day. January 30, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 10:00AM Up and about, fixed myself an omelet to eat for lunch. 2:40PM Appointment with Dr. Tomes. She got on me about my sugar, and I should eat better. Gave me a new drug to take in place of my booster. She also checked my oxygen in my blood and it was low so she is concerned about my breathing. Gave me a Steroid inhaler to help clear up my lungs so I can breath deeper. Told me also to drink a lot more water. Start taking the new oral sugar meds by the name of JARDIANCE 25mg. One at night and one in morning when I get up. Will have to check my sugar each day to see if it is doing any good. 7:00PM Called Barb. 8:00PM Called Millie, didn't talk very long tonight. Snoozing on and off, Had diarrhea, it was either the Steroid or the seasoning in the food Tyler fixed supper. A little spicy. January 31, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, booster. Also taking the new meds one at night and one when I get up. 8:00AM Up and about, Tyler off to work. 9:00AM Back to bed, no need to stay up and then have to nap this afternoon. 12:00PM Back up and having lunch. Beacon, toast, w/coffee. Took my new meds and used the inhaler. I think I am breathing better today. My sugar test was 109. Looks good. 6:00PM Tyler went out and got Chinese food for supper. 7:00PM Called Barb. 8:00PM Called Millie. She says she is getting cabin fever. If I feel better tomorrow I will go down and we will go to Casey's for dinner. February 1, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. Sugar 149 8:30AM Up and about, had some oatmeal for breakfast, took my meds and used the inhaler. Tyler off to work. 9:30AM Back to bed for a while 2:00PM Back up, feel a lot better today. Will have to get a shower and go to the store and then later call Millie and go get something to eat later. 5:30PM Called Barb, called early because I will probably be eating at our normal time to talk. 6:30PM Picked up Millie and we went to Casey's for one of their bacon, cheese, hamburgers w/fries. 9:00PM Back at Millie's watching TV February 2, 2017 1:00AM Back home, Meds, injection, going to bed. Sugar 149 8:30AM Up and about, Tyler just came in and when I asked him if he worked today and where he had been last night, he gave me an attitude about me asking him where he had been. I don't care where or when he goes, I just ask that he let me know if he is coming back before morning. He is working and just left for work. 10:00AM Back to bed. 2:00PM Back up. 2:45PM Tyler home from work. He said Troy knew where he was and he had just fell asleep on the couch at Shauna's. 3:00PM Tyler and I had a talk about the loan and how I wanted him to handle it. I figure I will have to go through this several times in the next year or so. I told him I wanted him to deposit $25.00 in my account now and pick up some deposit slips so he would have them to use each payday to put money in my account. 4:00PM Put a beef roast w/potatoes, carrots, and onions in oven. 6:00PM Roast out and Tyler and Troy both had some of the roast. I had a helping. It was great as far as I can tell. 7:00PM Called Barb. 8:30PM Called Millie. Made plans to go to Millie's nephew's house in Fairmont on Sunday. February 3, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. sugar 150 12:00PM Up and about. Cut up some beef roast and fried it with a couple eggs, scrambled w/coffee. 7:00PM Called Barb. 9:00PM Called Millie February 4, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. sugar 151 7:30AM Up and about, had oatmeal for breakfast. 9:30AM Back to bed. 2:00PM Back up. Thinking about going to the store for some groceries but Tyler said yesterday he would go with me. If he doesn't come and volunteer to go with me, I won't be going today. I'll eat on what I have in the house, which I can go for quite a while since I have frozen and canned items and will eat them. The boys don't like that kind of food so let them suffer. The only thing I do need is paper towels so may stop somewhere tomorrow and pick up a package. Maybe a couple things tomorrow. 7:00PM Called Barb, talked about today being mom and pops 88th wedding anniversary. They were married February 4, 1929. Also remember this date as being the day I took pop to WVU Hospital in 1985 for evaluation for Alzheimer's disease. He walked in and I had to carry him out 4 days later. That was the beginning of the end. He contracted Legionnaires disease while he was in the hospital and he was only home for a day and we had to put him in Fairmont General Hospital where they diagnosed he had pneumonia, He passed away on June 13, 1985. 8:00PM Called Millie, all I could do was bitch to her about the boys. She tried to make me feel better. I am going to have to do something before to long. Tyler was supposed to deposit $25,00 in my savings account last week and still hasn't done it. I don't have much faith the he will do it or that he will make his payments on time every two weeks. It is going to be a hassle from now on. 9:00PM Just got Ruby's notes in an email so will have to work them up for the website. 11:00PM Ruby's notes are up on the WVHCGS Web Site and on the Archives. February 5, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 5:30AM Up and about, had some oatmeal for breakfast, w/glass of milk. 6:00AM Back to bed. 10:00AM Up and taking a shower getting ready to go to pick up Millie to go to Fairmont. 12:00PM At SayBoys for lunch. 1:30PM Arrived at the Meredith's (Millie's grand nephews) to watch the Super Bowl. 7:00PM Watching the Super Bowl. 7:15PM Barb Called and we talked for a short time. 9:00PM Half time so going to Millie's to finish watching the Super Bowl. 9:30PM When we got to Millie's the score was Atlanta 28 Boston 12, they had made 3 more points while we were driving home. 10:30PM The game is over, sudden death because the score is 28-28 and then Boston made a touch down and the game is over Boston 34 Atlanta 28. 11:30PM Going home, very tired and sleepy. 11:50PM Arrived home and watching TV. February 6, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 10:00AM Up and about, had some breakfast. 10:30AM Back to bed, tied again this morning. 1:00PM Back up. Called Nelson and told him I would be by around 3PM to pick up the rent. 3:15PM Picked up rent from Nelson, $560.00 and went to the bank and deposited it for Eric. Called Eric and let him know the deposit was in his account. Went to KFC and had something to eat. It was good but it was very greasy and didn't sit well on my stomach. 4:00PM Back home. Note: Tyler has not been home much, he has been going to Shauna's almost every night. It is fine, hope they get along well. Also Troy is staying up all night and sleeping all day. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 9:00PM Millie called. February 7, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed (taking Jardiance v the booster shot) 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 9:00PM Talked to Millie 10:00PM Walter called while I was talking to Millie and I called him back. He and Kit are fine and the weather there is great. 11:00PM The temperatures were in the 70s today and is still 51 degrees. February 8, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, took the last of Jardiance. Going to doctor today to get my flu shot NDC #70461-119-02 Lot # 169404 Exp Date: 06/2017 and pick up some more Jardiance. 6:30AM Up and about. Fixed myself some grits with a couple sunny side up eggs. It was great. 7:00AM Back to bed. 1:00PM Back up and getting reading to go to the doctor. 3:00PM Went to the doctors and got my flu shot and took her 3 boxes of the booster shots I have and won't use when I get my Jardiance from Express Script. 4:00PM Going to Kroger's to pick up some groceries. Have just run out of a lot of things. 5:15PM Home and Troy carried in the groceries for me. He put most of them away. Fixing a pizza for supper. 6:00PM Checked my email and got scathing email from Wendy "Seriously???? From:Wendy To:cn8ff Date:Wed, Feb 8, 2017 3:30 pm Seriously? You unfriend me and then post about it? Actually, I do have the “backbone to confront you personally” regarding your bigoted, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and downright hateful posts, and I have done so in the past. But, instead of you engaging with me, you did what you always do --- you didn’t respond. Instead you let your like-minded friends reply. On at least two occasions I’ve replied to your posts and once I was personally attacked and called something along the lines of a libtard by one of your friends; which is not only offensive to progressive thinkers, but decidedly offensive to persons with developmental disabilities. Since you don’t reply when someone challenges you, I don’t even bother anymore. Your lack of any response also leads me to believe that you simply enjoy stirring the shit, but when you’re called out on it, you do the same thing our thin-skinned, orange-faced, “so-called” president does – whine about it on social media. (Anyone reading the above can see why I didn't confront her because she is so far to the left in her thinking and is filled with hate. I don't know where she got all of this hate for her country, her president, and me) I have no idea what my mother said to you because she won’t admit to saying anything at all. I will not push her on it because I don’t want to draw her any further into this childish ridiculousness. It would upset her terribly and she would fret and stress endlessly over it. I love my mother very much, but she does not hear well and sometimes fills in the blanks for what she thinks she may have heard. Either way, it was a conversation between a mother and a daughter – not meant to drive a wedge between you and her. I think it’s rather silly you jumped to the conclusion that was my intention. Actually, I don’t think there is much I could say that would turn my mother against you. Maybe if I read to her the post you wrote about unfriending me, she might not take too kindly to it, but I seriously doubt it would change the way she feels about you. But, I won’t do that because quite frankly I’m done with this nonsense. My mother loves you very much and always tells me and others how much you do for her and how she can always rely on you to be there for her. She speaks very highly of you and until now, so did I. I think it is wonderful how much you care for Mom and that you always call her and check on her, while her own daughter who lives yards away from her, does not. I don’t know what she’d do down there in that god-forsaken-back country if she didn’t have you. However, like many of our other family members, she does not affirm your bigoted ideology. She is able to overlook it because she loves you. What I did was tell her about the heated discussion Kitty and Leah got into over a post you’d made. She asked what it was about and I told her almost verbatim what you’d posted. I did not put my “own slant on it.” I think she’s quite capable of drawing her own conclusions. However juvenile it might be, if you want to forget I was ever in your life that is most definitely your prerogative. If by unfriending me and then posting about it on social media, your intention was to hurt or punish me in some way, you may be disappointed. However, it will most certainly hurt and greatly upset my mother, so I will not be speaking with her anymore about this. I am sure you do not want to upset her anymore either and I hope you’ll at least extend the same courtesy. I’ll guess I’ll have to sign this, “your former” niece since you have forgotten I was ever in your life. Wendy" Only a paranoid far left liberal would think I was talking about her I posted the unfriend on Feb 7 and then sent this message. This is the Facebook remarks she is so upset over. "I just did something that really hurts me. I had to unfriend an individual that would take my remarks and opinions on items on FB and repeat them to a life long friend, who does not have Internet, putting their own slant on my remarks and opinions just to drive a wedge between me and a life long friend. This individual has lost me as a friend although I regret having to do this. The individual does not have the backbone to confront me personally so they are the one that has lost. I will forget that they were ever in my life. 7:00PM Called Barb and, of course, I didn't say a word to her about Wendy. I don't want to upset her. Seems Wendy loves to upset her mother. If she didn't she wouldn't say anything to her about me in any way. I never say anything about Wendy and her and Bob's warped mind. 8:00PM I called Kit and left her a message and she called me back and relayed to her what Wendy had sent to me. 9:00PM Called Millie, she doesn't feel very well. I think she has some kind of bug. Hope she gets over it quickly. February 9, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. Sugar 180 7:30AM Up and about, ate a banana and some toast for breakfast. 8:00AM Back to bed. 1:00PM Back up. 2:00PM Checked my sugar 95. Starting to snow heavier. 4:00PM Went out to clean the car to take Troy to work and it was frozen so Tyler took Troy to work. 6:00PM Saw on the news that the district federal court found in favor of the lower court against Trump. I will make the statement that all of these Liberals will live to regret this decision but of course when something terrible happens in the US they will say it is all Trump's fault. Letting all of these refugees including the radical muslims sneak in with the refugees to form all of these islamic pockets (medinas) throughout the US will be the death of America as we know it. The only bright thing in it all, I will probably die and won't be effected. 7:00PM Called Barb. Starting to sneeze a lot. 9:20PM Called Millie, seems she is also sneezing just like me. Must be something in the air. Haven't seen her since Sunday so I don't think we caught anything from each other. 10:00PM Troy home from work. 11:30PM Took some antihistamine to see if I can stop this sneezing. February 10, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed sugar 201. 6:30AM Up and about, sugar 109 7:00AM Back to bed. 11:30AM Back up. 1:00PM Lunch, had bacon and some toast w/coffee. 4:00PM Tyler home and then takes bath and goes back out. 7:00PM Called Barb. She went and got her hair fixed at her Friday appointment and then went to the grocery store for a few things. 8:30PM Called Millie, talked shortly and told her I would be down tomorrow evening. February 11, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. Sugar 181 8:30AM Up and about, took Troy to work. 9:00AM Back home, Tyler came in. Had an omelet, and toast with espresso for breakfast. 10:00AM Tyler says he is going to bank to put his payment in my account. 11:00AM Back to bed. 2:00PM Back up. 4:00PM Picked Troy up from work. 6:00PM Stopped at McDonald's and picked up double biscuits and gravy for Millie and I for supper. 7:30PM Talked to Barb February 12, 2017 2:00AM Just got home. Called Millie to let her know I got home. 3:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 7:30AM Up and about, fixed an omelet w/toast 11:00AM Back to bed. 2:00PM Back up. 7:00PM Called Barb. 8:30PM Talked to Millie. 9:00PM Had steak and a baked potato for supper. February 13, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:00AM Up and about, fixed omelet w/toast and a cup of espresso. 10:00AM Texted Eric, saw Seth's girlfriend Karla on a TV commercial for CARE.COM. 12:00ON Called Eric. He told me he had to give his mother $300 to shut her up because she didn't get support check deposited in her account for January. 1:00PM Called DHHR to find out what happened. They told me that now under Trump they can not do automatic deductions from Disabled SS or SSI for spousal support, so they are sending me the $300 and then I will have to send them the $300 back to them and then will have to make arrangements to start sending them the money each month. 1:20PM Called Eric and told him this. He is up tight because his mother demanded her $300 so he gave it to her. 2:40PM Received a call from Joey (Joliffe) at DHHR Harrison County and he told me when I receive the $330 check just put it in an envelop and send it to 153 W. Main Street, Suite D, Clarksburg, WV 26301 and they would take care of it and send it to Jo. I hope they get this straightened out. He told me the automatic deduction was reinstated today and Jo should get her support check by the first of March as usual. I figure it will get all screwed up again. 4:00PM Took Troy to work. Called Millie when I got back home. Told her I would be there around 5PM tomorrow. 7:00PM Called Barb, talked for a while, told her about my activities today with the DHHR. 7:30PM Fixed fried squash, green pepper, onions with cut up wieners seasoned with salt, pepper, mixed herbs, and garlic powder. Tastes very good. February 14, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed 9:00AM Up and about. sugar 127 11:00AM Back to bed. 2:00PM Back up. Mail came and I got all that junk that I talked to DHHR yesterday. The check for $300, a notice from SS that they had stopped taking the $300 out and to contact DHHR. Also got paperwork to make out and start to pay Jo directly. It will be a cold day in Hell. I am sending all of this junk back to DHHR and let them take care of it. I will send it to Steven Joliffe at 153 W. Main St. Suite D Clarksburg, WV 26301 4:00PM Picked up a Valentine Card and going to Millie's 5:00PM Had dinner, beef stew, with drop biscuits, cinnamon apples and cheery pie for dessert. 7:00PM A lady by the name of Barbara (Woodruff ?) called me about the place for sale in Lakeland, FL. Told her I would be interested until around April some time and stored her number and may give he a call back to see how things go at that time. I would like to have a few places in the same area and then I would go down and look at all at one time. 7:15PM Called Barb and talked for a while. She told me about how her day went, talked to Dana, Dwayne, Kit, and Wendy during her day. All calling to wish her a Happy Valentine Day. 11:00PM Came back home. Called Millie when I got home to let her know I got here OK. February 15, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:00AM Up and about. Fixed some oatmeal for breakfast. 12:00PM Fixed a bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toast for lunch. 12:30PM Wrote a letter to DHHR attn: Mr Steven Joliffe 153 W. Main Street Clarksburg, WV Suite D returning all of the correspondence sent to me about spousal support as he requested on Feb 13th. 3:00PM Received the mail, two letters from DHHR, one with the explanation of why they didn't get the $300 from SS. Seems I was changed from normal SS to SSD plus SSI and they could not get a payment from SS. The second letter was to inform me that DHHR had resubmitted a request of a deduction from my SS. Don't know what will happen. Also said in the letter that if I would have to go back to court about this to notify them. I won't know until next month when my SS deposit arrives in the bank. 7:00PM Called Barb and talked to her. 7:39PM Called Eric and relayed the information from DHHR. Told him to tell his mother that if the money shows up in my account in March I will send it to DHHR. 7:45PM Called Millie, no answer, either she isn't home or she is asleep. February 16, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 6:30AM Up and about, had to go to bathroom and then back to bed. 11:00AM Back up. 4:00PM Called Express Script to find out if they had canceled the prescription for Byureon (the booster injection). They had shipped a 90 day supply yesterday so I will have a 90 day supply and will probably give it to Dr. Tomes if she wants it. It did cost me $20. 5:30PM Called Barb because I will be gone to meeting tonight. 5;45PM Called Millie and found out she was in bed last night when I called and I didn't leave a message so she didn't know I called. 7:00PM Going to meeting and stopped at Burger King to get a chicken sandwich and coffee. Had not eaten anything at all today. 7:30PM SJARA Meeting at St Marks Lutheran Church. 8:45PM Meeting over. Doug and Dick got into it because Dick did not want to follow Roberts Rules and Doug told him to sit down and shut up. I see the writing on the wall, Doug wants things to run smoothly and Dick, as usual wants things run his way. 9:00PM A young girl (teens or twenties) was sitting in a pick up in front of the church with the blinkers on and I ask her if I could help and she said her boy friend had walked to the Go Mart to get gas, the truck was out of gas. I drove to the Go Mart and found a young man walking back with a gas can and I stopped and brought him back to his truck. He put the gas in and then the battery was low and the truck would not start so Richard had been waiting the church parking lot and came over with a pair of jumpers and we jumped the truck and got it started. The couple was from West Milford/Jane Lew area, glad we could help them. 9:30PM Stopped at Kroger's and got some groceries. $66.00 and then home. The boys came out and carried everything into the house and put them away. 10:00PM Troy gave me some sort of a liquid and he said it was for pain so I am going to try it for a while to see if it gives me any relief from the pains I have in my knees and back. If it does I will continue to use it. February 17, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 7:30AM Up and about, had toast, glass of milk, and a tangerine. Also fixed an espresso. 3:00PM Working on my Tax returns. Had some trouble and had to call Turbotax on the phone and the lady checked all of my state tax return and we didn't find what was wrong but after going though the form it straightened out and I filed my taxes. I should get back $2114.00 from the IRS and I should get back $500.00 back from WV. 5:00PM Fixed some supper, bacon cheese cream soup and had a glass of butter milk. 7:00PM Barb called and said she had just got back and wanted to call me before Jeopardy so we didn't talk very long. 8:00PM Called Millie and told her I would be down tomorrow even around 5PM to go out and eat. 8:30PM Troy fixed some chicken cascades and I had one and bottle of pop. February 18, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about, had bagel and butter milk for lunch. 4:30PM Leaving for Millie's 6:00PM Millie and I went to Sunset for dinner, had deep fried shrimp, mashed potatoes and corn, w/coffee. 11:45PM Back home. February 19, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. Sent out an update on Bill Williams, K8WWW. Viewing on Monday at Davis Weaver 2 pm to 8 pm, burial on Tuesday. Bill and I were the only net controls on the SJARA Tuesday Night Net for nearly 4 years. They don't have Bill and me to run their nets anymore. I don't believe I will every hold another net unless it is an emergency and the way Dick N8FMD wants it we will never operate in an exercise or emergency as a club since he made a motion and the club voted for it that SJARA will not participate in drills unless SJARA approves of the operators and makes sure they are experienced. I don't know how anyone will get experience unless there are exercises to get experience. 9:30AM Up and about, let Bella outside, temps in the high 40s. 10:00AM Back to bed. 2:39PM Back up. Had a tangerine and a banana and toast for lunch. 6:30PM Barb called, she is with Dana and Dwayne at the Cracker Barrow in Fairmont for supper. 7:30PM Call Millie, I was watch a movie so didn't talk long. 8:30PM Barb called and said she was back home. 9:45PM Called Millie and talked for a while. 10:00PM Updated my web site with updated Genealogy file. February 20, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed after I finish watch "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" Haven't seen it before. Saw several others. 9:30AM Up and about. Let Bella out, nice and warm outside, in high 50s 11:00AM Back up and fixed some lunch. Had bagel with cream cheese and a large cup of fresh coffee. 2:00PM Want to call Huntington Bank and raise hell about the $25 they charged me because my balance was below the limit for 24 hours, from January 31s to February 1st. Don't know what they will do because the banks are closed today because of President's Day. 4:00PM Took Troy to work. Not going to funeral home for visitation of Bill, it is just to depressing for me and it won't do him any good and the family won't notice if I don't go. Looking a Bill just reminds me that it won't be long before I will be there and I don't need that reminder. 6:00PM Got a notice of a place for sale just about 8 miles from Eric and mentioned the address to Eric in a text and he said he would drop by and take a look at it. I am getting more and more determined to find someplace in FL. Won't make any decision until after it warms up because probably will be more for sale when the snowbirds start north for the season. 7:00PM Barb called and we talked for a while. 8:30PM Called Millie. February 21, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about, getting ready to go to the doctor. 1:30PM Arrive for my appointment at the UHC urology. 3:30PM Left doctor's office to go pick up Eric's rent. Have an appointment in June. PA increased my prostrate meds from 2mg to 5mg but I am to take 2 2mg tabs each evening until I get my new meds. 3:55PM Picked up rent from Nelson $160.00 and left a receipt for Dale for his rent. Deposited $160.00 in bank. 4:30PM At Wendy's eating supper, chili, hamburger, and Caesar salad. Eric called and we talked while I was eating at Wendy's. He checked the trailer that was for sale down there. Said it looked like a crack house. 5:00PM Arrived home and let Bella in the house, she has been out all day. The temperatures have been around 70degrees all day. 7:00PM Called Barb. 9:30PM Called Millie, went directed voice mail. If she gets she the call, she will call later. February 22, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about. 1:00PM Lunch 4:00PM Took Troy to work. 4:29PM Called Millie, went directly to voice mail. 4:35PM Tried to call DHHR since I got a letter in the mail from SS telling me that starting March 3rd I would receive $1032 in mail vice $732. 4:41PM Millie called me back. Told her I didn't feel like coming down and she said she was also tired and wanted to go to bed. 5:00PM Fixed squash/onion/w/bacon for supper. 5:25PM Tried to call Huntington Bank about the letter I got from Huntington about changes on the SJARA bank account. Waited for a while and was on hold so I just hung up after 20minutes. 7:00PM Called Barb. 9:00PM Had Beef and Potato soup for supper. February 23, 1017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:30PM Up and about. 4:00PM Took Troy to work. Tyler was working on his car when I took Troy to work. He is installing new speakers in his car. 5:00PM Leaving for Millie's. Picking up Long John Silver fish for supper. 7:15PM Barb called while I was watching TV. 10:30PM Heading home for the night. It was beautiful day. It was in the 70s. Weather says it will be possibly 80 tomorrow. February 24, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 8:30AM Up and about, let Bella outside, very nice and warm with lots of sun. Back to bed. 10:30AM Back up. Beautiful day. 11:30AM Received call from my urology doctor saying that something was found in my urine test and they wanted to retest me and the appointment office would call be to make a new appointment to get another urine test. 12:00PM Checked to see what my balance on Discover, Over $281.76, Chase $0 balance. 1:12PM Sue Nay called. John isn't doing very well. He was in the hospital for 16days after he had a knee replacement and Sue said he is home but can't get around very well and has lost a lot of weight. 4:30PM Millie called, she was in bed most of the day. She is taking antibiotics. She wants me to come tomorrow evening for supper. 7:00PM Jason Hatfield called back from my message on FB. I talked to him about Tyler's Jeep in Conway, SC. I told him the if he or anyone wanted the Jeep to let me know and I would have Tyler send them the title and they can do with it anyway they want. 7:20PM Barb called, she got her hair fixed today and she said Dwayne and Dana had gone to PA for some sort of get together today with friends. I suppose they will be back sometime tonight or tomorrow. February 25, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 8:30AM Up and about. 9:00AM Took Troy to work. Went to KIA to pick up key for Millie. 9:30AM KIA could not find any key for Millie. Stopped on my home and picked egg, bacon, cheese mc muffin and 2 breakfast burritos for breakfast. 12:00PM Back to bed. 4:00PM Picked up Troy from work. 5:00PM Going to Millie's for supper. 6:00PM Had noodles with cheese sauce, salad and garlic bread with pudding for dessert. 12:00M Back Home. February 26, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed 11:30AM Up and about. Walked into the living room and there is a boy asleep on my couch. Troy in bed sound asleep and Tyler is no where to be found. The boy on the couch is a friend of Tyler's. I told him to get up and get out. I am tied of getting up in the morning and finding someone asleep on my couch or in the garage. Also someone had been sleeping on the other couch but whom ever it was sleep there was gone but left the couch and a cover showing someone had slept there. Went to the garage and unplugged everything in the garage hoping that maybe I would get there attention. I picked up all the used towels and Tyler's clothes he left in the bathroom and threw them into his room. Maybe he will pick them up and so some cleaning up. 1:00PM Tyler came and I said something to him and of course he got defensive and wanted to argue about why was I jumping his ass because it was all his brother's problem. 1:15PM Since I was yelling at Tyler, Troy decided to get up and join in on the argument. Of course, they were both saying it was the problem of the other and when I said someone should at least do some cleaning, Troy brought the problem that my dog made the mess and that set me off. They just couldn't see why I was upset and why I was yelling. I told them that I have told them over and over about cleaning up after themselves and they don't even hear me so I have to yell to get their attention. It really doesn't work. I went to the kitchen and took the clean dishes from the dish washer and Troy came in and finished loading the dishwasher. They then both went to the garage and plugged everything back in and started playing with their toys and have since ignoring me as usual. 1:30PM Tyler came in and said he will be out by March 28. Don't know why that date, why not tomorrow or this afternoon. They both want me to just feel guilty for getting on their backs. I will never get through to them. It is my fault, I have just cuddled them to much. They think they are entitled to living here and living off me. Nothing that has happened to them is someone else's fault. 2:00PM They are both in the garage and walk back and forth to the bathroom or their rooms and say nothing to me as usual. Just like I am not even here. As long as I don't make waves they are happy. 4:00PM Troy went to work. Tyler gave me the title to the Jeep and I sent the following information to Jason in SC. State of Ohio Title vin # 1J8GR48K18C204262 2008 JEEP JEEP (black) SW LRO GRAND CHEROKEE milage 61,975 actual SOLD BY FINDLAY CHRY DODGE JEEP RAM 10305 US 224 WEST FINDLAY OH 45840-0000 title in the name of: Tyler R. Pierce 170 Pennsylvania Ave. Bridgeport, WV 26330 I don't know if I will ever get any information back but Jason is going to check and if he wants the title I will get Tyler to sign the title over to him and he can do what he wants with it. 7:00PM Barb called and we talked for a while. I did some bitching to her about the boys, but I feel bad when I do that to her, she doesn't deserve me bitching to her, she has enough of her own problems. 7:45PM Called Millie and bitched to her for a while. Of course, she was polite and listened to what I had to say. February 27, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. Note: Recap of what is happening with Jo's spousal support and DHHR. Feb 13, 2017 Received a call from Eric that his mother had not received her $300.00 from DHHR and she had called them and she was not going to get it so she raise hell with him and he gave her the $300.00 and then he called me. I called DHHR to see what had happened and was told that my SS had been changed to SSD and they could not take the money out of my account. Was told I would receive the check for the $300.00 had been sent from DHHR to me. I received a call from Steven Joliffe at DHHR Harrison County and he told me when I received the $300.00 check just put it in an envelop and send it to 153 W. Main St Suite D, Clarksburg, WV 26301 abd they would take care of it and send it to JO. Feb 14, 2017 Received the mail from DHHR. Feb 15, 2017 Sent the check and paperwork they sent back to DHHR. Received the mail, two letters from DHHR, one with the explanation of why they didn't get the $300 from SS. Seems I was changed from normal SS to SSD plus SSI and they could not get a payment from SS. The second letter was to inform me that DHHR had resubmitted a request of a deduction from my SS. Don't know what will happen. Also said in the letter that if I would have to go back to court about this to notify them. Called Eric and relayed the information from DHHR. Told him to tell his mother that if the money shows up in my account in March I will send it to DHHR. Feb 22, 2017 Received a letter from SS telling me that I would receive my whole SS for February on March 3, 2017 and I would have to pay the support to DHHR myself. Feb 23, 2017 Received a letter from SS telling me that the spousal deduction had been reinstated and I would not receive it in my March payment. Note: I know what will probably happen. When I first started the deduction from my SS I was told I was in the rears by DHHR and I had to pay an extra $300.00 to pay me ahead because DHHR does not enter the amount into the computer until after the first of the month so the computer will say I was in the rears by a month and I faught them for 8 months about a .44 cent interest charge and I finally got tired and paid the .44cents. If this happens again I am going personally into the DHHR and put some knots on someone's head. 6:30AM Received a text from Tyler stating he loved me and good night. Why 6:30 in the morning and waking me up. 8:30AM Up and about. Heard music coming from the garage so I went out to get something out of the freezer for breakfast. The lights were on, the space heater was going full blast and there was a lazy bum sleeping in my garage. I had just lost it last night about the filth in the garage and the sleeping over in my house by people I don't even know. I just seem to get through to either of these boys. I am thinking more and more about selling this house but in the condition it is in I will probably not get a good price out of it. I just hope if I do sell I will get enough to cover the mortgage. The bank said my house was worth over $160,000.00 when they gave me the loan and I figure I may not enough if I sell it to cover the $120,000.00 I owe on it. These two boys just don't care for anything except their instant self gratification. 9:00AM Fixed two biscuit, cheese, sausage and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Watching FOX on TV. Didn't watch the Oscars last night but from the news it was a total fiasco. Looks like it consisted of a bunch of stupid self serving idiots. The only thing any of them are worth is acting because they can't do anything else and we just have to watch movies to fill out leisure time and our lust for entertainment in our mundane lives. 1:00PM Tired so going back to bed. 3:00PM Back up. 4:00PM Troy went to work, I don't how he got there or who took him, possibly Tyler. Tyler did come in and run the vacuum cleaner around a little but not much, just in the middle of the hall, dinning room, and living room. Well, it is better than nothing. 7:00PM Fixed myself some supper, Chinese and dry noodles. 7:30PM Called Barb. 9:45PM Troy called to come and get him from work. 10:00PM Going to pick up Troy, talked to Millie while going to pick up Troy. 10:20PM Back home. Troy told me that the person sleeping in the garage this morning was the girl he has been bringing here from work. I couldn't tell because she was covered up when I went into the garage. 11:30PM Troy took my car and went to Walmart, he texted and is going to pick up a few groceries, your guess is as good as mine what he will get. February 28, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 10:00AM Up and about, put Bella out for a while. 11:00AM Bella back in the house, raining 12:00PM Had some oatmeal for lunch 1:00PM Ate a piece of cold pizza. 5:00PM Has rained all day. Tyler told me he only put $115.00 in my account, don't know why $5.00 short. 7:00PM Called and talked to Barb. 8:00PM Spent most of the day on Zillow looking for places in Florida. Thinking more and more about moving to somewhere in Florida. Getting so tired of just keeping my head above water and the boys just don't seem to care unless it effects them directly. They would just let this house fall around them and then wonder why. I just can't keep up with the house keeping. I am lucky to just keep ahead of my own washing and cleaning up after the boys and the dog. I don't know what I will do when things start growing outside and I just don't have the energy to fight the boys to get things done. The deck needs cleaning and waterproofing and I just don't know if I the energy to do it. 9:00PM Watching Trump and his address to the congress. 10:30PM Millie called, seems she has just about as much energy as I do. March 1, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed, my sugar is up tonight, 270. 9:30AM Up and about and then back to bed. 1:30PM Back up, Had biscuit and sausage w/cheese and coffee for lunch. 2:00PM Paid bills, discover, Water, taxes, loan 7:00PM Called Barb. March 2, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:30AM Telephone rang and it was a call from an unknown caller. Left a voice mail. 10:00AM Up and about, had a bowl of oats. 4:00PM Had a turkey sandwich and a baked potato. 5:30PM Millie called, she still doesn't feel well, has been doing a lot of sleeping. 6:20PM Called Vic and talked for a short time. Vic asked if I wanted to go out and eat and I didn't want to go, not hungry. 7:10PM Returned the call from 9:30 this morning about a place on Dream Dr in Florida. They are leaving for OH right after Easter so I won't be there to look at it. The cost was to high and the HOA is to high for me. 7:30PM Barb called. 7:57PM Urology doctor called to confirm my Lab appointment on Monday. 8:12PM Eric called and wants me to pick up the rent on Monday and put it in the bank. March 3, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 10:20AM Up and about. Let Bella outside, a little snow on the ground and around 28degrees. 12:00PM Fixed myself an omelet w/toast and coffee. 1:00PM Text Tyler I need my old cell phone so I can get a telephone number out of it, he said Okay. 2:00PM Got a notice from Go Daddy that, domain name and website hosting is due on May 4, 2017. Will have to let the Genealogical Society know. 3:00PM Troy just came through and said Tyler just got pissed off and destroyed his cell phone because of something that was said to him on the phone, stupid act. Tyler told me last night that his hours have been cut so looks like my money for the car is going down the drain. I will never learn. 3:30PM Called Kaufman Realty and talked to Kathie (sp) and she is coming by tomorrow at 2PM to take a look at the house and make a comparison and let me know what the market value is for my house. I am just getting tired of all of this shit with the boys. I think I will just cut and go and they will have to take care of themselves. 700PM Called Barb. 730PM Troy borrowed my car to go pick up his paycheck and go to Walmart. 8:30PM Millie called and we talked until someone called her and she said it was long distance. March 4, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about. Had some oatmeal for breakfast/lunch. Getting things put together for the realtor coming at 2PM. 1:00PM Running vacuum to pick up the dog hair. I am going to have to do something about Bella and her shedding. I may have to get rid of her. I just can't keep up with the shedding and the boys just ignore anything that has to be done. I have lost the fight and am just tired of the pushing and pushing to get something done around the house. The less they do will make more determined to sell this house and go somewhere else. 2:00PM Cathy Keener Real Estate Agent from KRB Properties came by and took measurements of the house and property to make a comparison of property values in the area to let me know what I can expect to receive for the house if I sell it. 5:00PM Going to Millie's. She said she wanted to go to eat Mexican. 5:30PM Arrived at Millie's and we decided not to eat Mexican so we stayed home and had potato soup, and pepperoni rolls w/peaches for dessert. 11:30PM Left for home and called Millie when I got home. March 5, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about. Slept very well last night after I finally got to sleep. I last looked at my clock at 4:07AM and the next thing I knew it was 11AM and got up and went to the bathroom and then back to bed and went right to sleep. Not tired, just have rested better than usual. 1:30PM Fixed some instant oatmeal and had two bagels w/coffee. Eric called and wanted me to take a look at youtube and see how he is building his porch. I told him he should be OK because he watched me build two decks. 5:15PM Walt called, he is having his hip operation tomorrow morning. I hope everything goes well for him. 6:00PM Fixed steak, baked potato, corn w/coffee for supper. 7:15PM Talked to Barb. March 6, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Up and about. Had some oatmeal for breakfast. 12:00PM Linda called and Matt will come by on Thursday to check about removing the bushes around the house. 1:00PM Arrived at the Urology appointment and gave them a sample of my urin. 2:00PM Stopped by I Hop to have some lunch. Had an omelet and hash browns w/cup of coffee. While having lunch a realtor from Florida called about a double wide in Silver Springs, FL I think that is to much of a fixer/upper but the broker is supposted to call me back around 5-6 tonight to answer some questions for me. The realtor didn't know the answers. 3:00PM Picked up rent from Dale and then went to pick up rent from Nelson. I don't know what is going on because Nelson and Dale are at each other's throat. Nelson had the storm door latched with a hook latch and I could not knock on door so I banged on the storm door and Nelson did not answer the door so I had to call him on the phone to come to the door. I told him I had been knocking and he must have not heard me and he said he would hook the door anyway he wanted. Dale had complained to me that Nelson would lock the storm door which does not have a lock and he would have to bang on the door to be let in. Sounds like a couple female bitches. 3:30PM Put $560.00 in Eric's account at the bank. 7:00PM Called Barb and talked for a while, she had gone to foot doctor and then to Kroger's her neighbor went with her. 7:30PM Called Millie. March 7, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Up and about, had some oatmeal for breakfast. 12:00PM Dropped off Bella at Eastern Pet to get trimmed. The women was very upset because she said she was ill and the girl was not to make appointments for her but she agreed to take Bella because I was already there. 1:45PM Eastern Pet called and said Bella was ready to be picked up. Went to get her. It cost me $58.00 to get her trimmed and I assume they bathed her. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 8:00PM Talked to Millie 9:00PM Talked to Eric. March 8, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Up and about. No breakfast. 3:00PM Went to KIA to pickup Millie's new car key. $10.60 was the price. They had told her it would be $30.00. 3:30PM Went to Kroger's to get groceries, $151.00. 5:30PM Picked up Millie and going to Mexican Rest. at East Point for dinner. 8:00PM Back at Millie's. We had a great meal. $30.00. 11;00PM Back home and taking it easy and checking email and FB 11:59PM Troy's girlfriend is staying over again. March 9, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:30AM Up and about. Had a banana, tangerine for breakfast. 1:30PM Matt Wolfong just came by to check to see what I want done. He said it would be around $250 to take out bushes but for another $100 he would remove the vine and clean up around the house and transplant the pine tree to the center of the yard. 2:00PM Matt just brought another man here and he is starting on the bushes. They will remove and stack up on the upper side of the house and do it as men become available. Told him to take all the time he needs and I won't worry about being in a hurry to get things done. 5:30PM I had corresponded with a distant cousin from WA related through the Miller family several years ago and I received an email a few days ago giving me his telephone number so decided to give him a call. Talked to his wife and he was still at work so she told me that he would call me back this evening. 7:00PM Talked to Barb, Wendy and Jeff left to go to Wheeling to do some gambling before returning to Columbus. 7:30PM Called and talked to Millie a few minutes. I think we will go out for dinner again on Saturday. 9:30PM Randy just returned my earlier call. We had a very good talk and discussed family history and genealogy for over an hour. It was a great conversation. Really looking forward to doing some research with him. March 10, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Up and about, let Bella outside, snowing with little round balls of snow. 1:00PM Troy just came in, he was sent home from work because he would not turn off music he was listening to at work. He thinks he is right and does not have to follow the rules (in writing) in the kitchen at work. I don't know if Troy will ever learn that he needs a job regardless if he likes the rules or not. I am probably a lot of the problem because I just don't kick him out and let him find out how the rest of the world lives. When he came in he was, what I would call, giddy. He was happy his General Manger (boss) told him to clock out and go home. If someone told me to clock out and leave because I broke a rule, I would consider myself "fired". Troy just doesn't seem to even grasp it. He has had it to good all of his life, and I will have to blame myself for a lot of this entitlement because I didn't make him take care of himself when his mother died. 1:30PM Haven't had anything to eat so far today. Will have to go to the kitchen and see what I can fix. I am just not a breakfast person. Something fast and easy. 7:00PM Called Barb, we talked for a few minutes and Dana called her. 7:30PM Called Millie. Of course, I told her what Troy did. She just listens and lets me blow off a little steam. She is a very good listener. 8:00PM Fixed myself a salad and had some baked beans with onions. Will probably have some fruit around 10 or so. March 11, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about, temperature very cold, 23 degrees. Let Bella out because the sun is shinning. 1:00PM Bella back in the house. Fixed myself some bacon w/cup of coffee. 5:00PM Going to Millie's, picked up Chinese to take with me. 7:00PM Finished dinner. 7:30PM Barb called and we talked for a while. Wendy and Jeff went back to Columbus but Jeff can't get a flight out until tomorrow because he flies standby because he is an employee. March 12, 2017 12:15AM Arrived home, cold out but very nice night, clean and no wind. 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 2:00AM Time change to Daylight Saving Time. 12:00PM Up and about, will go around during the day and get all the clocks changed. 1:00PM Had some oatmeal for lunch, relaxing and having a cup of coffee. Maybe I will fix myself a espresso, I need the caffeine. 1:30PM Millie called, she saw on her phone that I had called and she was returning my call. I believe it was the call from last night and her phone doesn't put the time on the call so she doesn't know when I called. 7;00PM Called Barb. She said Jeff finally got out of Columbus and got back to Miami today. That is what happens when you fly free on standby. 9:00PM Nothing going on tonight, watching Jurassic Park on TV. March 13, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. Can sleep as long as I please, don't have to get up for anything tomorrow. It is going to be cold so I am not going to go anywhere. 12:00PM Up and about. Not having any breakfast. 2:00PM Going to the bank. Changed my savings account so I have to have less than $2500.00 in the account before I have to pay a penalty. I can still can transfer money back and forth with my checking account. Still get free checks and a safety deposit box. There is nothing in my safety deposit box but I will keep it just in case I need it. 5:00PM Troy and Tyler both off to Andy Hess's birthday party at the Hess cabin in Upshur County. Looks like it will be a smoking drunk night. I hope they don't try to go out when it snows tonight. 7:00PM Called Barb. Nothing new with Barb. March 14, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about. Only about 1/2 inch of snow this morning. Getting very cold. In the teens. 1:00PM Fixed myself some lunch. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. Nothing much going on today so I am going to try to write a Feature Story for the WVHCGS Web Site. 9:00PM Decided to write a story about Asa S. Hugill, the builder of the Simpson Creek covered bridge. 10:00PM Just realized I did not call Millie today and she did not call me. Busy writing the story and just didn't think about the time. March 15, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. Note: I very seldom get to bed at 1AM, by the time if finally get around to getting into the bed it may be 2, 3, or even 4AM, always find something else to do. 7;30AM Up and about, checked to see how cold it is outside, 14 degrees so didn't make Bella go out this morning. 8:00AM Back to bed, nothing to stay up for. 12:00PM Back up, had some pineapple for lunch, cold outside, 26 degrees. 2.30PM Kit called, Walt is getting along very well and it is cold in FL, she said it was only 57 degrees, that's cold for her part of FL. 5:00PM Gave Eric a call and talked for a while, just wanted to remind him that it is his mother's birthday tomorrow. Just saving him some grief if he doesn't at least get her a card. Lots of experience in that area. 5:30PM Got the Feature Story finished for the WVHCGS Web Site and it is uploaded to the site. Also sent a notice on and also on the Genealogical Society FB. 5:40PM Troy just came in and I had one letter in the mail. Opened up the envelop and it was DHHR telling me I was delinquent on my spousal support. I tried calling DHHR but they close at 5PM. I will call them tomorrow and if I have to go into their office they are going to find out what hell is really like. Those bastards don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. I have been putting up with them for 3 1/2 years and now they have screwed up again. They took the money out of my SS and I talked to Eric and his mother has not received it yet. I have had my SS since March 3rd nearly two weeks ago and they took the $300 out of it so why can't they just do their job. I figure they are all a bunch of liberal idiots that have worked in the same job for ever. 6:30PM Called Millie, talked until 7:15 and then called Barb. We talked for a while, told her that Kit had called and that I had talked to Eric. March 16, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:45AM Received a call from a man that wanted to see the dinning room table and chairs. He and his wife came by and looked. No Idea if they will buy or not, he wants his daughter to come by because he is getting the table and chairs for his daughter. 1:45PM Called DHHR and talked to a young man named Eric. I told him why I was calling and he said he would check and call me back. 3:00PM Eric from DHHR called and of course the problem was not their mistake. The check I was directed to not cash in February and return to DHHR 153 W, Pike St according to Eric was the USPS fault. It did not get to Charleston. I can't understand because the check was made out by the Clarksburg DHHR office and sent to me and I sent it back with out cashing it so the money never came out of the DHHR bank account. My EX never received it and DHHR just sent me a notice I was delinquent in payments even thought they had the money all along. What is new for the idiots at the DHHR. They will send me a statement each month telling me the status of the account costing them $.39 each time. Just another was of spending tax payers money. 5:40PM Millie called and wanted to know if I was coming down this evening. I told her I may be going to the SJARA Club meeting 6:00PM Troy went out and cleaned the paint from the storm windows in the front of the house so I can get the storm windows open. Now all I have to do is start cleaning the windows. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. Decided to not go to the SJARA Club meeting. It is cold out and I don't feel like sitting and listening to them argue about things that Dick brings up. I can not understand Dick Fowler, N8FMD. A few months ago he got into an argument at the CWVWA meeting because the club was not following the Roberts Rules of Order and he insisted that they follow the rules. I think he has changed his wanting to follow the Roberts Rules of Order when I used them against him to block him from running rough shod of the CWVWA meeting. At the last SJARA meeting he said the Roberts Rules of Order were dumb and the SJARA Club should not follow the rules and he would not recognize the Roberts Rules of Order at any of the meetings. His wife has to go everywhere with him now just to remind him of things when he gets confused and forgets and to keep him quite when he starts yelling at everyone, especially, Doug Cutlip, KC8AJH. Another reason I didn't go to the SJARA Club meeting is since Doug took over the Web Site it is never up to date. It is always at least a week behind. Several of the links don't work or have completely disappeared. I suppose I should just keep my mouth shut, the Web Site is not my responsibility anymore. He has even gotten the net result on the site since March 7th. 8:30PM Walt called and we talked for a few minutes. He seems to be getting along very well. He is going through PT and is walking with a cane. 11:00PM Tyler just came through and said h would see me tomorrow, he was going to a friend's overnight. I asked him about work and said that he was not on the schedule to work and essentially was not working for Cody's any more. Now that is great, I have two grandsons living with me an neither have a job. Troy's girl friend is here again. March 17, 2017 12:00PM Up and about, Had a glass of milk and let Bella out for a while. Temperature is 41 degrees and overcast. . 2:00PM Troy and his girl friend just came through on their way to the garage. Looks like she has just moved in. At least, she is working, she appears to come after she gets off work and stays until she goes to work the next day. Great situation, it as though what I think does not matter at all and it is like I am just here to furnish a place for them to play and eat. 2:30PM Tyler just came home and said he is putting his banjo on ebay for sell. He needs money since he isn't working. Looks like him paying me for his loan is down the drain, He will have to get some money from somewhere to pay his auto insurance q and buy gas. 2:45PM They are all in garage and smells like they are smoking again, your guess is as good as mine as to what they are smoking. 4:15PM Millie called and wanted to know if I was coming down today. I didn't want to go because of the snow. Didn't know what was going to happen by this evening. 7:00PM Called Barb, talked for a while. Told Barb I had gotten an email for American Pickers in regarding my email about them being here in May to do a program. I had contacted them about a year ago asking if and when they were coming to West Virginia again. I hope this pans out. Would like to see them come, maybe they can find something at Barbs. 8:00PM Talked to Eric and he said he would call me back. 11;30PM Tyler came in, Eric had called him because my phone would not ring. Tried to call Eric and all I got was that nothing was working and call again later. Must be something wrong with Sprint cell system. March 18, 2017 00:30AM A notice popped up that Eric was trying to video contact me on FB so went to Chrome because IE does not support video FB and talked to Eric on video. Worked pretty good. 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about, did not have anything to ea. 3:00PM I jumped the boys, wanting to know where my hand towels are. Since I folded them up on top of the dryer I have not been able to find. Am I crazy and just missed placed them or what, I can't find them. Also asked where the mop was. I can't find it either. 4:00PM Left for Millie's, the boys think it a big joke, me going to see a female. They laugh behind my back all the time and make jokes about grandpa's girl friend. Stopped at Burger King and got some chicken fries and a cup of coffee. 5:00PM Millie and I had sloppy joes, mashed potatoes and peach upside down cake. Great meal. 7:00PM Called Barb and talked for a while. Millie was on the phone with her niece. March 19, 2017 00:10AM Left for home. 00:25AM Arrived home, called Millie to let her know I was home. There are two cars parked in front of my house. One is parked about a foot from my driveway and I had to swing across the street just to get into my own drive way. This normally the rule and happens quite often. Came in the house and there was no one here. Went to the garage and the lights were on in the garage and the utility room and the outside door in the utility room was unlocked. 12:50AM I locked all the doors, and Tyler came and knocked on the front door and I let him in. He wanted to know why I locked him and his friends out. He feels that he was just going to be gone a short time so why lock the doors. His remark was, "Was there anything missing". He just does not understand why you lock doors when you are gone from the house. Another thing, I can't understand. We go through paper towels like crap through a goose. I have no idea what they are using all the paper towers in the garage. I know they think I don't know what goes on in the garage. The parents of any of the boys that come here would not allow the boys to gather in their house. Grandpa is just to easy. Neither of them have jobs now and they wonder why I am concerned. I am just going to have to sell this house and move into a 1 room apartment somewhere. I worked all my life to have what I have and no one cares what I say or do as long as they get everything they want and I don't interfere with their life. They don't clean the garage, they don't clean the kitchen, they don't clean the bathroom, they don't clean their rooms, they both just want to play with their friends, and Troy just wants to shack up the bitch he dragged in here about a week ago. That is exactly what she is, any girl that would go to the boyfriend's grand parent's and sleep with him is a little slut is really just a bitch. 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 2:00PM Woke up several times during the day but decided not to get out of bed. It is an overcast day and I just don't feel like getting out of bed. I know today will be no better or worse than any other day but it will pass just like any other day. 4:30PM Fixed myself some Mexican packaged pasta dish and added kidney beans to it. It was pretty good. 5:30PM Called Millie and talked to her. I told her about getting into it with Tyler last night and that I had told Troy that the girl had to go home. I did not want another boarder to pick up after. 7:00PM Called Barb, she said that the only time she went out today was to go get the newspaper. 11:00PM Watched TV most of the day and did some online research. March 20, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed after I finish watching the movie, "The Way West" The bitch is here again tonight, I told Troy today and I won't say anything until tomorrow night and if he doesn't I will tell her to go home. 2:30AM The movie is over so going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about, getting ready to go to the doctor. 3:00PM Arrived at the doctor. Sitting and waiting. 4:20PM Finally got into the doctor's office and the PA came in to talk to me. He said that the earlier urine sample had some blood in it but last weeks sample was clear. He talked about just watching my urine and if some blood shows up he may recommend going into my bladder and taking a look. He also said that they did not find any cancer cells, so that looks good. 4:30PM Went to I Hop to have something to eat. Had a steak omelet and had a side order of pancakes. Taking the pancakes with strawberry syrup on them home so can have them latter. 5:45PM Got to Clarksburg to pick up Eric's rent from Dale. It was to late to make it to the bank today, will go tomorrow. 6:00PM Called Millie and talked for a while. She said she had company today, I thing it was a couple nephews. 7:10PM Barb called, talked for a while and was talking to her about looking at the Harrison County records on the web and looking at some Roger's deeds. 8:00PM Watching President Trump and his rally and speech. 9:00PM Watching TV. March 21, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 5:30AM Woke up and heard Troy and his girl friend go to bed. I had told him before I went to bed that she was not to stay over anymore and he apologized that he had not taken care of it, three different times, and it looks like he has just ignored me again. Went to bath room and went back to bed. 7:30AM Woke up and looked outside and her car was still here. 11:00AM Got up and looked outside and her car was still here. 11:45AM Opened up Troy's bedroom door and told her and him for her to get her ass in gear and leave my house and not to return. Told her I had given them several warnings over the last week and their reaction to me was "fuck you" We will do what we want for as long as we want. I made sure she got her things together and left. I hope I never see her again, and that will be to soon. I don't believe I over reacted, I had told Troy several times that she was to not sleep over and since he chose to ignore me, I don't even want her in my house. Only a slut would go to someone's house and shack up and think they had the right to do so. 2:00PM Getting ready to go to the bank to make a deposit for Eric and to deposit the $157.43 check from the Genealogical Society for the web site. Dale called and Eva wants to drop by and give me Seth's graduation picture. 3:00PM Eva came by with the picture and I gave her a $50 check for Seth. She said Seth was working at Winn Dixie about 4 days a week from 5 to 10PM. She says it is rough for him because he has to get up at 6:30 in the morning to go to school but he is doing OK and making good grades. I told her, it was great two out of 5 graduating. Joshua and Tyler did get their GED. 4:00PM Back from the bank, picked up a hamburger and a drink from McDonald's. 5:00PM Troy has gotten a little get up and go. He is cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. 6:00PM Checked the cleaning job, well, it is better than nothing. 7:00PM Called Barb, told her about what went on this morning and of course, Troy must have over heard me and starting to yell and rave about what I did was being a real ass hole. I told him I was on the phone and be quite, of course, he figured I was on the phone with Millie so he went on for a while, about me running both of them out of the house and they are going to Fairmont and would be back. He yelled that I was running off the only two people and last people in the world that care about me. If this is caring for someone, you have me confused. What would be like if they both hated me. I told him to make sure the door didn't hit him in the ass and to make sure he takes everything with him when he goes. I figure they will both be here most of the summer, they won't hurry, they never had it so easy. No rent, no buying of food, No responsibility except run around or set up most of the night smoking pot and then sleeping most of the day as far as Troy is concerned and Tyler is gone all day since I paid for a car for him. I figure it will be like pulling teeth to get the rest of the money out of Tyler when things get tough since he isn't working. 7:30PM Troy and Tyler think that I will be lost and lonely when they are gone. Of course, I will miss them but they are usually out in the garage or in bed or gone somewhere. The only time I know they are here is when they walk up or down the hall and I see them go by the door between the hall and the living room. Being alone and being lonely are two different things. I have more to do than I have time. I can always putter at things to keep myself busy. I didn't miss JO when she left so why do they think I will miss them when they are gone. 8:30PM Called Eric to tell him his money has been deposited in his account. 9:30PM Called Millie, told her about Troy and his raving about what I had done to him. She wants me to come earlier tomorrow so we can go to Sunset for spaghetti. 11:00PM Tyler did come in and tell me good night. The first time today that he has said much to me. He said hello earlier today as he was going out the back door and I was on the deck. March 22, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed 5:00AM Up to go to the bathroom and looked at the temperature on my cell phone and it says 51 degrees. Back to bed. 11:00AM Back up and looked at the temperature and my cell said 33 degrees. I wonder if I read it correctly at 5AM. 4:00PM Going to pick Millie for dinner. 5:30PM At Sunset eating spaghetti, garlic bread and had cherry pie w/ice cream for dessert. 11:30PM Back home, talked to K8QVC, AD8T, and WV8CC on my way home. 11:45PM Went on FB and saw where Troy had put a bunch of size 8-12 clothes including nurse scrubs. Wonder where he got all of this. He put them on the coffee table in the living room to take the pictures. He must need money but why size 8-12 and nurse scrubs. Are these from his mother that he has been holding onto all of these years, or are they from some one else such as his new girlfriend. I think that most of what his mother had would be in the area of size 18. March 23, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 10:00AM Here Matt's boys are here working. Looks like they are wrapping things up. They are doing a good job. Now the problem is writing the check. 12:00PM Beautiful day out, lots of sunshine, Temperature 56 degrees, I think the workers are at lunch. No one around. Also looks like they mowed the grass and the lawn looks good. They also put down some straw, I assume they planted grass seed in the areas that is covered with straw. 5:00PM Fixed a pork roast with carrots, potatoes, onions. Came our very well, had some and left the rest for Tyler and Troy. 7:00PM Called Barb. Not much going on today. 8:40PM Millie Called and we talked for an hour. Talked about everyone and everything. She went to Garden Club today and, of course, I was being talked about at the garden club. 9:00PM I will have to go to the store tomorrow, I am out of just about everything. No fruit, canned or fresh. No snacks or anything to drink other than water, coffee, and tea. Fixed myself a big pot of tea, regular with some strawberry tea, tastes very good. March 24, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Up and about, having some oatmeal to eat. 1:00PM Both Tyler and Troy are up. Since they are both here most of the time, they don't have a job. I just seem to get through to either of these boys. They are just sitting and watching the world pass them by. 2:30PM Beautiful day, temperature on the deck is 77 degrees. I think that is a little high. Will check it a little later when the sun isn't hitting the bricks on the rear of the house. 6:00PM Called and ordered a pizza and bread sticks for supper. 7:00PM Called Barb and talked for a while. 9:00PM Called Millie, talked for a while. Troy has brought that bitch back in the house. The only thing I will have to throw him out since he is just telling me to get "fucked" He is going to do things his way or no way so the only thing I can do is kick him out and not look back. March 25, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 2:00:AM The bitch is still here so I am going to have to put my foot down tomorrow. No need to get upset tonight. She probably will be here when I get up in the morning. 11:00AM Up and about, looks like the bitch is gone, her car isn't here. Let Bella out side, temperature 77 degrees and overcast. 12:00PM Went to the utility room to get clothes out of the dryer. Some boy was sleeping in the garage. I just can't seem to get through to either of the boys. I am just going to have to get them both out of my house. 3:00PM Went to the utility room to take a shower. When I went into the utility room saw the glass was broken in the back storm door. I asked how that happened and I was to told it had been that way for a while and it must have been the wind. Strange, I was in the utility room yesterday and the back door was open and the glass was not broken at that time. Came out of the utility room and said to the boys, since the door was damaged by an act of God then they better start praying to see if God would remove the frame from the door and have a new glass put into the old frame. I won't hold my breath. The boys will just ignore the broken door. When I left the house to go to Millie's two boys were getting into Tyler's car and leaving. 4:00PM Went to China One and picked up shrimp fried rice, egg rolls, and won tons, and took it to Millie's 6:00PM Watched the news and ate supper. 7:00PM Called Barb. 8:00PM Watching the movies. March 26, 2017 00:00AM Finished the movie, Dracula, and left for home. 00:30AM Called Millie and told her I was home. 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Up and about. 12:30PM The bitch is here. She and Troy are sitting on the deck. Let Bella outside. It is 73 degrees. Looks like Troy is going to just flaunt her in my face until I blow my top again. I am going to keep it to myself and give him a date to move out. I think 30 days is more than enough time for him to get everything that belongs to him out of the house and be gone. I don't know who is roaming around my house at any time so I have started locking my bedroom to keep everyone out of there. I will place anything of value to me in my room. It is terrible that you have to lock your own room in your own house because you don't know who is in your house day and night. 1:00PM Talked to Tyler about the broken glass in the door, Patrick was here. Told Tyler I didn't believe the story I was told about the broken glass but it didn't make any difference. All I want is the broken glass removed and take the frame and have the glass replaced by the end of the week. We will see if it does me any good. 4:00PM Eat the rest of the shrimp fried rice from last night. Seems I am getting the silent treatment from both boys. They only say something to me when they can not ignore me. 5:00PM Went shopping at Shop & Save and got some groceries. $65.00 6:00PM Watched ABC evening News, sports on CBS and NBC. 7:30PM Called Barb. 9:00PM Been given the silent treatment all even, both the boys have passed by the living room going to the bathroom or their rooms but they don't even look my way or say anything. March 27,2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:00AM Up and about, tried to put Bella out side but it is damp from rains last night and she refused to go outside. Back to bed and Bella is sleeping at my feet. 12:30PM Back up. The bitch is still here, seems Troy isn't even pretending to comply with my wishes so have no choice but to evict him. It hurts me to do this but I know of no other way to get through to him. It is also going to be hell until he is gone. 3:00PM Troy and the bitch just walk around the house like they don't have a care in the world. I told her and him I did not want her staying here day and night and they are just ignoring me. 3:45PM Got a call from City of Bridgeport and said that the council meeting is at 7pm and if I want to speak to city council all I have to do is show up 15mins early and sign in and I can speak to city council. 6:45PM Signed in and waited to speak. 7:00PM City Council came to order and they went through the normal business. 8:00PM I spoke to city council about the abandoned house next door and the council questioned Randy Spellman about what had been done to take care of this matter and Randy said they had been in contact with Tim Callison and they hope to have the problem taken care of by May. I sure hope so. 9:00PM Council meeting is over so stopped by the Dairy Queen and picked up a Blizzard. 9:15PM Called Betty Moran and gave her a report. 9:20PM Gave Troy his eviction notice, he is visibly upset with me but didn't say anything more to me. 10:30PM Millie called and we talked until 11pm when the news came on channel 5. 11:00PM Watched the channel 5 TV but they did not catch me on TV. 11:15PM She just tried to sneak the bitch by me, but I am not going to say a thing to him. I just want things calm for the next month and hope he doesn't say anything else, just finds a place and moves. March 28, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Up and about. Overcast temperature 65 degrees. Tried to put Bella out but she just won't go if it is wet outside. She isn't a dumb dog. 12:00PM Had some oats for lunch. Fixing a roast to put in the oven. 1:00PM Put the roast w/potatoes, onions, and carrots in the oven for 1hr 30mins. Will check then to see how well it is cooked. 3:00PM The roast if finished. Will let it cool before I have some. 2:40PM Eric texted and said he would call later. 4:00PM Told Tyler and Troy that there is a roast and some vegetables on the stove. I had some for myself. Taste very good. Troy just walked through on his way to the garage and said he had a job. Have my doubts as to what kind of a job he got. I hope he gets along with the new job. At least, I won't have to listen to what kind of ass holes he has to work for and with. 5:00PM Watching evening news on TV 5, then TV 12. 7:00PM Called Barb, while talking to Barb, Eric called twice. Will call him back when I am finished talking to Barb. 7:20PM Called Eric three times before the call went through. He said he was in his car and has poor cell service. We talked for a while. 7:30PM Called Millie....We are going to Sunset for spaghetti night tomorrow night. 8:00PM Watching TV. Asked Troy where he got a job and he said Friday's. He didn't say when he starts to work. 9:00PM There was leftovers from the roast and vegetables so put them in the refrigerator. March 29, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Slept in today. I just don't feel like doing anything. I don't have the energy to clean and straighten up things. Seems like I have to pay for everything to get done. Troy and Tyler do as little as possible and just would just like to see me just go away and let them alone. Tyler doesn't seem to be looking for a job. Of course, he owes me a payment on his loan and don't know what is going to do. Troy is another thing, all he wants to do is lay around the house with this bitch he brought home with him. I just can't understand, what kind of a girl is this, all she wants to do is lay around in bed. I threw her out and Troy just ignored me and brought her back in the house and shacking up. I gave Troy the eviction notice for April 30th but I figure he will do nothing from now to then and won't be out. Then there will be another fight about leaving. Let Bella out, temperature 57 degrees and overcast. Had a glass of milk and a banana to eat. 5:00PM Took shower and heading to Millie's for Spaghetti night at Sunset. 6:55PM Called Barb. 7:00PM Went to Sunset and they were closed, a sign read no waiters, so don't know why they are closed. 8:00PM Went to Bob Evan's for dinner. I had steak with Broccoli w/cheese and cold slaw. I had lemon pie for dessert. Millie had Turkey with dressing and chocolate sundae for dessert. March 30, 2017 1:00AM Arrived home, called Millie. Meds, injection, going to bed after I watch Hannity on FOX TV. 1:00PM Up and about, tried to put Bella out but it has been raining and is very wet and she refused to go out. Hope the sun comes out so it will dry up a little and she will go out. 4:00PM Fixed the remainder of the beef and vegetables from Tuesday evening meal. 7:00PM Called Vic about Larry White WV8FKG calling last night and wanting to contact someone to give him his extra class test at his home so he would not have to go to a test session. He says he is extremely disabled and can't travel well. I then emailed Larry's information to Vic and to Doug so they could contact Larry. I can't help him in any way. 7:30PM Barb called just after I hung up from talking to Vic. Not much going on today with either of us. March 31, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about. Getting ready to go to my eye appointments at VA Hospital 2:00PM Arrived at VA for eye clinic examinations. Very heavy rain. Temperature around 55 degrees. 4:00PM Eye appointments went well, Dr. Alex said that my eyes have not changed much. I did need new glasses since I am having trouble seeing small print on the TV set. OK for reading and working on computer up close. It is my distant vision and my stigmatism. 5:00PM Going to Ryan's for dinner. Good dinner. 6:00PM Back home and watching local news. 7:00PM Called Barb. 9:00PM Called Millie, talked for an hour. 10:15PM Eric called and we talked for a while. While we were talking Eric realized he left his water on watering his yard. He rushed out and turned it off. He said he had taken his mother to Wildwood to visit Imy and Eugene. Also said it was extremely hot today. April 1, 2017 1:00AM April fool day, Meds, injection, going to bed after I watch Hannity at 1AM. 11:00AM Up and about. Heard the bitch get up and go to her car and leave. I assume she must be going to work. She will probably be back tonight after she comes from work. I won't be able to do it today but on Monday I am going to check with the police and if they can't help me I suppose I will have to go to the magistrate to see what the magistrate can do for me to get her out of my house. 12:00PM Fixed myself some bacon and an omelet. 1:00PM Decided to confront Troy about his girl friend coming and staying in the house. When I said to him that I had expressed to him several times that I did not want her in the house. His remarks was, "she isn't here!". Of course, I knew that she had left. He said that she was not staying here. He thinks I don't know when she is here and acting like she lives here and that she will do as she pleases. He was extremely agitated. He called me a stupid old man and he would do what he pleased. When I informed him that will not come back or I will have to take lawful means to have her removed, He rushed up to me yelling and I was braced because I felt he may hit me. He came directly putting his face right up to mine and with his left forefinger punched me in the right shoulder. I think he realized he better not hit me even though he was very angry with me. I may have gotten hurt if he had hit me, but I would have probably hurt him much more in one way or the other. I don't think he wants to spend time in the north central regional jail to cool off. Of course, Tyler took his part, but that is to be expected since they are brothers. I told Tyler that I had nothing against him but he is wrong backing Troy. Troy is wrong and lives here at my pleasure. He is 24 years old and should have been out on his own long before this. The girl is just the last of many things that he feels he can do without any repercussions. I can remember Troy's father at this age and Troy appears to have the same type of personality. Troy, as far as I know, does not drink or is an alcoholic like his father. Brent never wanted to take any responsibility for anyone or himself. Troy has very volatile temper. He has not been violent except he hits and breaks things when he is angry. When he first threatened me he drove his fist into the refrigerator door I haven't looked to see if he did any damage, I know he rocked the refrigerator back and forth from the force. 3:20PM Returned Millie's call. She had called sometime while I was down in the bedroom. She said she didn't feel well and I shouldn't come down this evening. 3:30PM Looked out and noticed my truck on my car was opened. I have this problem from time to time, I must hit the button on my keys. When I went out to close the truck the bitch was backing out of the parking place behind Tyler's car. I think Troy was in the car. 4:00PM Troy came back in and when he passed the door into the hall from the living room he stopped and said "I'm sorry for what I said in the garage." All I said was "never mind" and that is the last I will say on it. If she comes back tomorrow, I will go to either the Bridgeport Police and or the magistrate to see what I can do about making her leave my house. She is just a squatter, but I can't get that through to Troy and I don't think I am getting through Tyler either. 6:45PM Cathy Keener, the realtor, called to let me know she had finished the comparison of the house and she came up with $159,900 for the house. I figure I should be able to get at least $150,000 or more, that would give me about $20,000 after the realtor is paid her 6%. I told her that I may put the house on the market in late May or first of June. Will have to see, when I get the boys out of the house and I can get rid of some furnisher and clean the house. I should have the outside done by that time. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 7:15PM Going to the store to pick up a few things. $106.00. 10:40PM Millie called, she says she feels better and we talked for a while. Her telephone is messed up, The Internet man came yesterday and her telephone has been messed up since he left. She said she called and the telephone repairman will be back out either Monday or Tuesday. April 2, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed after I finish watching Jurassic Park, the first one. 1:00PM Slept in today. I am going to have to start going to bed earlier and get up earlier since the weather is getting warmer and I will have to be doing more outside. The sun is shinning so maybe it will be a little warmer today. 2:00PM Haven't had anything to eat so far today except a banana. Temperature is 62 degrees, still not warm outside but Bella seems to be enjoying herself, she hasn't asked to come back in the house. Tyler spoke to me and said good afternoon. Troy has walked back and forth several times but he is not speaking to me. He will have to get over it. He thinks I had no right to kick his girl friend out of the house. I would not have mind if she had been reasonable about coming here and shacking up. She just moved in and was stay here all the time except when she was working. She would sleep in until work time and then returned directly after work go to bed and then sleep until work the next day. After doing this for a week I threw her out and she and Troy just ignored me and she moved back in and stayed night and day for another week and then that is when the shit hit the fan and I gave Troy notice to move out completely by April 30th. 4:00PM Went on FB and had three Happy Birthday wishes and couldn't figure out why. Looks like someone had posted that today was my birthday. Maybe I did it by accident but don't remember doing it. Must be loosing it. 6:00PM Millie called, her phone is working much better now. 8:30PM Called Barb, I had forgotten to call earlier. Nothing going on. 9;00PM Eric text me to pick up his rent tomorrow from Nelson and Dale. April 3, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed after I watch "Just Like Heaven". 9:00AM Have received several telephone calls and texts this morning. Have just ignored them and will listen and read them all later. 12:00PM Up and about. Received a call/text from Dale, his check did not post so will go tomorrow to get the rent. Got a call from a realtor in Brooksville about my inquiry into mobile homes in Brooksville. Sent her a test that I will contact her when I go to FL. 12:30PM Took the garbage out and got the tools and fixed the fence where Troy had pulled it apart. Tyler and his friend helped me do it. 1:00PM Fixed lunch, omelet w/onion and toast, and a large glass of water. 5:00PM Troy's girl friend (being kind today) came in and said she was just dropping by to pick up Troy's phone charger for him. Don't have any idea where he is. I told her OK and she went into Troy's room for a while and then came out and left. 6:00PM Troy just came in with the bitch with him. Went to his room and then back to the garage. Looks like he and she are going to just ignore me again. Will watch to see what happens at bed time. Bed time for them will probably be 5AM. I am just going to have to hold my temper because all it is doing is upsetting me. It is the 3rd, I don't know what kind of a fight it will be at the end of the month. 7:00PM Called and talked to Barb. 7:30PM Dave Morris called and wanted to know what I knew about JT65 and I told him I gave up on it because I don't like just sending signal reports and having to sit and be completely depended on the computer for communications. 8:30PM Called Millie and we talked for an hour. Told her I would probably be down on Wednesday. She said that the telephone main/internet man came back today and put a filter on her bedroom phone and got rid of all the noise on her phone. She also said that a census woman came by and wants her to participate in a census survey. April 4, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Up and about, called Dale and Nelson, will pick up rent between 2 and 2:30PM. 12:00PM Talked to Tyler about letter from Insurance company about changing the ownership of his life insurance policy. 1:00PM Tyler let Troy take his car to work so Tyler went to pick up his car and two packages were delivered by UPS for Tyler. 1:30PM Betty Moran had called and said that a man came by and was taking pictures of the Callison house next door and put something on the front door. I stopped by the house and took a picture of the sign that was put on the front door: 2:00PM Went to Clarksburg and picked up rent from Nelson and Dale. 3:00PM Put Eric's money in the bank, and then stopped at Home Depot and picked up a 1600PSI electric spray washer. I hope it is strong enough to clean the deck and the brick and front of the house. 4:00PM Stopped by McDonald's and picked up a fish sandwich and a couple of burritos. 4:30PM Pat K8PEC called me and needs the telephone numbers of Bill Reid. Text the numbers to Pat. 5:00PM Called Huntington Bank to check why they returned my payment to Waste Management. Will have to call WM tomorrow, the bank did not know why they returned my payment. 7:00PM Called Barb. 9:00PM Received an email from Troy with a letter attached. I will call the letter is a "woe is me". He does not want to take responsibility for his actions. He wants to blame everyone else including his mother for her actions and her death. He is looking for excuses for his me, me, me, me attitude. I can not understand how he thinks bringing an young girl into my house to just move in as though this is her residence. I am an old divorced man with two young men living here and he thinks it is proper to just bring a young women in and everything would be perfect with no problems. Well, she appears to be gone, and I hope she stays away, I don't need another problem. April 5, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:00AM Up and about, let Bella out, temperature 65 degrees. Back to bed for a while. 11:00AM Back up. Fixed something to eat. 3:30PM Temperature is 77.7 degrees, slightly overcast. A little sun shine. 5:00PM Going to get hotdogs to take to Millie's for supper. 6:30PM Watching NBC news and eating hotdogs and some salad. 11:00PM Very sleepy tonight so coming home early. 11:30PM Arrived home and called Millie that I got home OK. I brought home Millie's laptop to check out. April 6, 2017 1:00AM Finally figured out her computer password and connected to the Internet (wireless) and sent an email to myself. 2:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Woke up earlier, but it was raining and bad outside so let Bella out and decided to fix something to eat. 1:30PM Called Millie to let her know I got her laptop working. 2:00PM Temperature is now 55 degrees. Hope it warms up and is sunny by Saturday so I can get my yard mowed and might do something on the power washing of the brick in the front of the house. 4:00PM Started raining again, so it looks like it will be a couple days without rain before I can mow the lawn. 7:00PM Called Barb. We talked about the new show "The Son of Texas" which comes on AMC April 8th. 9:00PM Looks like the shit has hit the fan in Syria. Trump sent in 59 cruise missiles into Syria and he didn't call Putin and tell him first. As I have always said, Liberals reduce the military and cut them as much as possible, but the Conservatives use the military. 9:30PM Millie called and we talked for a short time. April 7, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:20AM Received a call from 304 622 3632 asking for Tyler. 9:30AM Fixed some oats for breakfast. Have been having pains in my upper left chest. The pain is sharp and hit me ever 15 minutes or so but has been more frequent while sitting in my chair. Blood pressure and pulse 139/71 pulse 56. Sugar 173. Contemplating driving over to the ER. 11:00AM Had a cup of coffee and the discomfort has subsided. Will be aware the rest of the day and see if the discomfort returns. 2:00PM Did not receive a call from the women that I offered the table and chairs for $100.00. Looked to see if she sent me a message on FB and noticed I had given her the wrong cell number so sent her a correction and she came back she had found another table and chairs and is no longer interested. Sent a message to another interested party and told her I would take $100.00 if she was still interested. 2:30PM Tyler came in and is really pissed. Seems Troy took his car to work and didn't even talk to Tyler. Troy said he talked to Tyler and he said Tyler told him to take his car. He is just blowing smoke up Tyler's rump. I had talked to Tyler earlier and gave him a call from State Farm. Troy sneaked Tyler's keys and took Tyler's car. 5:00PM Troy home from work. I don't know what happened to all that anger of Tyler's after he got his car back home. Troy tried to tell me his girl friend was even here yesterday. He must think I am deaf, dumb, and blind. She as here last night and parked in front of the condemned house last night and her car was sitting there with snow on it this morning at 9:30AM when I was up. I figured she would take Troy to work but Troy ran through here with his coat on about 11:45AM and I assume that is when he stole Tyler's keys to his car. 6:00PM Fixed spaghetti w/sauce and chicken in the sauce. Told the boys by text that there was spaghetti in the kitchen. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 8:30PM Called Millie, talked until 9:30PM. 8:45PM Iris called and it went to voicemail, she wants me to call her. 9:40PM Called Iris and left her a voice mail. She is probably in bed by now. 10:00PM Watching Blue Blood. April 8, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:15AM Iris called and said Dave Parrish died. I know the name but I don't really know Dave Parrish. She said that he was cremated and she will be having a memorial service at a later date. Kept thinking, Dave Parrish is Billie Stiles' husband and they live in Florida. 9:45AM Decided to just get up and stay up. It is very sunny out but the temperature is only 38 degrees. Tyler is back from taking his ACT test in Fairmont. 12:00PM Fixed myself fried squash, a omelet, w/coffee. 5:00PM Getting ready to go to Millie's. 7:00PM At Sunset for supper, we both had liver and onions w/mashed potatoes. I had tea and Millie had coffee. 8:00PM Went by McDonald's and had an ice cream cone. Great meal. 11:00PM Worked on Millie's laptop all evening updating all of Apps. Downloaded CCleaner also fixed it so she can navigate easier. Her Internet speed is only 1.9 MB but I thing she will be ok. She just wants to surf the web, email, and watch Netflex. Tried to set up NetFlex but it said her App was outdated so left the computer on downloading all of the updated Apps. Should be done overnight. April 9, 201 12:00AM Arrived home and called Millie to let her know I got home OK. 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Troy called and needs a ride home from work. He was waiting at "Fridays". He goes back to work on Tuesday. 11:15AM Troy said he was going to mow the lawn. I won't hold my breath. 12:00PM Troy went to bed. I PM Linda telling her that we have found three tools that Matt's team left here, a small hand knife, a wooden handled hoe/spad, and a set of hedge clippers. 4:00PM Troy still in bed, temperature outside is 72 degrees with lots of sunshine. 5:00PM Troy is mowing the grass. Going to Rite Aide. 5:30PM Back from Rite Aide, picked up some arthritis pain pills. I normally don't take pain pills but the knees are just getting very bad and I have trouble getting up because of the pain. Also picked up some Blue-Emu to see if it will help the pain in my knees and hands. I think if I can relieve some of the pain I will be able to get some more done around the house. 6:00PM Ate the remainder of the spaghetti for supper. 7:30PM Barb called and we talked for a few minutes. Barb seems to be slowing up quite a bit. I can hear it in her voice. She is just tired, and I think she is a little depressed. There isn't much I can do about it. I have the same problems as she has, no one really cares in our families as long as it isn't what they want. 8:30PM Called Millie and we talked for a short time. She said she is still tired. Looks like we are all getting old and tired most of the time. She says she is going to go to the doctor tomorrow and have him look at her toe. It doesn't look good to me. 9:00PM Troy has his girl friend here in the house. I don't want to get into it with him. I hope she goes home tonight. Also Tyler is back from Deep Creek. April 10 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 8:30AM Up to go to the bathroom and looked out and the bitch's car is still here. Troy keeps trying to blow smoke up my rump saying she leaves late at night. I took a picture to prove she is here in the morning. 9:00PM Put Bella out, it is nice and warm 75degrees. Back to bed. 11:00AM Back up. Had to wait to get to my own bathroom, the bitch was in my bathroom. 12:00PM Told Tyler I needed my drill so I can put some screws in the deck. When he brought me the drill the key was missing. What is new, every time someone used something of mine, it either gets broken or lost. If not all of it disappearing something to use it goes missing and then they both point the finger at the other. 3:00PM She just left. Getting things ready to power wash the front wall of the house. My back is killing me. Hope I can get the power washing done, at least, some of it. 4:00PM Did the brick, porch, steps, and walk with the power washer. It didn't do as good a job on the bricks that I wanted. Probably need a much more powerful power washer for the brick. It did a pretty good job on the front porch. 6:00PM Millie called and left a voice mail, said she had gone to the doctor today and he gave her something for her toe. Said she was going to take a nap. 7:40PM Called Barb and we talked for a short while. 8:00PM Troy went back out and got a new frame for the picture Tyler got in the mail today. They have everything scattered all over the dinning room table and Troy just walked off. They just can't understand about putting anything away. I am going to have to go somewhere and get me a new key for my drill. Someone used it and lost it. They needed a tape to mature the size of the picture and of course my tape mature in my tool box is missing. They just take what the want to use of mine and almost never put things away. I noticed last night that my soldering clips with magnifying glass is sitting on Tyler's desk in the garage. When things disappear they say they had nothing to do with it. I will really be glad when I am living by myself. It may be boring but it will sure be relaxing and I will know where everything is when I want it. 8:45PM Called Domino's and picked up a pizza and cheesy bread for supper. 10:08PM Millie called and we talked until 11PM. She said the doctor gave her an antibiotic for her toe. She had just woke up form her nap. April 11, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:00AM Up and about, let Bella outside, temps in 70s. Back to bed. 12:00PM Back up. Have to get ready to go to the dentist. 4:00PM Dentist appointment, all I had today was a cleaning. 5:30PM Stopped at Long John Silvers for some fish. They forgot to give me my drink, so had to go inside to get it. When I got home found out that I had no fish, there were two pieces of chicken. If I would have wanted chicken I would have gone to KFC. 7:00PM Called Barb, Wendy is there, and she said they had heavy rain and wind. Nothing here at all, no rain and no wind. Lots of thunder and lightening in the north of here. 9:00PM Called Millie, talked for an hour. April 12, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 8:30AM Up and about, let Bella outside, very nice sunny warm day. 9:00AM Back to bed. 1:00PM Back up. Still sunny and warm out side. 74 degrees. 5:30PM Going to Millie's to pick her up to go to Outback for dinner. Had an Outback salad with steak. Very good but way to much for what you get. Service was a little lacking but the boy got through it OK but had to be prodded several times but I suppose he did his best so I gave him $5 tip on a $36 bill 7:00PM Went to McDonald's and had an ice cream cone. Back to Millie's 7:45PM Barb called, she and Wendy had gone to a movie today. 11:30PM Coming home, called Millie to let her know I go home. 11:50PM When I pulled in there were a truck and two cars parked at my house and on my lawn. They all left, scattered like rats from a sinking ship. April 13, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about. 12:30PM Mike from the mission called that he was here to pick up the clothes of Jo's that I have stacked up in the shed. 4:00PM Called Millie to let her know that Jean Andrick had died on April 11th. No answer, left voice mail. 4:44PM Millie called back and I let her know about Jean, and read her the obituary. She is being cremated and arrangements are by Wright Funeral Home in Philippi. 5:00PM Called Yeasu in California and talked to the service department and the young lady told me she would have someone in the Service/Tech department to call me back. I joined a Yeasu group and the group feels that Yeasu should repair my radio at no charge, but it is out of warranty. The group feels that my radio was repaired in November of 2015 and that was before Yeasu knew what the fix was and all they did was replace my bad parts. We will find out if Yeasu calls me back. 6:00PM Fixed myself some supper, mixed backed potato diced mixed with onion, and corn and fried, then added an egg and continued cooking until done. It was really tasty. Also had a glass of iced tea. 7:00PM Fixed some brownies from a package. They didn't bake that well, never got solid, had some with a spoon, lol. 7:15PM Called Barb. Wendy went home today. April 14, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 3:00PM Should be doing something but just don't feel like doing 1:00PM Let Bella out side, temperature is 68degrees. anything at all except just sitting here. The car needs vacuumed and the deck needs power washed but I just don't feel like starting to do either. 4:00PM Tyler just went out. Said that he would go to Work Force tomorrow. I reminded him, tomorrow is Saturday, so he said he would go on Monday. I won't hold my breath. He doesn't want to work. All he wants to do is hang with his fiends and smoke pot. I just can't think what will become of him and Troy. At least Troy is back to work and brags how much he makes in tips. I haven't seen any of it. Another week gone by and Tyler has not given me a car payment. Looks like I will never see what Troy or Tyler owe me. I hope I can make enough out of this house to get out from under. I have to get at least $130,000.00 to just break even. Looks like Jo is going to get what she wanted, make me sell the house without enough money to live on. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 11:16PM Millie called, I told her I would be down on Sunday after she goes to church. April 15, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed. 3:00AM Finished watching Netflix, Unthinkable. 3:00PM Let Bella outside. I am very discussed with just about everything today. I want to do things but just can't seem to find the energy or the desire to do anything. I just want to pack up my things and just walk out and leave everything, It just isn't worth worrying on who will do what and when they will do it. Troy just ignores everything I have told him and Tyler just wants to sit around smoke wed and play with his friends. Reality is going to slap them in the face and won't know what hit them. 4:00PM Watching Netflix. Watching a series called, Frontier. 7:00PM Called Barb and she is just about discussed as much as me. She has the same problems, everybody has their hand out wanting a handout. April 16, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and let Bella outside. Sun is shinning. 3:00PM Going to Millie's. 4:00PM Tried to go somewhere to eat and our normal places were all closed. We stopped by Jimmie's and visited for a while and watched the Pitt/Chicago game. Pittsburgh won. 5:00PM Stopped by McDonald's and we both had fish sandwich and then back to Millie's 9:00PM Left Millie's and went to Kroger's to get some groceries. 10:00PM Got home and put the groceries away and had something to eat. April 17, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about, let Bella outside sunny with temperatures in mid 70s. 12:30PM Looked out back and the bitch has her car parked in the condemned house next door driveway. I expected Troy would sneak her in since he doesn't work today. Looks like he is settling in and not planning on leaving by April 30th. I don't think Tyler is going to do anything about getting a job. As far as I know he has gone somewhere. His friends are on break now so he is running around to there places now. 6:30PM The women that said she was interested in the table and chairs said she would be here at 2PM, didn't show up and then FB message that she couldn't make it until after 5PM. Gave her my cell number and have heard nothing from her. What's new for people. Temperature is now 71 degrees. Asked Troy if anyone was going to cut the grass, got the same answer, Oh yea, I'm going to do it. Yea, won't hold my breath. 7:30PM Talked to Barb, she just got back from Women's Club. 9:00PM Talked to Millie. April 18, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM Up and about, let Bella outside, sunny with temperature in high 60s. 12:00PM Tyler said he would cut the grass today. We are supposed to go out and eat later this evening. 3:00PM Text Dale, he is working until 10PM so will have to go pick up the rent before Dale gets off work. 4:00PM Tyler took Troy to work. Temperature 78 degrees. Sunny. 6:00PM Tyler and I went to Ryan's for dinner. 7:00PM Picked up Eric's rent from Dale. Will put it in the bank tomorrow. 8:00PM Called Barb, she had called just as I was leaving Ryan's so I called her back. 9:00PM Called Millie, going tomorrow evening for soup beans and corn bread. April 19, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about, let Bella out, temperature 74 degrees, windy with clouds and sun. 2:00PM Seems Troy is now working so he doesn't have time to mow the grass and Tyler can't mow because of his asthma. What's new. 3:00PM Decided to mow the grass myself. I hope it doesn't kill me. 5:00PM Tyler just came home, he is very upset that I mowed the grass. If he or Troy would have done it when it was needed mowed I would not have had to do it. Tyler mowed and trimmed the back yard. 6:00PM Going to Millie's for soup beans and corn bread. 7:00PM The soup beans and corn bread were great. 7:15PM Barb called, we talked while ate. 11:30PM Leaving for home. April 20, 2017 00:15AM Home, called Millie to let her know I got home OK. 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Up and about, let Bella outside, sunny with temperature 86 degrees. 7:15PM Talked to Barb on way to SJARA meeting. 7:30PM SJARA monthly meeting. Of course, Dick N8FMD had to start something about the insurance coverage for Field Day. He argued and fussed all during the meeting and then had to stay over after the meeting and was all over Doug KC8AJH about the certificate of insurance the WMCA wants before they will give us permission to have field day at Lowndes Hill. Dick was trying to argue that the YMCA might try to pin something on SJARA possibly leaving items in the grassy area of Lowndes Hill and someone getting hurt from something accidentally left at the Field Day Site. Dick just wants to argue about everything. He never says anything to me because he knows I will put him in his place. I don't think it will be to long before his wife will be looking for a home to put him in. He is really going down hill. If his mind doesn't go he will probably have a stroke or heart attack. 8:30PM Called Millie on my way home. Stopped at Walmart looking for a chuck key and they don't handle them. Then stopped at Lowe's and they told me that the tool department was being rearranged and they didn't know where I could find a chuck key. 9:00PM Arrived home and watching TV. 9:30PM Went on line to Amazon and ordered the plastic assessories for the Oster clipper that I found in the drawer. Also ordered a universal chuck key, total cost was $13+ and should get it in a few days. 10:15PM Troy called and needed a ride home from work, he said he could not get hold of Tyler. April 21, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about after being up and down several times for bathroom, let Bella outside. It has been raining but it is sunny now temperature 76.6 degrees. 3:30PM Troy gone to work. His girl friend took him to work. 4:00PM Getting ready to go to SAR meeting. 6:00PM SAR meeting at Eat'n Park, good meeting had a Turkey Club Sandwich w/slaw and iced tea. 7:40PM Called Barb for a short time. 11:00PM Watching Netflix. Western movie. April 22, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed 1:00PM Up and about, Bella will not go outside because it has rained. 2:00PM Called Barb and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner with Millie and me. She said no thank you, she had already started fixing something for dinner. 5:00PM Off to Millie's. 5:30PM Millie called Bev to go to dinner with us and she declined. 6:00PM Went to dinner at Jimmie's. Millie had soup and salad and I had a Rosie and salad w/coffee. 7:30PM Arrived at Bev's and Millie, Bev and I had a great evening. 10:30PM Back at Millie's watching Tv. April 23, 2017 1:30AM Back home for the night. 2:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:00PM Up and about, let Bella outside temperature 67.6 degrees, overcast. 3:15PM The boys are back, Troy went to his room and Tyler is taking friends home. 4:30PM Tyler no where around so I had to take Troy to work. 6:30PM Millie called me and told me her nephew, Jimmie was in the hospital and in pretty bad shape. He hasn't been well for quite a while. 7:20PM Called Barb and we talked for a while. She was filling me in on what she knew about Burl and Gwen. She was telling me about the Orr and Rogers connection. 10:30PM Troy is home from work. 11:00PM I went on line and made reservations for Motel 6 in Lakeland, FL for the 7th of May through the 12th of May. I also contacted a couple of realtors and let them know that I would be in FL on the second week of May. I hope I don't regret going to FL looking for someplace to live. If I go and don't find anything, I haven't lost anything except what I spend going down there and staying for the week. April 24, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:47AM Received a call from 863 308 0217 Renees Resales 4452 Alvamar Trl, Lakeland, FL 33801 $9500 HOA $600+ Will go to her web site and look and give her a call when I get Lakeland. 10:12AM Received call from John (owner 246 Jean) 281 543 7425 $6000 HOA $410 unfurnished. Will call him when in Lakeland. 10:40AM Received a call from 813 530 1118 telling me and then I received a text Judy Blok-Andersen will call me after noon. 2:00PM Text Barbara 3325 Us Highway 98 S LOT 98, Lakeland, FL 33803 to find out if furnished or unfurnished. She has it listed now for $10,000 with HOA $358.00 which is the best of most. 2:30PM Received text back from Barbara and she said she is trying to get furniture. Maybe I should ask for a reduction in cost and she wouldn't need to get furniture. 3325 Us Highway 98 S LOT 98, Lakeland, FL 33803 2:45PM Barbara Curtis from Lakeland called and we talked and I told her that I would be in Lakeland on May 7th and we discussed furniture. She said she would hold off on the furniture until I came down in May. She said she would pay the lot fee on May 2nd and that would give her the whole month of May to get things done if I would buy her unit, she also said that would drop the cost to $9000 with little to no furniture. 6:30PM Millie called from UHC. Her nephew isn't any better, she said it is just a vigil until Jimmie is gone. 7:05PM Barb called, she and Dana are out somewhere and she would call me when she gets home later. 10:25PM Millie called, she just got home from UHC. She said that the doctor said that it is just a matter of time. Millie says his liver has just stopped working and his skin is yellow and they have him a drip. April 25, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 1:05AM Note: I am going to have to tell Millie what my intentions are and that I am going to Lakeland, FL to possibly buy someplace to move after I sell the house. 12:00PM Up and about, let Bella out, overcast but bright, temperature 63.3 degrees. 1:00PM Had lunch, tomato soup and some green tee. 2:00PM Sorting all of the blankets and stuff in the hall closet, let the boys go through and take what they want. 2:10PM Talked to Eric. He was picking up Seth and his girl friend from school. Told him about me coming to FL on the 7th and he wants me to bring the slides/projectors and records and he will come to Lakeland and pick them up. I told him he could come down and stay with me because I have a room and he can stay over. Maybe he will run around with me when I look at the three places I want to look at. The one that Barbara Curtis still sounds the best of the three. 3:00PM Kit called while she was driving to the grocery store. Told her about coming to FL, she thinks it is a great idea. 7:05PM Called Barb and we talked for a while until the "Wheel" came on and then I went to the grocery store. Of course, the city still has the street torn up. Now is is between Pennsylvania Ave and Oliverio's so I went the back way. 9:25PM Millie called, she had been at UHC all afternoon and just went home. She is going to stay home tomorrow and I am going down tomorrow evening. April 26, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:45AM Up and about, let Bella outside, beautiful day 11:40AM Called Waste Management about getting a dumpster, cost $557.00 800 866 4460 key 2 then 2 then 2 to get to rental office. 12:00PM Fixed some lunch, bagel w/cream cheese. 1:30PM Checked with Bridgeport Storage for storage $95.00 month 2:00PM Ate sandwich and watching TV and making some telephone calls. 2:30 Checked on U Haul 15' Truck w/dolly $1132.00 4:20PM Millie called but didn't recognize the number, calling from her neighbors number. The telephone company cut off her phone because she didn't pay her bill. There was a call to Jamaica with a high bill and she did not make it and refused to pay so they cut off her phone. 4:22PM Received a call from Millie from her neighbors phone that the telephone company had cut off her phone because she refused to pay to the telephone call to Jamaica. 4:30PM Had a call earlier from American Pickers while I was taking Troy to work. They called back and sent me an email wanting to talk and they need pictures so will be going to Barbs tomorrow to take some pictures to send to them 646 561 8356. 6:00PM Gone to Millie's, stopped and got KFC to take with me. 7:00PM We had a good meal. Millie has an I fone that someone gave her and she wants me to stop by tomorrow when I come from Barbs and see if she can use my phone to call and get the I fone set up as her cell phone. I don't think it will work but I will go by and try. I charged the I fone but when I turn it on all it says there is no service and nothing else. She has a telephone number the person that gave her the phone gave her. Some bright person suggested to Millie that she should have me put her on my service and she could pay me for her service. That is how enemies are made and augments start. April 27, 2017 00:01AM While driving home Eric called and he needs his birth certificate, so I told him I would find out where he has to write. Sent him the link via email. 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:00AM Up and about, nice but overcast outside. 12:00PM Going to Barbs, going to take some pictures for American Pickers. Taking some crochet work and embroidered work and a couple lace table clothes for the girls. 3:00P Stopped by Millie's just as she was coming home, she had bought a trac fone and I set it up for her, new number 301 627 0160. 7:00PM Barb called. 7:30PM Todd came by and looked at antennas. 9:00PM Working on American Picker pictures. April 28, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 9:00AM Up and about. Seems my newer HP computer hard disc is going bad. Having a lot of trouble. When I uploaded blog2017.htm there was nothing in the file and over wrote my file so I am going to have to reconstruct the file on the web site. 10:00PM Trying to get things together for my move. Found Eric's birthcertificate and called him to tell him. 2:00PM Sent the pictures of the farm to American Pickers, and received a receipt for the pictures. 3:00PM Tyler and his friend are mowing and trimming the lawn. 4:00PM Mailed Eric's, Johnathan's, Josh's birthcertificates to them. 7:00PM Talked to Barb. 7:30PM Talked to Vick, he is coming over on Sunday to pick up the j poles amd the D-104 mic. 8:30PM Talked to Millie.

April 29, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
11:00AM Up and about, let Bella outrside.
12:00PM Cathy just came for me to fill out all the papers for selling the house.
4:00PM Cathy and I are finished with all of the paper work. The house goes on the market on May 1st. We talked about having someone interest in the house she told me she may have at least two people that may be interested in the house. She is putting $159,900.00 and I hope it sells quickly. I may have to put things in storage and get the house cleaned up earlier than I was planning on. 7:00PM Called Barb and we talked about giving this glass ware to Wendy and Dana. 7:30PM Barbed called back and said Dana was interested and she would give me a call anc dome by look at the glass ware.
8:00Pm Sent Janet a PM on FB to see if she wanted this glass ware that I have that belonged to her great grand father.
9:00PM Millie called and we talked until 10:30PM.

April 30, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
9:30PM Talked to Millie
Uneventful day didn't get much accomplished.

May 1, 2017 1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:30AM Up and about put Bella out, overcast temperature 80 degrees.
11:00AM Called Waste Management and they quoted me $630.00 for a 30 foot dumpster for 14 days and I will get back $10 per day for days less than the 14 day period.
12:00PM Call Bridgeport Library to see if they would want the encycopedia american and book case, if not then I will just throw them away. I put them on the yard sale but no one seems to want them.
3:00PM Cathy came by and put a key holder on the front porch and put the sign in the yard. She is coming back tomorrow to help clean up the house so she can show it at 7PM tomorrow evening.
7:00PM Callled Barb. Working to clean up the house mostly just picking up and cleaning things that are laying around. I don't think I will get much done. Also washing several loads of clothes. It looks like there is no end to the mess. It would be very strange if the peoson or persons that what to look at the house make a good offer and I would take it.

May 2, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:00AM Up and about, put Bella outside, nice and sunny.
12:00PM Troy running vacuum, Tyler helping to clean my room and Troy has his finished. Hope we have done enough to satisfy the lookers this evening.
1:00PM Called Barb in Florida about the house and asked what the add meant that there were wall aicr condition. She told me that the heater worked in a central Air/heat but the A/C went out and she installed two windows A/Cs. She says they do a good job so I am not going to worry about the A/C until this fall and then have someone come in and check to see what is wrong with the A/C since the window A/Cs are doing the job.
3:00PM Called Cathy to see when the lookers are coming, she said earlier 5PM or possibly 7PM and she said she would be here around 3PM but no show for Cathy and no call.
4:00PM Took Troy to work. 5:00PM Watching local news and no call and no show by Cathy. This won't happen again. I will be going and coming as I wish and let her work around me. I will keep the house clean so she can show it anytime. I figure that there will be no serious lookers until after I remove the furniture.
6:30PM Cathy just came and she said that a realtor with cliants should be here around 7-7:30 to look at the house. I had gotten hotdogs for supper and Cathy had a couple while we wated.
7:30PM A young couple (looked abourt 40+ years old) came and went through the house taking a look at it. Don't know what they thought. Cathy said that the house was listed on Zillow.
9:00PM Took a look at Zillow and my house in Brigeport is just about the same as several houses in Bridgeport so the $159,900 looks like a resaonalble price.
9:30PM Millie called, I had called and she didn't answer so she called me back, she still hasn't set up voice mail yet.
10:30PM Tyler just came in. When I ask him about where they are going to move he gets upset with me. He said he is taking care of it but he wants Troy to go look at the two places they have talked about. I know Troy wants Tyler to take care of everything and then if he wants to back out he will feel no obligation to anyone else that is in the house with him.

May 3, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
11:00AM Cathy showed up wanting to show the house, she had not called because she had my number wrong in her phone, she has it now.
12:00PM Cathy returned with the father (Matheny) of the couple that looked earlier.
12:15PM Another realtor came with two men that are looking to buy and flip the house on the market.
12:30PM My broker (Katy Burge) came with a couple to look at the house.
1:15PM My broker (Katy Bruge) came by with a second couple to look at the house.
7:00PM Talked to Barb
9:00PM Talked to Millie.
May 4, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:00AM Cathy called and wanted to show the house at 4PM 12:00PM Not going to say much because most of my time is used up by emptying and cleaning drawers and other trash.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
May 5, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed
11:00AM Recieived a call from Todd saying he would be over this evening if it doesn't rain
12:00PM Cathy has set up two showings with Troy and Tyler for 5PM on Satuarday and 3:15PM on Sunday. She has also set up a time to take the boys to look at the place in Fairmont for them to rent. I hope the boys can make it but I looked at the house and it is $1400 a month and they have to come up with $2800 for first month and deposit, I hope thay can make it and they may not want to rent to 4 boys.
7:00PM Barb called and we talked for a while. 8:00PM Got things ready to go to Florida tomorrow morning.

May 6, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
I am leaving for Florida to look at a few Motor Homes in several parks to see if there is anything to buy in my price range.
Traveled all day and stopped to sleep at the Georgia/Floridia to take a nap because I want to stop at Eric's to visit.
Slept until around 7:30AM and then went on to Eric's and arrived around 11AM but my EX was home so I could not go into the house. Eric and I went to a diner and had brunch. When we came back Eric, Johnathan, Josh, and I went to Eva's where Seth was and we had a very nice visit for well over an hour.

May 7, 2017 Continued on to Lakeland, FL and checked into the Motel 6 around 4:30PM.

May 8, 2017 Went to look at the motor home that belonged to Barbar Cutis but was not what she had given me the impression of how it was. Had lots of shotty work so I called a couple of realtors on my list and contacted Kim McDonald and she took me to see one at Meadowbrooke Mobile Homer park and I look at the one blonging to Don Jacques and the Motor Home was a single wide with an attached bedroom and bath with a very nice Florida Room and work shop. I really like it. Don wanted to sell it with all furnishing including dishes and averything else except his personal property. He said he was going back to Mass. and was only taking what he could fit in his car. He has a catilac coupe so he can't take much. He wants $12,000.00 so I made an offer of $11,000.00 and said he would think about it and let me know. Kim called later and said he would take my offer.

May 9, 2017 Went over to 37 Hill Street, Lakeland, FL and we made an agrement and I gave Kim a check for $12,571.90, this covered $11,000.00 (cost) $425 administration fee, Polk County Discretionary tax $50.00, Florida Tag & Title Recording Fees $400.00, State Shipping fee $11.40. The state of Florida and Polk county had to get their pound of flesh.

May 10, 2017 Went over to visit Don at 37 Hill Street, Lakeland, FL and went to the office and talked to Gloria about my background check and other fees as follows: $50.00 Background check, $1084.52 first/last rental fees and $150.00 other fees.
Went to talk to Don and we went over mail, key for MH, when he was leaving, transfering electric and things he is leaving and taking. I am going to bring my lounger and kitchen table. Will have to see what else. Lots of work when I get home.
5:40PM Talked to Tyler, he is not very happy with me, he thnks I am putting to much pressure on him and Troy to move.
6:00PM Cathy called and we talked about showing the house and I told her to try to talke to Cathy Burge's neice and I would take the offer of $150.00 and me paying the concessions of $3500.00 leaving me $146, 500.00 less $9000.00 fees leaving me $17,730.00 after paying off the $119.730 equity loan at the bank.
7:00PM Talked to Barb, she says she is going to Columbus on Saturday for a week, will see her when I get back
7:45PM Called Millie, I can tell very well that she is not happy about me moving to Florida, sorry but I have to look out after me. I don't want to have to take care of her and I don't want to be attached at the hip with a large family.

May 11, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 12:00PM Had a good sleep, have been tired since I got here because have been on the go all the time.
12:00PM Called Maggie and let her know about the test strips and getting them paid for by medicare.
1:00PM Called Lakeland Electric and I have to set up my account on the same day that Don terminates his service and the electric will be uninterupted and they will bill me electronically.

May 12, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:00AM Up and about, ready to go home and checked everything and called the desk and checked out and loaded the car.
6:00PM Just west of Columgia, SC and it is starting to rain. 9:00PM The times are approximate on the trip. Raining and made a wront turn and got on the WV turnpike the wrong way and had to drive around and find US 19 and finally after about 30 minutes got back on US 19 North, The Weather is terriible, rain and fog. Driving by just keeping my eye on the reflectors in middle of the road and the reflectors on the side of the road. 1:00PM Finally got on I79 at Sutton the going is much easier because I know the road and the fog is a lot lighter.

May 13, 2017
1:00AM Finaly got home, took Meds, injection, and going to bed. All I brought in the house was my Meds and the Cpap and went to bed.
12:00PM Up and about, had a good nights sleep and do feel rested. ,BR> 1:00PM tot into it with Troy because I found two of my kitchen chairs out in the garage and, of course, he had to blame it all on Tyler and his friends. I am fed up with Troy, Tyler and I could get along but Troy is just in it for himself and I feel sorry for Tyler having to put up with hime because Troy is always screwing up in some way and blame someone else. It is never his fault.
6:00Pm Troy came home and said he was sorry for what he said to me this morning.
7:00PM Barb called earily from Columbus.

May 14, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed. 11:00AM up and about. 1:00Pm The guy I talked to yesterday at UHaul called amd is coming by to pickup the fireplace.
2:00PM Je came by and all he had was his little car and of course, the fireplace would not fit in the car so he said he would be back later with a truck to pick up the fire place
7:00PM Millie called and wanted to know why I had not shown up this evening.
8:00PM Cathy came by and picked up the realtor key box and said she would being another one tomorrow and she had talked to The Broker and she said that the contract should be here in a couple days to be signed,
9:99PM The guy that was to pick up the fireplace never came back to puck it up.

May 15, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:30AM up and about, starting to pacl things in boxes to get things out of here.
4:00PM Todd came to take down the antennas.
5:00PM Going to MIllie's
7:00PM Had dinner at Casey's in Shinnston. Very good meal, veg soup and steak salad, Bill was $30.00 plus tip. Barb called while we were having dinner.
8:00PM Back at Millie's and Cathy called and told me she had an offer of $125,000 cash for the house. Can't sell, not enough to get out of hock. Counter offer of $150,000 and we can deal. All they want is to buy and slip the house and make a big profit.
11:50PM Back home.

May 16, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed
10:00AM Up and about, starting to pack more boxes.
4:00PM Finished packing the file cabinets and blankets etc.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
9:00PM Talked to Millie.

May 17, 2017
10:00AM Debbie called she will be by this afternoon to pick up the class from her great grand parents.
1:00PM Went to Clarksburg and picked up $160.00 from Dale.
2:00PM Talked to Dr. Towmes office about transfering to a doctor in Lakeland and discussed her writing me some perscriptions to cover until I get a Florida doctor.
3:00PM Called Waste Management and the dumpters will be here on June 2nd and will be here until June 15th.
4:00PM Troy and Tyler went out. There was a boy here with Troy I have never seen before. 6:00PM Tyler came in and told me someone had come in the house this afternoon and stole his safety deposit safe and it contained all of his and Troy's money $2200.00. I have warned them over and over about locking the back door to the utility room. I was here all the time and heard and saw nothing so the thief was very quite. I don't know where they will get money to move out so it will propably fall on me to come up with enough money to loan it to them. I hope that Barb may loan me $2500 until I get the money from the house. I figure she will do it, butr I hate to do it.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
8:00PM Been packing all day and getting rid of things. I have come to the decision that if the boys don't get out when they are supposed to move then I will just pack up the truck head south and then call the realtor first and then the bank and not pay any more interest and let the bank just have the house.
9:00PM Talked to Millie

May 18, 2017
1:00PM Meds, injection, going to bed
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
9:00PM Talked to Millie
Note: Have been continuing to pack and get things ready to move. Heard nothing from the broker about the offer made on the house.

May 19, 2017
1:00PM Meds, injection, going to bed
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
9:00PM Talked to Millie
Note: Have been continuing to pack and get things ready to move. Heard nothing from the broker about the offer made on the house.

May 20, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed 6:00PM Millie and I went to Casey's for dinner, had to pay with a check because they didn't have internet to submit my debit card.
7:00PM Barb called.
11:59PM Home from Millie's

May 21, 201
1:00PM Meds, injection, going to bed.
11:00AM Up and about.
3:00PM Cathy Burge here to show the house, she had 6 people with her and they walked around for 45 minutes discussing what they were looking at. She didn't say anything to me except good bye when she left. She is not representing me in anyway. I overheard her pointing out things that the buyer should ask to be repaired before they buy. I thought the brocker was supposed to be working for me, not pointing out things to whom seemed to be some sort of an inspector. She did not inform me who the other persons in the group were. I knew the Matheny couple that had previously looked at the house but I had no idea who the others were and Cathy Burge didn't even try to introduce them to me. About 20 minutes after their arrival some young girl in shorts just walked in the front door and just walked by me without saying anything. I had heard Cathy on the phone a little earlier giving someone directions to my house. When this is all over, whether I sell or not I am going to sit down and write a letter to West Virginia Realty Board of Ethics or what ever they call themselves.
4:00PM Going to Barbs, picked up a check.
7:30PM Back home, Tyler had accidently locked himself out of the house.
8:00PM Watching TV and doing some packing of some cups and other things I want to take with me.

May 22, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
11:00AM Up and about.
1:00PM Leaving for my VA appointment at 2PM Lab and 3PM doctor.
3:00PM Got into the doctor and had a new doctor, female Dr. Secret related to the family that owned the Secret Furniture Store at Hepzibah.
4:00Pm Went to Burger King for dinner and then to Kroger's to get some groceries.
6:00PM Home and watching the news.
7:00PM Talked to Barb and while talking to Barb I got a call from my realtor Cathy Keener. I told her about Coxey's Army coming in with Cathy Burge yesterday. I told I thought the the brocker was discussing with someone other than the possible buyers about things that are wrong with the house. The brocker has the buyer as a client and not me. The possible buyer is her neice so what is new. If and when this is all over I am writing to the state Realtor Assoc. about her behavior which I do not thing is ethical.
9:00PM Watching TV, didn't pack anymore boxes so will have to get busy tomorrow to get all of this packing finished. Have no idea where Tyler or Troy are.
10:30PM Tyler texted and said he was out of service and he would be home in a bit. Troy must be working.

May 23, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:00AM Up and about
1:00PM Received a couple texts from Don Jacques in Lakeland and he told me he is leaving on May 27th and the electricity turned off on May 30th
1:30PM Called Lakeland Electric and had the electric put in my name as of May 30th. I will receive a paper bill the first time and then can call and get it sent via email from then on.
2:00PM Called Autobon Vet and made appointment for Bella on the 13th at 5pm for shots and check up and to get a health certificate to take with us to Florida and for my next Vet. 2:30PM Called Eastern Pet so I can get Bella bathed and clipped to go to Florida at 1pm on 9th.
4:45PM Called U Haul to double check on the truck and trailer. I can pick it up earlier if I want and I can leave my car and the trailer and go back and pick up the trailer after we hav loaded the truck
5:20PM Talked to Millie, will go to her house and then go to Sunset for Wednesday night spaghetti.
7:00PM Talked to Barb, she bought a new refrigerator and they will deliver it tomorrow and hook it up for her.
8:40PM Eric called and we talked for a while, he needs me to pick up the rent aroung June 3/4 and leave deposit slips for Nelson to start depositing his rent in the bank.
9:00PM Watching TV the rest of the evening.

Note: Tyler and Troy came back from Morgantown and said they think they have a 6 bd house with a garage for $1400.00 a month. I hope it works out for the four of them and they can make it. They are supposed to go back tomorrow and pay their money and sign the contract.

May 24, 2014
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:00AM Up and about, starting over again to clean up and pack as much as possible.
11:00AM Tyler and Troy off to Morgantown to check on the house they expect to rent.
3:00PM Tyler and Troy back home and Troy told me that they had paid $1500.00 deposit and $1500.00 for first month. Troy said they went to the court with the realtor to apply for a background check. I don't know why they have to do that, it only took the park manager in Lakeland about 2 to 3 minutes to confirm my background check on the computer. She had a complete summary of my back groung with in a few minutes printed out by just putting in my name and SSN.
4:30Pm Off to Millie's so we can go to Sunset for spaghetti dinner.
10:00PM Back home, called Millie to let her know I am hom OK. Talked to Eric on my way home. Raining and 72 degrees in Florida and 58 degrees and raining here.

May 25, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:00AM Up and about.
11:00AM Called Barb and asked if Dwayne was home and if she would like to have my generator. She said Dwayne and Dana were in Fairmont and she would call them to stop by and get the generator.
12:00PM Dana and Dwayne stopped by and the boys loaded the generator into Dwaynes SUV and Dana put all of the milk glass into a box and took it.
2:00PM Called Barb but no answer. She must have gone somewhere since I talked to her earlier.
4:00PM Talked to Barb, she said Dwayne was going to drain and clean the generator and place it in the garage just in case it is needed.
7:30PM At the church for the SJARA meeting and no one there with a key to get in. What's new, this never happened when I was an officer in the club. This club is stmbling and will soon fall on it's face if Dick (N8FMD) isn't rained in. I gave my key to the secretary and of course she gave it to Doug and I know by experiecne that Doug did not go to the church office and register that he was a key holder. I told Kayla that she should register with the church secretary but of course she gave the key to Doug and where is Doug, working somewhere in Ohio. The meeting was postponed from last week to this week because he couldn't make last weeks meeting. Af the meeting started they discussed Field Day, very poor organization. I reminded Kayla (secretary) of what she had to do for notification and letters to be written and I got the feeling that she oposed my suggestions. Then Dick (N8FMS) had to ignore Robert's orders and turn everything over to "the good of the order" and not follow any format in covering a subjext. He then brough up the proposal of coombinning the two clubs (SJARA and CWVWA) into one club. I had to tell him that it would never work and of course he didn't like my remark and I told him he knew why the other club was formed, strictly to get away form him. Now he is a member of CWVWA and had tried to weed out all that oppose him and he told me he had gotten rid of all that opposed him, all but one, and he would soon be gone. I didn't bring up the reason the two clubs will have a lot of trouble to merge. Number 1, they are both state corporations and would have to get permission from the state to merge, and then SJSAR is a 501(c) 3 orgainization and CWVWA is not so CWVWA could not merge with a 501(c)3. The only thing they could do is desolve CWVWA and all members then join SJARA. Another thing the CWVWA is broke and SJARA has over $1000.00 in their trasery and I don't think SJARA wants to accept the responsibility of paying for the CWVWA repeater. I am glad that I won't be here to see SJARA going down the drain again because of Dick Fowler N8FMD. He is just running both clubs into ground. Mentally all he wants to do is control and run things his way.

May 26.2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
8:30AM Tyler up and went to get the UHaul truck.
8:00AM Tyler and a two of the boys he is moving in with are here to start loading the furniture in the truck.
11:00AM Tyler off to Morgantown with the truck.
1:00PM Called Millie to let her know that I don't expect to be able to go the the graudation party for her grand niece. I called Bill Snyder and asked just exactly where the Nutterfort Fire station is located. I then called Millie back and let her know where it was.
3:00PM Called Millie and let her know that Tyler was not back from Morgantown yet so I had to be here when he came home for a second load.
5:00PM Tyler left for Morgantown for the second time and I took Logan home.
7:30PM Called Barb, a politician wanting me to vote for Diane Cole Marra for Mayor.
8:00PM Tyler back from dropping the truck off at UHaul.
9:00PM Tyler set up my inflatable bed so I will have someplace to sleep tonight and for the next couple weeks. His friend picked him up to go back to Morgantown.
9:30PM Called and made reservations at Days Inn south of Orangeburg, SC for June 15th.
11:45PM Troy just came in from work to pick up some more of his stuff in the room.

May 27. 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:30AM Tyler just called and wants me to let him in the door.
11:30AM Tyler got up a few things and is heading back to Morgantown.
12:00PM Back to bed, I am having a lot of trouble getting out ot the inflatable bed but I will figure it out.
2:00PM Back up, am having less trouble getting out of the bed.
2:30PM Mail just went, not getting much mail.

May 28, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
5:30AM Up and about, didn't sleep very well.
8:00AM Didn't get much done, going back to bed.
10:30AM Back up, can't sleep.
1:00PM Snoozing in the chair in the living room. Really tired.
4:00PM Took shower and going to Millie's to go out to eat at Say Boy's in Fairmont.
7:00PM Back at Millie's watching TV.
8:00PM Called Barb.
11:00PM Back home, called Millie to let her know I got home OK.
Note: Bill Reid is coming tomorrow to pick up some books. Vick Shuttleworth is coming by tomorrow to pick up the J-Poles and the CPAP service is coming tomorrow to service the CPAP.

May 29,2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:30AM Bill Reid called and is coming by to pick up the old books.
11:00AM Bill is here getting the books, Tyler is here and helping load the books and taking a shower.
3:00PM Tried calling Millie, no answer, will call later.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
8:00PM Called Millie, no answer.
9:00PM Went to Shop & Save to pick up some groceries.

May 30, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:30AM Tyler just dropped by to get some things and to take a shower. He told me that someone would be by today to mow the lawn. Won't hold my breath!
11:30AM Eagle Servce came by and checked out my CPAP and I told him the next time for service I will be in Florida.
1:00PM Walter called and we talked for a short time and then I talked to Kit for a while. Kit is having trouble with her Internet connection. She did a few things I suggested a few things and she says it appears to be something wrong with her laptop.
3:00PM Talked to Millie.
4:00PM Cathy (my realtor) came by with the offer and a contract for me to sell the house to Justin Matheny (husband of the neice of the broker -Cathy Burge-. I signed the contract which read that they offer $150,000.00 less concession of $3000.00 to the cost of closing costs and to $600.00 for insurance on the appliances and they want the strip which was 1/2 of the alley. That would be $150,000.00 minus $3600.00 leaving $146,400.00 less the realtor 6% leaving me $137,400.00. Then take the amount I owe the bank whichis $119.730.00 for payoff and leaving me 17,600.00. The closing date is set for July 31, 2017. The inspection by a professional inspector must be within 10 days. Bank appraisal must be in 10 days. I figure someone will come up with something that needs repaired or replaced.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.

May 31, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:00AM Up and about and then back to bed.
1:16PM Back up.
4:00PM Didn't accomplish very much today.
5:00PM Tyler sent his friend Chris to mow the lawn. Chris did a pretty good job. He mowed and trimmed the lawn.
5:00PM Spent most of the day calling credit card companies to change my address to Lakeland, FL. Called Spectrum and made arrangements to remove my service here in Bridgeport on June 16th and to install my new service on Sunday June 18 between 2 and 4 PM. I am having +175 silver system with Internet wireless of up to 100Mbs. Charged $121.00 for first month of service and $34.00 for installation fee.
7:00PM Called and talked to Barb.
8:30PM Called Millie on house phone with no answer, so called her cell phone and it went to voice mail.
9:00PM Watching TV

June 1, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:30m Up and about. Starting another boring getting nothing done day. I can't get much done until the boys gets the rest of their things out of the house and get the sheds and garage cleaned out. The dumpster should be here some time tomorrow.
12:00PM Calle Dish and Dish will be on hold for the next 9 months and will be cut off here.
3:00PM Talked to Millie.
4:00PM Talked to Betty Moran for while.
7:00PM Millie called and we talked until 7:20 and had to call Barb.
7:20PM Called Barb. 9:00PM Watching TV. Got most of my clothes packed and ready to go. Mostly what I need to do is get rid of a lot of things laying around this houwe. Hope the boys show up this week end to put things in the dumpster.

June 2, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:00AM Up and about.
1:00PM Made the following calls: Dominion Gas turn off gas on July 6, 2017 and bill to be sent to my Lakeland address. Called Bridgeport Water and I set up turn off and will call when Cathy is finished with cleaning the house with bill to be sent to my Lakeland address. Called Waste Management and canceled my garbage pick up green container on Thursday 8, 2017.
3:15PM The dumpster was delivered and placed under the pine tree. Will be picked up on June 15, 2017.
5:00PM Picked up the rent for Eric, @610.00, will put it in the bank on Monday.
7:00PM Called Barb, received a text from Cathy saying she will mail me a copy of the offer that I signed.
7:40PM Millie called and we talked for a while.
9:00PM Watching TV.

June 3, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:15AM Up and about, Tyler is here with Logan and Austin to start cleaning up and putting things in the dumpster. Niome had a man put some of her trash in the dumpster. Of course, the boys are just dumping things in the dumpster with no organization of any kind. I hope we can get everything in the dumpster.
3:00ON Tyler and friends left and Tyler said he would be bck tomorrow. I text Troy about getting his stuff out of the garage and, of course, he put me off as usual. I put tyler's old bike on the curb with a sign "Free" and it lasted less than 10 mins.
7:00PM Talled to Barb.
8:00PM Vick came by and picked up the two J-pole antennas.

June 4, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:30AM Up and about, Tyler, Crustin, Austin, and Logan came with him to help.
4:00PM Most of the things needed to be are in the dumpster, Troy said he would be here tomorrow with a truck to take everything else out of the house and take it to Morgantown.
6:30Pm Talked to Millie.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
9:30PM Went to Walmart and got some bungie cords and a few other things I needed.
11:00OM Picked up a six pack of Mikes Hard punch and drank a couple fefore going to bed.

June 5, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
12:00PM Up and about, nobody has come as of yet to do anything. 1;00PM While cleaning out cabinets in the kitchen the lawn chair slipped out from onder me and I fell on the floor. Hurt my left hip. Looks like I am going to be sore for a couple days.
2:00PM Texding with Tyler and he is upset because I am giving him hell for his brother about not showing up. Troy went to some sort of festival this week end and hasn't come back yet. If everything is not out of this house by the 10th I am going to hire a couple men to put everything in the dumpster. I am fed up with always putting things off. Tyler said he is sorry he even helped at all. He is very angry with me because he feels I am running off and abandoning him. I am very tired of takeing care of everyone else and paying for everything. My patience and maney are running out.
2:15Pm Now Eric texted me and wants to know if I have put the rent in the bank.
3:30PM Went to bank and deposisted Eric's rent, $610.00
4:00Pm cleaning the utility room and washing and drying all of the clothes that Tyler and Troy have left laying around on the floor.
5:00PM Cathy has not come to bring me the papers yet, texted her and she said she would be here but did not say when.
6:30PM Talked to Millie.
6:00PM I'm just frustrated, I would like to get this house completely cleaned and just use the living room and kitchen and not have to owrry about getting everything done. I would like to be able to just relax for a few days, I have a lot to do. Randy should be here tomorrow and the next day so those days are shot. Have not heard anything from him. I have to take Bella to trimmer and then to the Vet for shots and a health certificate. Also have not gotten anything from Express Script about my insuin being shipped. Will have to call tomorrow and if they haven't goten it ready and be sure it is going to be shipped I may just tell them to hold it and ship it on June 20th and I will be in Lakeland by then and be able to have UPS delivered to my house.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
9:00PM Kathy didn't show up to bring me the papers on the offer for the house.

June 6, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
10:00AM Up and about, all am going to do today is check to see if Randy has checked in and will be clean around the house.
9>00PM Talked to Randy and will be meeting him at 9AM for breakfast.
11:00PM Meds, injection, going to bed.

June 7, 2017
8:00AM Up and about, Getting ready to go for the day. Put Bella in kitchen with food and water.
9:00AM Randy and I had breakfast at I Hop.
10:00AM Going to Buckhannon and Keisling Mills to visit Benjamin Miller grave site.
12:00PM Viisted the cemetery and then back to Weston and Randy picked up some glass poduces for friends. 3:30PM Stopped by the house to put my insulin in the fridge that came by UPS.
4:00PM Stopped by the Bridgeport covered bridge so Randy could take pictures and then we went to Sun Set for dinner, spaghatti night. Had a great meal.
7:00PM Back home and let Bella outside to run a little and did a little more cleaning. Got a call from Kathy telling me that I have an appointment for an inspection at 1PM. Checked my calendar and texted Kathy and told her that I had an appointment for Bella to be clipped at Eastern Pet and if they come before I get back they will just have to wait.
8:00PM Talked to Barb.
11:00PM Meds, injection, going to bed because have to get up early to go to Grafton and Fairmont with Randy.

June 8, 2017
8:00AM up and aboaut. 9:00AM Randy and I went to I Hop for breakfast.
11:00AM Arrived in Grafton after stopping at the National Cemetery at Prunty Town. Then on to the National cemtery in Grafton. Stopped by the Mother day shrine so Randy could take some pictures.
2:00PM Went to Fairmont to stop at the Fairmont City Cemetery and Woodlawn Cemetery. The cemeteries are very big but we walked around to see if we could find any Hugill family members that may be buried there.
4:00PM Back home and let Bella outside.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
9:00PM Watching TV Netflix but very tired.

June 9, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:00AM Up and about, Tyler and Troy are here to clean up. 12:00PM The bedrooms are ready to go for the cleaners.
1:00PM Took Bella to the groomer and when I go back the inspector was in the back yard looking around. He gave me his name but I don't remember other than he said his parents lived up the street and he grew up in the neighborhood. I left and went to McDonald's for lunceh. The inspector was supposed to call me when he finished but he did not call.
2:15PM Back home and the inspector was gone. Don't know if the Matheny's were here or not with the inspector.
2:30Pm Talked to Kathy and she is coming in the morning to clean the three bedrooms.
3:15PM Called Millie and told her I would try to come down tomorrow. She was very upset that I was not paying more attention to her. She is just going to have to accept that I am leaving and not coming back.
4:00PM Very tired and having cramps in my right leg and have been to the bath room several times with an upset stomach. Decided to lay down for a while on the bed.
6:30PM Woke up and watched the evening NBC News.
7:15PM Called Barb.
9:00PM Watching Netflix again, Watching Season 5 of Logmire.

June 10, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:00AM Up and about, Cathy called and said she would be here aroung 11:30AM to clean the bedrooms.
9:30AM Going back to bed, still very sleepy.
11:30AM Back up but Cathy hasn't gotten here yet. I am not worried. What ever she gets done before I leave she won't have to do after I leave.
1:00PM Cathy just arrived to start cleaning the three bed rooms and possibly the bathroom.
5:00PM Cathy left and will back in the morning to finish the bedrooms. Going to Millie'
6:00PM At Outback for dinner, both had steak, bill $30.89 plus $10.00 tip.
8:00Pm Back at Millie's, called BArb.
10:00PM had Rubarb pie with ice cream.
11:50PM Back home.

June 11, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
11:00AM Up and aboaut.
12:00pm Leaving for Waldomore for open house.
3:00PM Leaving Waldomore after open house. Saw several people there from the Genealogical Society. Talked to David Anderson and his wife and mother. Had several sweets and also talked to David Houchin. He is flying out of Bridgeport on Thursday going to Audorndale just outside of Lakeland. I offered for him to ride with me and save the money and he would be within 10 miles of where he wants to go and not have to fly to Orlando and then someone have to come and pick hime usp. If he is interested he said he would call em. It would be great for me, we could share the driving and we could drive straight through and not stop overnight. I may call him tomorrow and find out if he is thinking about it.
3:30PM Stopped by and picked up Millie and we went to Barb's.
6:00PM Went to Casey's for dinner.
9:00PM Bakc at Millie's.
10:00PM Going home.
10:30PM Arrived home.

June 12, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
8:30AM Up and about, received a text from Tyler.Going back to sleep for a while.
10:00AM Back up and watching some news and some Netflix. Will start finishing up packing up some more stuff in boxes and sealing the boxes.
12:00PM Tyler came by and is cleaning up the cabinets in the utility room and putting the trash out in the dumpster.
12:30PM Barb juat came by after going to Walmart.
1:30PM Barb and Tyler left to go home. I waved to Barb as she left know it may the last time I ever see again unless I can talk her into coming to Florida for a visit or to come to Florida to live.
2:00PM Called Express Script to make sure that my Pen needles are on order. It appeared that when I canceled the test strips the pen needles were canceled. The new needle order witll be shipped in a few days to lakeland address.
2:15PM Barb just called that she got home OK. Will call her tonight. Also talked to Dale and he will be paid tomorrow and I told him I would try to pick up the rent at work tomorrow after 2PM.
7:00PM Talked to Barb, and also talked to Millie's.
10:00PM Cathy called and came by giving a list of things that the buyer (Berger bitch) wants done before theu will take the house. The inspector listed some things that he feels were wrong but I didn't see anything that would cause the bank to not make the loan. He mentioned something about a unaproved fire resistent door leading to the garage. Have no idea what he is talking about. Of course, he made mention of the outlets not being grounded and not having GFI outlets in kitchen or bathroom. As far as I know the house meets all requirements when built and do not have to meet the present code. The bitch says that she wants the metal shed torn down and removed, and I had asked about that when they looked at the hosue the second time and she said it was not necessary to remove it so I did not. I old Cathy that I did not have time to make the changes they wanted since I am leaving on June 15th so if they wanted the house they would take it "AS IS" because I do not have the time and will not spend the money to have the changes made.

June 13, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:30AM Up and about.
1:00PM Going to U Hual to pick up a couple medium boxes and some more tape. When I inquired about the time to pick up the truck and trailer I was told I have to go to Fairmont to pick up the Truck and trailer. The man gave me a slip to pick it up in Fairmont and I will have Tyler or Troy pick it up on their way here on Thursday. If they can't do it I will have to drive to Fairmont and pick up the truck and trailer. Pisses me off that I reserved the truck 6 weeks ago and now they tell me I have to go to Fairmont to get it.
2:00PM Went to Clarksburg and picked up Eric's rent. Dale gave me $160.00 and I will use it to go the Florida and then give Eric a check whenI get there.
3:00PM Cathy called and she said that the bitch agreed that I would not have to tear down the shed but I could pay for the other things to be done. The bitch doesn't understand what "no" means and "AS IS" means. They will either take "AS IS" or there will be no deal. I just don't give a shit on what she wants. I have aready given $3600.00 in concessions and will give no more. The small things that need doing can be done by the husband unless he is just dumb and can't do them. They are getting the house at a bargain. They won't get a house in Bridgeport for less.
9:30PM Cathy called and said they had backed out because I would not fix what they wanted before they would buy the house. Looks like I am going to Florida without selling the house. If they would have been fair with me from the beginning and said exactly what had to be fixed I would have had the repairs made, but the hell with them.

June 14, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
7:30AM Matt Wilfong called and I talked for a few minutes telling what I needed and he said he had done this for several home owners and could help. Told him I would get back to him as soon as Cathy gets a copy of the inspector's report to me.
9:00AM Received a text from Cathy that she had the report and would drop it by.
10:00AM Still no show for Cathy, sent her an text telling her I needed the report because I don't have the time to wait because I have to get with Matt to show him what I need done ASAP.
2:00PM Matt came by and I gave him a copy of the inspector's report and he said he would come by next week and take a look at the house and give me an estimate on doing everything. He will give me a report to remove the shed and the shower on one sheet and another for the violations listed by the inspecter. I gave Matt keys for the dead bolt and the door knob lock so he can get iin the house.
3:00PM Text Cathy and let her know what I did and that Matt would not call her about the repairs but he would give me a report.
4:00PM Tyler has not come as of yet but he text and said that he was having brake trouble and din't know when he would be here this eening. If he doesn't come to get the note and credit card to pick up the truck I will have to drive to Fairmont in the morning and get the truck myself. I don't know if he is even going to sow up tomorrow to help me. Several of the boys told me that they would be here to help me load but I really wonder if any of them would show up. If they don't I am going to let them know that at least four of them oar enjoying the use of all my furnicher and at least one of them is sleep in one of my beds.
4:15PM Talked to Millie and I told her that I would be down this eveniing. Don't know what time that will be, because I am still waiting to see what Tyler is going to do.

June 15, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
8:30AM Up and about waiting for Troy and Tyler to come with the truck/trailer.
2:30PM Got the truck loaded and the car on the trailer and off to florida. 5:00PM Still driving stopping for me and Bella go go the bathroom.
10:30PM Decided to stop at Richburg, SC and stay at a Motel 6, $52.41, pretty good price.

June 16, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:30AM Up and about and got breakfast at the McDonald's next door to the motel.
4:00PM very uneventful drive but making better time until I goto Jacksonsville, FL and there was a wreck of a Rider truck that caught on fire and I 95 was blocked for over 3 hours.
10:30PM Got home 37 Hill Street, Lakeland, FL and just went in turned things on. water turn on, started the frig, but could not get the A/C set so just through a couple light quilts I found in the closet on the bed and went to sleep. Bella and I were both very tired.

June 17, 2017
1:00AM Finally got things straightened out and took Meds, injection, and off to bed.
10:30AM Up and about and went out and took the car off the trailer and moved the truck closer to the door waiting for Eric and Johnathan to show up. Finally figured out the A/C and got it working properly. Temperature is over 90 degrees.
1:30PM Eric and Johnathan came and started unloading the truck and putting things in the Florida Room and I will just open boxes and put things away as I go.
4:00PM Eric and I took the truck and trailer back to UHaul and Johnathan stayed here with Bella while we were gone. Eric and Jonathan started home because Eric had to pick Josh up at 7PM from work. Seems Josh will not ride with his grandmother, I think he would rather walk then be in the same car with her. They really do not get along.
7:00PM Called Barb and we talked for a short as usual.
8:15PM Eric called and said he and Johnathan got home in time to pick up Josh. Said he would be back tomorrow afternoon with Johnathan and Josh if he wants to come.
8:30PM Talked to Millie, she called while I was talking to Eric so I called her back. She is making a trip tomorrow to Maryland with friends and said she would call when she go back.
9:00PM Getting a few more things put away and made up the bed for tonight. Finally found my pillows. Also have to set up my night stand with my CPap at the other bed.

June 18, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed
9:30AM Up and about, looks like it is going to be a nice day. Expecting rain in the afternoon.
2:00PM Eric and Johnathan arrived. Both helping me unload my car and putting things away in the house. Eric and John placed boxes in the rooms where I will unpack them at my pace.
4:00PM Received a call from spectrum that the service man to install my system will be here between 4PM and 6PM. The appointment was between 2PM and 4PM.
6:40PM The Spectrum service man showed up and started to install my TV/Internet.
7:00PM Eric and Johnathan had to leave for home, it would take about 2 hours plus to get there.
7:30PM Spectrum service man left and it looks like I only have basic cable and not what I was promised. Will take that up with them tomorrow. Internet appears to work but will check it out later.
10:00PM Checking out internet and internet dropped out appoximately 4 times before it stablized.
10:15PM Finished checking out my email and uploaded my blog. Then checked speed of my connection. The speeds highest was to Atalanta GA and it was only 37Mb, not what they say you are getting. The only other connection speed that was even near 30Mb was to Seattle and none of the other cities even came close to 30Mb. They said that I would have speeds up to 90Mb and doesn't look like I am even getting close to that. Have also been checking TV and I am not satisfied with what I am getting, will have to check for a few days and if they won't do anything I will go back to Dish and only get internet from Spectrum. Looks I will be stuck with no more than 30Mb download speed even thought the upload speeds are between 10 and 15Mb so that isn't bad.

June 19, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
6:30AM Up and about, taking Bella outside, looks like a nice day.
7:00AM Back to bed.
10:30AM Back up.
2:00PM Went to Save A Lot and spend $100 for groceries. Didn't get everything I wanted but will go to Publix or Winn Dixie in a couple days and get some more things.
3:00PM Really put down the rain when I came out of Save A Lot, got wet and came home. Nice to have a carport where you don't get wet unloading groceries. Put the groceries away.
7:00PM Called Barb.
8:40PM Water called and we talked for almost an hour.
9:00PM Watching TV and having a salad. Great to have food again and fixing a good meal.

June 20, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
6:30AM Up and about, took Bella out for her morning relief.
7:00AM Back to bed.
10:30AM Back up and had cereal for breakfast.
12:00PM Looks like it is going to be a nice day.
2:00PM Bella and I went and picked up the mail.
4:00PM Text Cathy and she said she is still in MO but would be home and have the house finished cleaning by the week end. Also asked her about mowing the grass and she said she would look into it or I may just call Jerry Parish and have him do it for me. Will make up my mind in a couple days.
7:00PM Called Barb and talked for a while.
7:30PM Called answer.
8:00PM Installed my weather station and it looks like it is working so far.
9:30PM Called Millie again and she said she had been to the Bice Museum in Shinnston all afternoon. She reminded me that it waw West Virginia Day and I joked and said, I don't live im West Viginia anymore so I can't celebrate it.
11:00PM Sitting watching a movie on Netflix and I feel like I am in a motel. I don't know how long it will take me to feel like this is home.

June 21, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:30AM Up and about, took Bella out and having breakfast, cereal.
2:00PM Went to Lowe's in Plant city, and had 4 keys made and bought a lamp shade for the floor lamp in the living room. Starting to look a little more like I live here.
5:00PM Received a text from Iris letting me know Steve had follen down a a pair of steps and hit his head and is in the hospital and is brain dead.
7:00PM Called Barb and talked for a while. Told her about Steve.
8:00PM Talked to Eric.
10:45PM Iris called and she said that they had pulled the plug on Steve and he had died this evening. The furneral will be at Davis Funeral Home but she did not know when it will be because so many have to travel a long way to get back home for the funeral.

June 22, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injecton, going to bed.
9:30AM Up and about, took Bella outside.
2:00PM Checked mail. Checked on how much my lot fee would be and when it is due. It is due on lat day of the month and is $467.32 (462.32 plus 5.00 for Bella). Will have to send a check from the bank and will do that tomorrow.
5:00PM Got both radios set up and putting up the 20mtr vertical.
6:05PM Made my first contact with a station in Croatia 9A9A, with a fairly good signal.
6:30PM Talked to Millie.
7:00PM Talked to Barb
9:00PM Watching TV and Netflix.

June 22, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, going to bed.
9:30AM Up and about, took Bella outside for a short time.
10:00AM Breakfsast and back to bed for a short nap.
11:30AM Back up, turned on radios and checking 20mtrs, very quite, low noise level so it looks like the high power lines are not giving me any problem. The only problem is my poor antenna system. Looks like I may have a low angle of radiation thus giving me a little better results for DX. Did hear a station in CA and one in northeast.
11:30AM Cathy called and said the lawn had been cut but she did not know who did it.
12:30PM Cathy called and said that a realtor, Connley, had been in the house and was going back today to take another look at the house, "maybe, I hope". Cathy said she shourld have the house cleaned by this weekend.
7:00PM Called Barb.
8:00PM Received a Tornado alert for the Bridgeport, WV area. Called Barb and she said it was clear in Dola and no sign of a storm.
9:00PM Watching Netflix again this evening.

June 24, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, and going to bed.
9:30AM Up and about, ate breakfast, took Bella outside.
12:00PM Going to Field Day.
1:00PM Arrived and watched set up and walked around and introduced myself and talked to quite a few local hame.
4:00PM Logged for Bob on 20 mtrs sSB and text Pat K8PEC and talked to him on 14239Khz K8DF for a minute or two.
7:00pm Came home and expect to go back around midnight.
6:00PM The club had a real good supper for everyone.
8:00PM Talked to Barb, she told me that there had been a couple tornadoes set down, one at Jarvisville and the other in Mon County.A barn was torn down in Jarvisville and a farmer lost some trees in Mon county.
8:30PM Talke to Millie.
9:00PM Took a short nap.
11:00PM Going back to Field Day a Kathleen Historical Society in Kathleen. Meds, injection.

June 25, 2017
1:00AM Things were a litle less busy at Feild Day then when I left earlier.
6:00AM Took over 20 mtr SSB first as logger ant then moved to operator. Showed Bob how we contest in WV.
6:30AM Rick came and fixed breakfast for everyone. We had sausage, pancakes, and I had a couple cups of coffee.
9:00AM Averaged around 45 to 50 contacts an hour while operation 20mtr SSB.
10:00AM Everybody started cleaning up.
12:00PM Came home and tried to nap in the living room chair but that didn't work so went bed.
4:00PM Back up and ready to hit the day running. LOL
7:00PM Eric called and woke me while I was nappiing in my chari.
7:30PM Called Barb and then will sit an watch some TV and have some supper. I have to go to the store tomorrow, I am running out of groceries.
9:00PM Got the recycables and garbage ready to go for tomorrow morring.
10:00PM Put both recycables and garbage on the curb and talked to Steve for a short time. found out Steve works at Busch Gardens.