My Life
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My day by day life

I have started this narrative about my wife just to keep my sanity and keep My temper so I will not do something that is wrong, irrevocable or reversible.

      This may sound just like me bitching about my wife, but it is just something to keep my sanity and not loose my temper. I do loose it sometimes and talk back but I know when I do talk back the temper tantrums of my wife just last longer, so I try to stay calm. She does hit me from time to time, either on the shoulder, back or hits me on the back of the head with a newspaper while am sitting in the lounger in the living room. On Sept 3, 2013 she had a can of some sort in her hand and she swung and hit me in the stomach. I did hold her arm and warned her I would not tolerate her hitting me again. Then she said go ahead and hit me and I ll call the police. She also accuses me of hitting her before and knocking her down and then kicking her in the back. This is what she likes people to think. The kicking in the back is supposed to have happened many years ago just before she had back surgery. I don t know if she told the doctor that story or not. Medical records can be seen that show that the injury was not caused by getting kicked in the back. Doctor said it was genetic or a congenital disorder in her spine.

      My room is a mess but I do not let anything from my room over flow into anywhere else in the house. I keep my door closed at all times. My wife comes And goes in my room at her leisure and complains how I keep my room. I admit this and as long as she complains about my room she complains less about everything else.

      This is just to relieve the stress of my wife complaining all the time about something or someone and her habits and her justifications of her complains and reasons for doing or not doing something.

      Keeps papers and her purse on the dinning room table at all times but complains If I place anything on the table and leave for more than just a very short time.

      Clothes hanging on the back of dinning room chairs. Hangs clothes, anywhere from one to up to six or more items hanging on the China cabin in the hallway.

      Leaves vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner in the hallway and complains she doesn t know where they are if I put them away.

      Has kept an electric space heater in the hallway since the weather has warmed and she doesn t need it in her room.

      She lays on her bed on top of bed clothes for 6 or more hours of each day and smokes as much as a pack of cigarettes a day. She tells me she will smoke in her house anytime and anywhere she damn wishes. When she is not smoking she is eating leaving food containers, dishes laying around the room. I don t say anything about it, it s her room and her business.

      When she is not watching TV in her room she is pacing up and down the hall from her room to the kitchen and complains constantly about me, what she has to do to put up with me or complains about people treating her in one matter or another that is not to her liking.

     She always makes the remark, you are lazy and stupid, and never do anything. When I try to help her do something that she can not accomplish on her own and I am asked to help. I help her but then she proceeds to tell me how to do it even though she didn t know how to do what ever she wanted done until I start doing it then she becomes a master of the task and proceeds telling me how to do it.

      I do nearly all of the general household shopping. I purchase and bring large grocery purchases home and put them all away. I pay for everything. and never ask her to buy anything out of her SS income. Her money is her money to spend as she sees fit. I pay for all the utilities including Electric, Water, Gas, TV, TV service, house phone including Cell phone. She complains about everything she spends her money for and many times wants me to replace what she has spent if it includes any communal items. All she has to do is give me a list and I will purchase any house hold products she wants. She very seldom gives me a list, she just paces up and down the hall and shouts items she wants from the store. I very seldom forget anything she shouts out. I never ask her to pay anything except that which she chooses.

      She will be vague about something she wants me to pick up at the grocery store and if I get something that she does not like, I am in for up to an hour of how stupid I am. She even calls grocery stores and inquires if they have what she wanted and I catch hell for not getting what she had in her mind. I am either stupid or I m getting the wrong item for spite or I am loosing my mind or just being down right vengeful. She never checks the pantry for any canned goods or such, then she will ask me why I didn t get want she wants which I find easily in the pantry.

      She continuously makes things like, cakes, pies, sweet breads and all kinds of sweet desserts and then accuses me of eating them even though she knows I do not eat anything high in sugar because of my diabetes.

      Stacks up dishes and such in the sink and then complains that I didn t put them in the dishwasher. I do most of the dish washing by placing them in the dishwasher and then she starts the dishwasher and complains that I am always leaving dirty dishes in the sink and not cleaning up after myself.

      I do all of my own cooking. Very seldom does she make anything I can eat because I am on a low carb diet and no sugar. Makes large portions that I can not eat and when She is finished eating puts the leftovers in the refrigerator but she very seldom eats leftovers. She lets leftovers spoil in the refrigerator and then throws them away complaining about the waste and odor of left over foods spoiling in the refrigerator.

      I wash all my own clothes. I never ask her to wash any clothes for me so I do not wash any of her clothing now. She keeps a very large stack of washed clothing in one corner of the utility room. It has been probably years since she has been to the bottom of that pile.

      She comes and goes as she pleases at all times, sometimes early morning, and also sometimes late at night and doesn t return until after midnight. I am never told when she leaves, where she goes and when she will return. Different story for me. I catch hell if I don t tell her when I am leaving, how long I expect to be gone, and when I will be back. Many times I am told, I have no need to go anywhere or do anything. I just have to ignore her and go when and where I please. If I go somewhere without her permission, I catch it for sometimes hours after I return. I am happy when she is gone, just me and the dogs and life if serene and very quite.

      Another new one! September 7, 2013 Last evening she complained that the rotating large glass plate in the microwave was dirty so she removed it and placed in the sink. I stayed there until before I went to bed so I washed it and replaced it in the microwave. Today she complained that the glass plate was dirty. I just ignored her raving and yelling. I washed the plate and replaced it in the microwave. When fixing some chicken for my salad I started to use the microwave and it did not work. Checking I found it had been unplugged and the plug was hanging from the microwave. I plugged it in used the microwave, wash the plate after I finished and unplugged the microwave because she must want it that way. Watching the WVU football game.

      My wife has been getting overly verbally abusive. She first started out calling me lazy, do less, stupid, making the same statements about my family, especially my mother then both my sisters. Now she has advance in calling me a bastard, a son of a bitch, and now uses the word fagot, quite often and loudly, repeating the word fagot at times of a dozen times rapidly. She has made the statement several times that she hates me and wishes I were dead. Has on several occasion that she is going to take gasoline and burn down the house. She has also threatened to kill me either by stabbing or shooting. Luckily I have removed All guns from the house even though I do know at one time she brought a revolver into the house belonging to my son. I do not know if it is still in the house or not.

      (I do have recordings of these ravings and rages) I just click on record on my computer and it records everything it hears, both me and my wife.

      At approximately 9PM on October 1, 2013 called 911 during an argument over the dog getting out of the house and found roaming around the yard. (Abigail is blind and unable to do most things) The police arrived and I was asked to leave the house and Joan went to the magistrate and got a temporary restrainer order against me. I went to my sister s and stayed there until I had a hearing in front of Judge Lori Jackson Family Court at 9:30 AM on October 8, 2013. The judge ruled against Joan and I was told I could move back in my house. I returned on Wednesday October 9, 2013. She was not home. The dogs were penned in the kitchen and it looked as though she had not been there since the previous day. The paper for October 8 and 9th were in the delivery tube and the mail delivered on the 8th was still in the mail box. I cleaned up all the fesses and urine in the kitchen, and cleaned up the older dog and gave the younger dog a bath. The older dog Urinates and defecates and just lies in the mess. She has to be watched constantly. Joan returned on October 10, 2013 and retrieved some more of her things. As she Was leaving I asked what should I do about the dogs and she answered, I don t give a damn . I told her that if she did not make arrangements for the older dog I was considering have the dog put to sleep. I checked with Vet on prices.

      At 11:06AM October 11, 2013 received telephone call from Joan stating she wanted to know how she could pay our son s utilities and have proof she paid them because she is not coming back home and wants to apply for some sort of aid. Don t really know what she intends to do.

      October 15, 2013 Joan is back home, but not speaking to me.

     On October 20 Eric came and he and Joan really went at it about her problem....and Judy s influence over how Joan thinks.

      Putting this on thumb drive will keep this as a running account of daily activities

      At 1PM October 21, 2013 went to therapist Dawn for talk...very good section.

      At 10PM October 21, 2013 Joan left the house without say anything. She hasn't talked all day. It is now 8:20 AM on October 22, 2013 and she has not returned....I'm up for breakfast.

      At 11AM made an appointment at Heart to Heart November 12, noon for Bella to be groomed.

      Received call from Doug.....4:30PM October 22, 2013 Met him at Wendy's and paid climber $300.00 for climbing the tower and replacing the antenna for 147.210 MHz.

      Frontier here to work on Internet connection at 5:00PM. October 22, 2013...Just left at 6:30PM and Internet is working very well. Best in a long time speeds nearly 6MB.

      Joan just walked in at 6:50PM October 22, 2013 with no explanation where she has been since last night.

      Tyler here today, Chris dropped him off, Tyler not feeling well, October 23, 2013 9AM

      Joan just walked out again around 4PM October 23, 2013 said nothing got into her car and drove off. Will make a note if and when she returns. She has said nothing to me since I came home except to make hand gestures and stares. I say nothing to her. Am afraid it may set her off if I would say the wrong thing, what ever that is.

      Joan returned at 9:25 PM and went directly to her room October 23, 2013. No words of any kind exchanged.

      Joan just stomped out of the house, October 24, 2013, at 6:20PM, got in her car and drove off. She is now parking her car in the front lawn. Probably because I have my car parked in the driveway in front of the garage. I assume the other parking space does not suit her.

      Joan returned at 8:40PM October 24, 2013 said nothing and went directly to her room.

      October 24, 1023,,,nothing said today made vegetable beef soup/stew,,,had a big bowl for lunch, very good. Went to get groceries at 5PM and when I returned at 6:15 Joan was gone. Very quite and peaceful, just the dog (Bella) and me.

      October 25, 2013 I got up at 8:00AM on October 25, 2013 let the dog out. Ate breakfast and took my morning medications and went back to bed at 9:30AM. When I got up at 1:00PM Joan was gone. Joan arrived back home at 4:00PM

      October 26, 2013 Joan walked out front door without saying anything at 8:15PM October 25, 2013 got in her car and left. Joan arrived home at 2:00AM October 26, 2013 went straight to her room. I went to bed At 2:15AM

      October 27, 2013 I got up at 8:00AM let dog out, took my morning medication, and ate breakfast. Read newspaper watched the national news and went back to bed at 9:30AM. Joan left the house sometime after 9:30AM and returned at 1:15PM and went directly to her room. Back up at 11:00AM working on Eric's paperwork for BCSE

      October 28, 2013 I got up at 8:00AM let dog out, took my morning medication, and ate breakfast. Read newspaper. Called Florida Bureau of Child Support in regards to letter received for Eric wanting to collect back child support. First talked to WVBCSE and was told that during the transition from AMF Insurance to SS there was one month of child support that was not paid to WVBCSE. This has become the responsibility of Eric to pay this. I told them that until the transition from AMF Insurance to SS that month will not be rendered until the transition has been completed because AMF may send the payment and that would cause a double payment. Was told to call Florida Child Support Agency. Sat on hold from 8:30AM until 9:45AM and talked to Jacoyia employee # 8368 with Florida Child Support Agency.. Since Eva has applied for benefits in Florida then Florida will become the agency to collect child support. She stated that Eric is responsible to pay 2 months back child support and I informed them that all they had to do was contact WVBCSE and work it out with them. Was told by WVBCSE that they had not been contacted by Florida at this time and to do nothing until Florida has made contact with them. Florida told me that they had sent a request dated October 19, 2013 to SS to make future payments to Florida Child Support Agency. Will probably be notified by SS and, or WVBCSE of this when it has been received by SS and WVBCSE. I also informed Florida Child Support Agency that Eva is or will be receiving SSI for Seth in the amount of $540.00 monthly in addition to the $245.10 child support and that she is able to work. She is not disabled in anyway.

      Joan left shortly after 10:00AM unnoticed by me since I was dealing with the child support agencies on the phone and was in my room.

      October 28, 2013, Joan arrives home at 6:10PM parking in front lawn. The car in the lawn is killing the grass and damaging the lawn. There is a place for her to park her Car off the street in a paved driveway in the upper side of the lawn, but she must feel that I do not have the right of parking in the driveway in front of the garage so she is going to show me she can park where she damn well pleases.

      October 29, 1023, up at 8:00AM put dog out had breakfast and took morning meds. Read newspaper, watched TV news. Returned to bed at 10:00AM. Up at 1:00PM and installed my new Internet Router. Had to change wireless Broadcast name to Net security using the same pass wood. Had to reconfigure Laptop due to new wireless protocol.

      Joan left the house at 2:00PM. At 3:00 went to bank to fax SS Award Letter for Eric to American Fidelity Assurance. Went to grocery store. Returned to house found the outside water hose connection had been broken of at the water value. Looked at the lawn and it has large ruts due to Joan parking her car in the lawn. I parked my car in my old parking spot. It appears that Joan with her vindictive stubbornness will continue parking in lawn until she gets the drive way in front of the garage. I can t see letting her tear up the lawn.

      Joan arrived home October 29, 2013 at 5:45PM and of course parked in the drive way in front of the garage.

      October 30, 2013 Up at 8:00AM put dog out had breakfast and took morning meds. Read the newspaper. Senate hearings coming on at 9:30. Watching Senate Hearings. Joan keeps walking by and snickers or giggles in a low tone while given me a weird look. Can t understand what she means by the snickers. She says nothing. I think she keeps going down hill. She eats and cooks and stacks up dirty dishes in kitchen sink. I keep putting them in the dish washer. She threw a plastic cereal bowl into the garbage. Didn t see anything wrong with the bowl.

      Joan left the house and drove off in her car at 3:45PM October 30, 2013, nothing said before she left. Talked to Eric and he told me his mother was complaining to him that I bought candy for Trick or Treat and I hid it from her, DAH. She also complained that the voice mail on the home phone did not work. Because she kept changing the code and I missed several messages so I just removed the voice mail from the house phone. Joan returned at 7:50PM and went directly to her room.

      October 30, 2013, Up at 8:00AM let dog out, ate breakfast and took morning meds. Read newspaper and watching morning TV news. Joan up and left house at 9:15AM and returned at 9:50AM and went directly to her room without saying anything.

      October 31, 2013 Up at 8:00AM let dog out, ate breakfast and took morning meds. Read newspaper. Watched some TV News and went back to bed at 10:00AM. Received a call from Eric at 1:30PM, I was still in bed. He wanted information for his MEDICAID application. Gave him what I had and told him to look at the BCSE paperwork I had given him which covered all the income information he needed. He has to go to SS office tomorrow and request a copy of Eve s application for Seth s SSI. Had chili for lunch and pork roast for supper.

      Went to the pantry to get the candy I had purchased for Halloween. I had gotten a package containing 120 small candy bars. It had been opened and half was missing. I took what was left and gave one candy bar to each trick or treat child. I counted visitors And had a total of 57 between 6 and 7:30PM. When the last child came I had three candy bars left so gave the last three to the last child. That means that someone (Joan) had taken 60 candy bars out of the package. I hope she enjoyed herself lying in her bed eating candy and smoking cigarettes. She came out of her room and went to the kitchen and fixed something making a mess and leaving the sink full of dirty dishes. Cleaned up the dishes and sink and put them in the dish washer. I noticed in the kitchen trash that she had torn up our wedding picture and threw the pieces in the garbage container.

      November 1, 2013, Up at 8:45AM let the dog out and ate breakfast and took morning meds. 9:30 AM went to the bank to renew CD and change survivor information on accounts. Went to grocery store for a few things. Found some shingles on the lawn and took the dog for a walk to leach train her. Examined roofs in neighbor hood looking for damage. Saw some shingles missing on Reeds house on Lawman. Called 842 2640 at 1:45PM and left message about roof damage. 2:00PM Joan left house nothing said.

      November 1, 2013. 2:30 PM Wanted to fix me a snack and looked for the large Teflon skillet I use to scramble eggs and strangely it is missing. Other skillets in oven stored as usual. When putting trimmings from cauliflower into kitchen garbage found a large 8x10 picture of me in uniform cut in pieces and placed in the garbage. Joan returned at 2:40PM

     November 1, 2013 6:00PM Eric arrived to setup his mother s Laptop wireless. Frontier reset the username to Net Security with same password. Eric went to his mother s room and came back in just a few minutes and he was very upset. He said, I won t stay and let her raise hell with me . He told me she had told him she didn t need him to setup her Laptop because she gave it away to someone.

     7:10 PM Joan went out got in car and left, returned 7:32PM Probably went to get cigarettes. November 2, 2013 Loaded the dishwasher and started when I went to bed at 1:00AM. Up at 8:00AM and let dog out ate breakfast. Started unloading dishwasher and found it had been stopped in mid cycle, strange. Took shower and restarted the dishwasher. Leaving 9:00AM for Genealogical Society meeting at 10:00AM.

      After meeting met Vick KD8PPP and his daughter for lunch at Grant China on Bridgeport Hill. Arrived home at 3:30PM and Joan was not home. Don t know why she was giving Eric a hard time about her computer not connected to the router and the Internet. Checked router and it shows her computer connected to router and Internet

      November 2, 2013 Joan came in at 11:00PM went directly to her room.

      November 3, 2013, up at 9:30AM put dog out and ate breakfast. Read Sunday newspaper and watched TV news shortly. Tired, must be because I stayed up by the clock because of the change to standard time. Returned to bed at 10:30AM. Back up at 1:00PM, checking my email and watching TV CNN news. Joan out of her room and out the door at 2:00PM. She looks terrible, clothes and hair a mess. Of course, she looks like she just crawled out of bed. 2:15PM, I am fixing my lunch.

      November 3, 2013, a very nice quite evening, just the dog and I. Joan returned home at 11:50PM carrying some sort of a bag and went directly to her room.

      November 4, 2013, up at 8:00AM let dog out and ate breakfast and took morning meds. Reading newspaper and watching TV news. Have an appointment at 2:30PM with Dawn at UHC. Going back to bed for a couple hours. Up before noon. Went to Bob Evans for lunch then to my appointment with Dawn. After appointment went to Krogers and picked up dog food and some other groceries. Home by 5:00PM, Joan in her room.

      During evening worked on Genealogy files for Moran/Wolford associated families. Spent around 4 hours on research online. I now have 15846 people in my Genealogical data files. Went to bed at 1:00AM, Joan back and forth to kitchen during the evening leaving dirty dishes in sink. Loaded and started the dish washer before going to bed.

     November 5, 2013, up at 7:30AM let dog out and ate breakfast. Watched a little TV news and read the newspaper. Back to bed by 9:00AM. Eric called at 11:00AM waking me. Got up and ate lunch at 1:00PM. Went to neighbor (Betty Moran) collecting family information and dates on her family. Also explained my situation with Joan because found out Joan had called her after we had been in court and told her that her name was brought up in the court procedures. I don t remember hearing her name mentioned, but you know, My Memory isn t what it is supposed to be. Betty also told me that when Joan called, Joan wanted to know why she was calling me at 9:00PM. She must have gotten her number from the caller ID because Betty had called me a couple days after I had returned home and said she had seen a small white dog wondering around the neighborhood when she was coming home. Betty knew that the dog had gotten out on at least two occasions and thought that the dog she saw was our dog. I checked and the dog was in the house and I thanked her for calling. Betty also told me today that Joan said if she wanted me she could have me because I was a homosexual anyway. I tried to explain to Betty what was going on, she had not seen the police at my house so she knew nothing of the previous happenings.

      November 5, 2013 Have been doing genealogical research on the Internet most of the afternoon into the evening. Researching my grandsons maternal ancestors,, the Wolford family and associated families. Tyler dropped by about 8:00PM, he needed a ride to the Meadowbrook Mall to pick up a Xbox game at Game Stop. He drove to the mall and drove back home then I drove home. Held the net at 9:00PM, had 17 hams check in. Internet wireless still giving me problems. Have to call Frontier again tomorrow.

      November 6, 2013 Up at 7:45AM let the dog out ate breakfast and took morning meds. Watched CNN for a little while and read the newspaper. Went back to bed at 10:00AM and then up at noon. Watched TV throughout the day and worked on genealogy. Logged around 25 to 30 individuals collecting Census and births/marriages/death from Internet.

      Had lunch at 2:00PM, Joan in and out of her room, I have not paid any attention to what she is doing. Had supper at 6:00PM, Chinese. Put dishes in dish washer at 8:00PM and started dish washer. Dog wanted out at 11:00PM and let her out and was going to put dishes away, for some reason the dish washer had been stopped in mid cycle, so had to restart the dishwasher. Had washed my clothes last night before I went to bed and had put them in the dryer this morning. Went out at 11:00PM to take out clothes and they were still wet, wondered how the dryer stopped so restarted the dryer. Will take them out before I go to bed as well as the dishes and put things away. Put out garbage for tomorrow morning pickup. Set large container in driveway behind Joan s car. I figured that the garbage will be collected before she goes out in the morning.

      November 7, 2013, Up at 7:30PM let dog out and had breakfast. Watched a little TV news and go ready to go to County Commission meeting. On agenda for 9:15AM at CC to request a monetary grant for purchase and installation of 2 mtr antenna to be placed on the 911 tower in PK addition of Clarksburg. $4500.00 was approved by the CC to purchase and install the antenna with hard line to install the repeater in the compound. Arrived back home at 11:00AM and the garbage container was turned over and garbage was scattered around on the ground. Picked up garbage and placed it back into the large garbage container.

      Joan keeps walking back and forth from her room at the end of the hall to the kitchen and as she goes by the door to the living room where I am sitting she laughs. It started with a giggle or a snicker and today it has expanded into a Ha Ha type laugh. She is also giving me the finger as she walks by the door. This is getting stranger by the day.

      3:00PM just looked out again and the large garbage container is knocked over laying on it s side in the lawn. She must have gone out and did it again. Will have to go out and pick the garbage up in the lawn. Went out and picked up the garbage scattered in the lawn and place the container at least 10 feet from her car so she will have no reason to kick it over.

      November 8, 2013 Up at 8:00AM let dog out and ate breakfast. Watched CNN TV news, nothing but news about storm in Philippines. Read newspaper. Made the news. A full page covering the County Commission meeting on Nov 7th. Had a picture of me and Dave Anderson. I sure look like an old geezer. I suppose that is what happens to you when you get my age. Very little hair and what I do have is gray, ha ha . Could think of no reason to stay up so went back to bed where it is warm and cozy. Cold out but the sun is shinning. Back up at 11:00AM. Decided to put a 5lb turkey breast into the oven. Will let it back for around 3 hours and check it. Noon, and Joan just came out of her room and went out the front door, she didn t say a word. Nothing new, things remain nice and quite Called Frontier again about my Internet dropping our. This is the third time I have had someone here to look at it. Service man can not find any problem. Last time they installed a new router and nothing changed. Try, Try again until you get it right, just like school teachers. (old joke!!)

      November 8, 2013 7:30PM Joan just walked in. By the odor it smells that she has been drinking alcohol of some sort. I do not drink nor smoke so I can smell if someone has been drinking or smoking. The odor was very strong when she walked directly behind me coming in the front door. To bed at 1:00AM.

      November 9, 2013. Up at 8:00AM, let dog out, ate breakfast and took morning meds. Sugar 156. Read newspaper and watching CNN TV news. Lots about the hurricane in the Philippines. Largest storm in history, winds up to 230mph. Back to bed.

     Up at 11:00AM and had lunch at 2:00PM. Just sitting working on genealogy research and answering emails. Watched news on and off during the day. Turned on WVU football game at 7:00PM on Fox Sports.

      A note::::::::: Beginning November 1, 2013. Joan used a small iron skillet, 8 and after use placed in the kitchen sink under water. I just observed and did nothing with it. On November 5, 2013 Joan used 10 iron skillet and then placed it on top of the 8 iron skillet already in the kitchen sink. On November 7, 2013 Joan used a 12 Teflon skillet and after use placed it in the kitchen sink running enough water to also cover it with the two iron skillets underneath. She has added detergent and just left the three skillets in the sink. It looks as though she removed the 8 skillet sometime today November 9, 2013 and used it and replaced it in the soup in the kitchen sink. I just took a picture with my cell phone at 7:15PM on November 9, 2013 showing the mess she has left in the sink. If this continues I will remove and clean the skillets but will place them somewhere that she does not have access to them.

     November 10, 2013, Up at 8:00AM, let dog out and had breakfast, toast, bacon, coffee, took morning meds. Skillets still soaking in the kitchen sink, they must have been really dirty. Read morning newspaper, nothing much except a ton of advertisements. Watching TV news. Internet not working, called Frontier, they couldn t determine the problem. Scheduled a service man for November 13. Unplugged the router, disconnected all wires and reinstalled all wires and cables. Reset router. When router came back up everything seems to working again (11:00AM)

      November 10, 2013 5:00PM, finally got tired of looking at the mess in the kitchen sink so scrubbed the skillets sitting in greasy water and washed and dried them and put them away. At least I won t have to wash them again unless I get them out and use them. Midnight going to bed

     November 11, 2013 Veterans Day Called Tyler and asked if he wanted to go to Grand China with me for lunch. Went to Lunch at 2:00PM. Went we left Grand China went to Sam s and picked up some groceries. Dropped Tyler off at home and I came home, arrived at 3:30PM. Turned on TV and watching Judge Judy (4-5:00PM). Joan came out of her room and walked up to the living room, looked out the front door and then turned around and looked at me with a weird look on her face and laugh, a deep Ha Ha Ha type laugh. Don t know what she means by the looks and laughing.

      November 11, 2013 10:45PM, received text from Troy (my grandson) and I invited him over after work. He got here at 11:10PM. Troy and I were sitting in the living room talking about his work and his school work and watching a documentary about salt and Joan tromped into the living room smoking a cigarette and drink a soft drink and heeled at Troy that he was not welcome in her house and she was going to call the police and she left the room and returned to her room. She called my son and told him she was going to call the police and have Troy arrested. I was told the possibly the hearing judge called Troy and asked him questions about his grandmother while he was living with us last summer until school started. I know my lawyer did talk to Troy before the hearing and asked him if he would appear if needed. Last summer she raised hell with him about everything and he moved as soon as possible, she made remarks such as you are just like your father, no good and a drunk, and you will be just like him.

      Troy left at 11:30PM, he just didn t want to be involved in her mania.

      At 11:40PM Eric called me and told me that his mother had called and wanted him to come and remove Troy from the house and she was going to call the police and have him arrested. Troy is on a 1 year probation and he knows that any complain and he may be arrested for a probation violation. I bit my tongue and didn t say anything to her.

      November 12, 2013 Up at 8:00AM let dog out and had breakfast. Took morning meds. About 1 inch of snow on the ground. Bella didn t know how to act, only 6 months old and has never seen snow. She took to it right away. I had a bad night, couldn t sleep. I have never observed such a vicious attach on anyone in my life. You could just hear the venom in her voice. I went back to bed at 9:00AM because I was very tired. Up at 11:00AM and Joan was gone, thank God. The longer she stays away the better for me. Took Bella to the dog groomer at 11:45AM. She is 6 months old and this is her first grooming. Wonder what she will look like when I pick her up.

      Went to Bob Evans for lunch. Returned to the house at 12:30AM.

      Received call from groomer and picked up Bella at 3:15PM she looks good.

      November 12, 2013 4:30PM Frontier repairman arrived to take a look at my internet. The Internet has been working well for the last several days so he wanted to give me his telephone number in case it acts up again. Joan came out of her room and said she had called Frontier about the phones being out. I had tried to use the phone earlier and it had no dial tone so just figured as usual Joan had taken the phone off the hook. This is a common procedure for her so I didn t think any more of it. The repairman went to the outside connecting box and found that there was not dial tone at the box. He removed the connections and trimmed the ends and replaced them and said that the dial tone was back. I checked my phone in the bed room and it was OK. Joan came out and said her phone did not work. She was being very verbal about missing calls and couldn t make calls. The repairman went to her room and checked the phone, he returned in about 2 minutes and said it was OK, was just a loose wire. She was complaining about not having voicemail and I told the repairman that I had it turned off because she was changing the pin number and I could not use the voice mail, so if it is not available to me it is not worth having. Must be someone is listening to her voice mails. All you ever get is trash calls leaving a message. Joan came out after the repairman left and said he told her someone was texting and that was what was the trouble with her phone. Seems she is talking again. To Bad

      5:00PM Repairman gave me his number 3042660467 name Shean, I thanked him and he left.

      November 12, 2013, took my evening meds and went to bed at 1:00AM. Slept in this morning November 13, 2013, up at 10:30AM had lunch and checked email for email from Eva of the SS papers, called Eric and informed him no, email from Eva. November 13, 2013 11:50AM.

      Noticed my UHF Hand held radio is missing, and I wanted it returned. She gave me the finger and lifted her right hand and she had a knife in her hand. Have no idea what she means by showing me the knife. Earlier she made the remark, I am not going to put up with this shit, and Eric told me you put me on Facebook . I told this to my son several months ago just to see if he is carrying tales. Seems I will have to watch what I say to my son, because he seems to repeat things to his mother.

     Joan seems to be changing her behavior. She now follows me around the house while smoking a cigarette. I go anywhere in the house and she seems to be watching me. Maybe I m becoming paranoid, ha ha. I think she is expecting me to do something in retaliation for stealing my UHF radio. It s just things, no need to confront her and cause more problems.

      November 14, 2013 Alarm did not go off this morning. Sleep in until 9:30AM, let the dog out took my morning meds and ate some yogurt for breakfast. Laid back down and woke again when the phone rang at 10:30AM. Run some radio checks for a fellow ham radio operator. Took a shower at noon and went to lunch at 2:00PM at Ryan s. Did some shopping and picked up some groceries from Kroger s. Returned home at 4:30PM. Didn t notice Joan leaving but she just walked in at 11:30PM. It was quite so I should have realized that she was not here. No door slamming or stomping up and down the hall between her room and the kitchen.

      November 15, 2013 Up at 6:45AM let dog out ate breakfast and took morning meds. Read paper and watching TV news and Joan walks out of the house at 7:30AM. Watching TV and noticed that the house was getting cold, checked the thermostat and the switch had been turned off. Turned on thermostat and the heat came on. Looked in Joan s room and the electric space heater was on and the room was hot. Decided to go back to bed for a short time. Woke up at noon and got up. The house had warmed up. Joan was not home so thought I would look in her room to see if I could find my radio. She came home and found me looking in her room, big mistake on my part. Of course, she went off on me about everything I had been doing to her and how many different government offices she had visited and told them about me. I told her if things did not change the only recourse I had was cancel all extras that I pay for and move out of the house and put it up for sale, and she informed me that I couldn t do that because the law is on her side. I just won t be able to put up with this much longer, I will have to just move, and take all utilities and services out of my name and find someplace else to live. Leave her on her own which she seems to she wants. I can t afford to pay for everything here and someplace else. She will have to take care of her own bills.

      November 15, 13 5:00PM took shower getting ready to go to the SAR meeting at 6:00PM. Received a call from Bill Reid thanking me for assisting with communications while getting his mother in law to the hospital. The phones are out in her area of Doddridge County and there is no cell phone service at her residence. Just kept Bill and Cecil in communications until they got to Doddridge County and headed back to the UHC to bring his mother in law in to the hospital. She fell and is elderly. Left at 5:30PM to go to Eat n Park for the SAR meeting. Great meeting. Arrived back at 7:45PM and Joan is gone. Should be a quite evening, just me and the dog. November 15, 2013 10:55PM Joan just came in just walked past me and went directly to her room. She returned to the living room at 11:00PM and asked me to return her Dish TV controller. I have no idea where it is and I told her so. I would not deprive her of watching TV because she would retaliate in someway, and I am not vindictive. She said if I gave her back her skillets that she would return my UHF Radio so I went to the grocery pantry where I had put the two skillets after I cleaned them. If she had bothered to look she would have found them. I did not hide them, just put them away after I cleaned them. Now she says that I have stolen her TV remote and she will give me back my UHF Radio when I return her remote. I have marked my remotes in the living room just in case she takes them. They are marked so I can identify them in the future if necessary.

      November 16, 2013 07:45AM Up and let out the dog. Had breakfast, toast and yogurt, took morning meds. Read Newspaper and watched TV news. 9:00AM back to bed for a short sleep, nothing to stay up for. Back up at 11:45AM, Joan is gone. Got email from Dish, she has ordered a new remote which will cost me $20.00. I have no idea what she did with her old one, lost or misplaced or just destroyed, makes little difference, it just costs me to replace it. Still will not give my UHF radio back, says it is gone. Making plans to do something about this situation. Considering moving in with my older sister temporarily.

      November 16, 2013 11:45PM This afternoon very peaceful, Joan in her room nearly all of today except she went out for a couple hours this evening.

     November 17, 2013, 8:00AM up and let dog out, ate breakfast and took morning meds. Took something for a slight head ache, very unusual for me to have a head ache. Watching TV news and reading Sunday newspaper. Nothing new in the paper as usual. WVU lost again yesterday. WVU needs to get a new coach. What happen with all the hype about this coach. He took a winning team and took it to a low that will take years to recover.

      November 17, 8:00PM Connected all my radio gear and checked it out just in case it is needed during the storm tonight. While out of the living room Joan returned my UHF Handheld Radio and placed it in the charger. Walked down to my room and Joan was standing in the middle of my room, have not idea what she was looking for. She left the room quickly, I said nothing to her. After I came back to the living room Joan came into the living room, started looking through the cabinets at each end of the coach and then looked through the closet, still don t know what she is looking for.

      ---------------took previous copy to Dawn appointment-----

      November 18, 2013 Went to bed at 1:00AM, went to my bed room and set up some ham equipment and Checked out a laptop computer to be used with ham radio. My old desktop computer appears to have met it s maker, stopped working.

      November 18, 2013 Went to bed at 3:00AM and up at 7:45AM let the dog out and ate breakfast. Read the newspaper and watched some TV news. Went back to bed at 9:00AM, back up at 11:00AM. 1:00PM Drove out to look at a possibly place to rent and move sometime in the near future. Looking at a date around Jan 2014, nothing in stone but thinking. Probably cost me an additional $1000.00 a month to move. Don t know what expenses I can terminate to help with moving costs. 1:45PM Stopped at Subway and had lunch before my appointment at 2:30PM with Dawn Nester Carpenter my therapist. Sat and talked to Dawn for an hour and she did make a statement that she didn t think I was suffering from dementia, nice to hear.

      3:30PM was seen by Dr. Salmons PA and had a preliminary interview before seeing Dr. Salmon. Dr Salmon has prescribed me a new medication, Lamotrigine 25mg once per day at bed time. I don t really want to take it but will take it, at least, until I visit Dawn on Dec 3, 2013 at 1:30PM. Lamotrigine is normally prescribed for seizures or by polar syndrome, mood swings, and depression. I personally do not believe I suffer from any of these but will take the medication and make sure to keep notes on effects, including rashes, which some can be life threatening according to the Internet, and we know everything on the Internet is true .

      6:00PM had steak for dinner, will have a salad later, around 9:00PM. Had no side dishes, only steak. Joan went out around 7:45PM nothing said .and came back about 8:45PM and went directly to her room. I finished washing clothes and put clothes in dryer. Found Joan s watch on the floor by the dryer. Gave it to her and she said, thank you, I wondered where I lost it . Surprised me that is all she said. Had a nice large salad at 9:00PM, with a glass of iced tea.

      November 19, 2013. 01:00AM took my evening meds, took first dose of Lamotrigine 25mg. Will take very careful notice of any change in how I feel or my mood after starting Lamotrigme.

      November 19, 2013 Up at 8:00AM let dog out, ate breakfast, took morning meds. Slept well last night. Don t know if it is because of the new meds but will keep an eye on it. Going back to bed at 9:00AM for a couple hours, no need to stay up. Read newspaper and watch a little TV news, not much changed in the world this morning. Temperature 39 degrees and clear this morning.

     November 19, 2013 Called Troy at 12:00PM and took Troy out to lunch. We went to Ruby Tuesday s, had a great time. We don t see much of each other because of his work and going to school. Do text everyday. Nothing much happening the rest of the day until 6:00PM when Tyler called and needed a ride to go to Kmart to pick up some tennis balls and go play tennis with his friend Emery. Talked to Barb at 7:00PM. Watched TV most of the evening. Haven t seen Joan all day. She has not come out of her room all day. Probably came out sometime while I was out. I did pick up a air cleaner to help remove the smoke from the air in the hours. One of those small one room type so Tyler can at least come and be able to breath. He is now taking breathing treatments for his asthma. He says it has been very helpful. November 20, 2013 to bed at 01:00AM.

      November 20, 2013 up at 8:00AM let dog out and had breakfast and took morning meds. 9:00AM back to bed for a couple of hours. Temperature is 45.3 and the sun is shinning. Starting looking in the classifieds for either an apartment or small house for rent. Hoping to have something by January 1, 2014. I will move unless something doesn t change. Very difficult living in this house with someone that hates me.

     Didn t see Joan today until around 8:00PM when Tyler came by to work on a school project. Tyler told his grandma that he was coming over tomorrow night to stay and asked her to not smoke. Her answer was, I probably won t be here .

      November 21, 2013 Up at 7:45AM let dog out and took morning meds. Ate breakfast. Read newspaper and watched some TV news. Went back to bed and up at 1:00PM. Took shower and left for dentist appointment. Appointment 2:00PM. Having a cap placed on tooth upper right side. Was in the chair from 2:15PM until 5:45PM. Went back home and picked up Tyler. Tyler staying tonight, Friday night and Saturday. His dad is going to a concert in Nashville, TN, will be back Sunday evening. 6:00PM went to the store to pick up a few things. SJARA meeting at 7:30PM at St. Marks Lutheran Church. Tonight was election of officers.

      November 22, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds and to bed. Up at 6:00AM, checked to see if Tyler up and awake. Tyler left for school at 6:45AM Assume Andy, his friend, picked him up for school. Went back to bed, slept until 11:15AM, I have been extremely groggy in the mornings since I started taking The new meds, Lamotrigine 25mg. I have been sleeping well at night but don t like the groggy feeling in the morning. Possibly if I go to bed earlier in the evening. Will try that for a few days. Put a beef roast in oven, should be out around 3:00PM. Joan left house at 1:45PM and returned at 2:50PM. Nothing said between us. Had roast beef and chopped greens for supper. Tyler came home from school but wanted to go to a friend s house to stay the night.

      November 23, 2013 Took my evening meds and to bed at 1:00AM. I have developed a stiff neck. I have had it for two days. Wonder if it could be related to the new meds, will keep an eye on it. Not much pain, just uncomfortable when I turn my head to the right. Very quite day, watching Christmas stories on TV. Did a little operating on ham radio. Lots of signals on the air, not many I wanted to talk to. Using a new type of digital operation using the computer. Working on a new story for December 15th for the Genealogical Society Web Site. Finished it up around 11:00PM. Have to get something finalized for December 1st, have a couple things but nothing finished as of the moment. November 23, 2013 11:00PM, Joan just walked in, didn t even know she had left the house.

      November 24, 2013 Up at 8:00AM took morning meds, read paper, watch some TV Back to bed at 9:00AM back up at 12:00PM. Uneventful day. On radio for a couple hours and worked on both stories for December 1st and December 15th Watched TV during the evening, mostly Christmas movies. Completed both stories, sent off to Louise and Ted for proof reading and approval.

      November 25, 2013 2:00AM took evening meds and to bed. Up at 8:00AM took morning meds, had breakfast. Let dog out, temperature 21.2degrees. Storm warnings, have to go to store today to stock up. Watching a little TV, read paper. 10:00AM back to bed for a couple hours Up at 12:00PM Nothing much happened today. Day quite. Got OK to round both stories, from Ted and Louise.

      November 26, 2013 Took evening meds and to bed at 2:00AM. 08:00AM up let dog out, weather very bad, rain, rain and more rain. Expecting to get colder and snow. 9:00 got on ham radio for a while, listening to signals coming in from Europe, lots of them. Believe I found why am not making any connections, seems my receiver is drifting about 10 cycles from transmit to receive which is enough to not be able to decode signals. 10:30 lay down for a couple hours, back up at noon. Still raining and the temperatures are just a degree above freezing. Went out in rain and got newspaper, reading and watching news on TV. November 26, 2013 the day has been very uneventful, text the boys a couple times today and Chris dropped by to pickup Tyler s breathing machine.

      Met SJARA Tuesday night net at 9:00PM. Joan walked in at 9:30PM, didn t even know she was out, that s why it has been quite and uneventful all day. She said nothing and went directly to her room. Making plans and if all possible and I can afford it I hope to find somewhere to move to after the first of the year. November 27, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds and went to bed.

      November 27, 2013, Up at 8:00AM put dog out, snow on the ground, about 1 inch and light snow. Took my morning meds ate breakfast, yogurt, glass of milk and wheat toast. Went out to get newspaper and came back in. Found a steak knife laying on the pillow on the coach in the living room. Don t know what it is doing there, took it and put it in the dish washer. ???weird??? Read newspaper and watched some TV news. Went back to bed for a couple hours. Up at 11:00AM and turned on ham radio and went to take a shower. When I returned saw where my friend Ted Stiles in England was calling CQ. Tried to talk back to him but no luck, he probably couldn t hear me. Will try about the same time on Friday as we have pre arranged.

      Watched a little more TV. Joan went out about 1:45PM. Troy called at 2:15PM and he and I went to lunch at Grand China. While at Walmart I lost my keys. Retraced my tracks but did not find them. Went to the Customer Service and a luckily someone had turned them in. Returned home around 3:30PM and got on the ham radio for a few minutes, while the dog was outside. Joan came home at 4:45PM picked up her mail and went to her room, now 7:00PM and haven t seen or heard anything from her since she came home. Have been invited to Eric s and my sister s for dinner tomorrow but think I will just stay home. Going to my sister s for dinner on Saturday. Eric called about 11:00 and said he slide on the icy road while taking Dale to work and has damaged his car. Something in the undercarriage, possibly a control arm which he just replaced. Said he will check it tomorrow.

      November 28, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds and going to bed. Thanksgiving Day. Up at 8:00AM put dog out ate breakfast, yogurt, toast, glass of milk took morning meds. Went out in the cold and got newspaper, full of advertisements, got a hernia just carrying it into the house. Thought I would watch news on TV and wait to watch the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade. Watched until 10:15AM can t stand anymore singing and dancing, watching people freezing. Put a roast into croak pot, should be ready around 4:00PM. Decided to go back to bed for a couple hours. Nothing to stay up for, 10:20AM. Joan went out about 11:00AM. Got back up at 11:00AM and got on the radio for a short time. Heard Ted from England but could not make a connection. Maybe better luck tomorrow. I think I may have a drifting problem with my receiver so may not work on JT65. Will try a few more times before giving up with this new system. Don t really like JT65, just not my type of communications. 2:00PM the soup with the beef roast is finished and is great. Had a couple bowls. That seems to be my Thanksgiving Dinner. November 28, 2013 5:20PM Joan came in and went directly to her room, I assume she went somewhere for Thanksgiving Dinner.

      November 29, 2013 Went to bed at 1:30AM, up at 9:00 let dog out and ate breakfast. 12:30PM called Eric to see if he needs a ride to go pick up part for his car. Went to Eric s and took him to the auto supply store to pick up part, took him back home. Went to Home Depot and picked up a drain snake to clear out kitchen sink. Got the blockage out of the drain, works well now. 5:00PM had supper, the beef stew from yesterday. Better today than yesterday. Changed radios, connected interface to TS390. Will try this configuration tomorrow morning with Ted. November 30, 2013 to bed at 1:00AM

      November 30, 2013 up at 8:00 let dog out, ate breakfast. Read paper and watching TV news. 10:00AM got on my radio and made contact with G0BHK Ted Stiles in England using JT65 digital radio. Worked very well today, chatted for about 15 minutes. With JT65 you can only send a maximum of 13 characters on each transmission, looks like it is ham radio twitter, just shorter messages. 1:00PM got ready and left for my sister s house for dinner. Arrived at Barb s house around 2:00PM and we both went to her daughter s house, Dana, and we had a very good Thanksgiving feast with all the kids and grandkids present. Barb and I left about 4:00PM and I went to the grocery store and picked up a couple things and returned home. Joan is not here, the dog is here alone. Looks like she has been gone before the mail went since the mail was still in the mailbox. Just sitting and watching TV movie. Just Bella (the dog) and I. Joan must have left before 3:00PM because the mail was still in the mail box when I got home around 5:PM. Joan came in at 10:20PM and of course went directly to her room. Watched TV during the evening, seems nothing but Christmas movies on TV.

      December 1, 2013 Took my evening meds and went to bed at 1:00AM. Up at 9:30AM decided to sleep in a little since it is Sunday, wouldn t know what day is except I look at my computer or the calendar in my room. Let the dog out, made a pot of coffee, took my morning meds and ate breakfast, yogurt, toast, and cup of coffee. Since there was nothing to stay up for went back to bed, up at 12:00PM. Got the newspaper, just as bad as the Thursday newspaper, have to have a wheel barrow to carry it into the house, what a waste of paper. I don t even look at the advertisements; don t need anything that you can find in a newspaper, unless it is a cheap house or apartment. Still thinking about moving but don t know if I could cover all the expenses of keeping up two houses. Joan couldn t afford this one, utilities are more than she makes in a month.

      6:00PM and watching the evening news on TV. Just another boring night. Joan just walked out while I was setting the antique clock in the living room. The time was OK but the chimes just didn t match the time. It sometimes goes crazy and has to have the chimes reset to match the time. Joan returned at 7:45PM.

      December 2, 2013 Took evening meds and to bed at 1:00AM. Up at 8:00AM let dog out took morning meds. Went back to bed at 9:00AM and up again at 11:45AM. Had lunch, omelet with bacon and a cup of black coffee. Did nothing during the day. Tyler came while I was having supper, 7:30PM and wanted me to go with him the Game Stop to trade in his Xbox for credit and pick up a game. He drove there and back to his house. He said he has the form to fill out to take his driving test. Back home and watching TV. Of course, all kind of Christmas movies on.

      December 3, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds and to bed. Appointment with Dawn today at 1:30PM

      Note to Dawn------------every thing from November 18 through December 2, 2013-----

      December 3, 2013 Up at 8:00AM Let dog (Bella) out. Took morning meds and ate breakfast, yogurt, toast, glass of milk. Decided to go back to bed, nothing worth watching on TV and have an appointment with Dawn at 1:30PM. Back up at 11:00AM. Took shower and getting ready to go to appointment with Dawn. Kitchen sink drain plugged up again. Tried to use snake to clean it but unable to do so. Called plumber and he said he would be here tomorrow and would call me before coming. Cleaned water out of dishwasher and turned off water to kitchen sink.

      When going out to leave for appointment found Joan s car was gone. Did not see her leave. 3:30PM returned home from appointment. 4:00 called Tyler, will pick him up at 5:00PM to go to James and Law Christmas Dinner. The meal was great and was great seeing everyone I used to work with at J&L. Seems I was the oldest there. Tyler and I both won small gives for Christmas, both were manicure kits. Home by 8:00PM. Watch NCIS on TV and held SJARA net at 9:00PM on local repeater 147.210MHz. Had 15 hams check in. Updated SJARA Web Site with net check-ins. December 3, 2013 10:45PM Joan walked in, looks like she must have gone to come sort of Christmas party, she was carrying what looked like a wrapped gift.

      December 4, 2013 1:00AM Took my evening meds and to bed. 8:00AM Up and let dog out. Took morning meds and ate breakfast, yogurt, toast. Checked radio and the bands are completely dead. Tuned around and the only band that has any activity at all is 30 mtrs (10.139MHz). Thought something wrong with receiver but checked with other receiver and same. Must have been a massive solar activity during the night. Hear nothing up from 10MHz. Can hear WWV on 10MHz but nothing up. 8:30AM Reading newspaper and watching TV news. Not going back to bed, hope plumber calls soon so can get the drain fixed. Looks like really bad weather in south west. Looks like heavy wet snow coming this weekend. Looks like a beautiful day here today. Temperature 41 degrees this morning. Looked at Internet and solar activity is shows a very large spike early this morning which supports my observation. Solar flux is 136 with an A index of 7.

      December 4, 2013 Joan slipped out unnoticed sometime before 11:00AM when the plumber arrived. Plumber found the plug in the drain and it appears to be unclogged now, I hope so. Plumber left at 12:30PM. Lunch at 2:00PM, saut ed peppers, mushrooms, egg, with toast and ice tea. Working on drawings for cabin. 6:25PM Joan just walked in, said nothing and went directly to her room, then the bathroom and back to her room. Bella seems happy to see her. 7:30PM had blackened salmon and chopped collard greens for supper, icie lemon aide to drink. Nothing more going on this evening. Watching TV, playing some solitaire.

      December 4. 2013 11;00PM watching the news and they are expecting lots of rain. Getting sleepy, thing I will go to bed early tonight since I have not taken a nap today. 11:30PM Taking my evening meds and going to bed.

      December 5, 2013 Will be 78 years old at 6:00PM today Decided to sleep but Bella had a different idea, she woke me up at 8:30PM so I got up and let her out. Took my morning meds and ate some breakfast, yogurt, toast. I had heard Joan brewing coffee and after I ate and went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Seems she must have just made one cup of coffee in the maker because it was empty. Made a pot and had a cup. Don t know what happened to the pot that was brewing before. 2:00PM went go grocery store to pickup a few things needed. Picked up some fresh asparagus decided I wanted some broiled asparagus. Maybe tomorrow evening.

      December 5, 2013 After 7:00PM Joan went out. 9:05PM Joan received a call from Betty Cox, 304 623 1409 left her a note on her bed. Joan came in at 10:00PM went directly to her room. Said nothing about the note I left for her on her bed.

      December 6, 2013 12:00AM Took evening meds and went to bed. Up at 08:00AM let dog out, took my morning meds and ate breakfast, yogurt, toast, glass of milk. Went back to bed at 9:00AM a little tired this morning. Joan went out at 9:05AM. Up at 12:30PM, Joan came in at 1:00PM. Went out to shed and got one Christmas decoration, a large star, and placed it in the large living room window. That will be the extent of my Christmas decorating. Still raining, has been raining since early yesterday morning, looks like more bad cold weather on the way according to the weather channel TV.

      2:30PM Joan left house and drove off. Joan arrives back at 4:30PM, goes to her room. Joan in kitchen, assume to get something to eat or drink. 5:45PM Joan again leaves the house and drives off. 6:00PM Ate supper, had saut ed asparagus and broiled chicken with V8 juice to drink. 7:00PM Joan returns and went directly to her room.

      December 7, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds and to bed. 08:15AM alarm went off at 8:00AM and I just turned it off but the dog (Bella) just wouldn't stand for that so I got up and put her outside. Ate breakfast and took my morning meds. Decided to go back to bed for a an hour before going to the Genealogical Society meeting. Didn t wake up until 10:15 so was to late to go to the meeting. They won t miss me. The weather is terrible outside anyway, a skiff of snow with everything frozen. (I did remember and let Bella back in before I went back to bed, didn t want her to freeze.) Trying to figure what I will have for lunch, think I will fix myself an omelet. 2:00PM Joan just left, I hope it is for the day.

      3:00PM received a Christmas Card from Sue and John Nay, so gave John a call to wish him and Sue a Merry Christmas, John is my oldest friend, I have known John since we were 10 years old and we met in the fifth grade. John s 78th birthday was November 16th.

      10:00PM Joan came in and went directly to her room, she came up and went to the kitchen and then returned to her room.

      December 8, 2013 12:30AM let dog out for a while, took my evening meds and drank a glass of V8 juice. To bed. 8:00AM Got up and let the dog out for a while, still cold with a little skiff of snow. Took my morning meds ate breakfast and decided to go back to bed since I did not intend to go out in this weather. Got up around 11:00AM and it was really putting down the snow. Let the dog out again and she didn t even want to go out in the snow. Swept off the front porch and steps and out to get the newspaper. Watched TV and read the newspaper. Temperatures seem to be rising and the snow on the streets is melting.

      5:00PM Tyler called and wanted a ride so I went out and cleaned the snow off my car and went to Daniel s and picked Tyler up and took him home. Stopped by the service station and filled up the car with gas and got an extra 5 gallons for the generator, just in case. Received an email from a friend of mine in Morton, WA and he said his wife is near death. She had a massive stoke about 2 months ago and has not recovered. It seems she is just giving up and the prognosis isn t good. Lennis believes she may go any day.

      December 9, 2013 Took evening meds let dog out for a short time and went to bed At 1:00AM. Up at 8:00AM let dog out and ate breakfast. Back to bed by 8:15AM. Heard Joan go out around 10:00AM. Up at 10:45AM let dog out again and gave her a treat and put out more food. 1:30PM had lunch, saut ed peppers, onions with scrabbled eggs and a cup of coffee. Watching CNN news on TV. Completed the Sinewaves (SJARA Newsletter) for December 2013. It will go out next Sunday evening (December 15, 2013) Sent an email to my friend Lennis Allen about his wife.

      4:00PM put a ham into the oven to bake. 6:00PM took the ham out of the oven and had a nice piece for supper.

      7:00PM talked to my sister for a few minutes and then went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Supposed to have snow in the morning 1-2 inches predicted so don t want to have to go out tomorrow

      December 9, 2013 8:45PM Joan returned and went directly to her room. 9:00PM watching the second night of Bonnie and Clyde.

      December 10, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds and went to bed 8:00AM up let Bella out, ate breakfast, yogurt, toast, milk, slice of ham. Got newspaper, read and watched TV until 10:30AM then went back to bed.

      Back up at 12:20PM Checked with UHC about Emergency Room Bill sent to Medicare for August 17, 2013. 1:30PM Joan left the house. 2:00PM drove to UHC to pick up copy of Emergency Room records to determine why I was being charged for a visit on August 17, 2013. The records cost me $13.50 and found it was I went to UHC to pickup pain pills called in by my dentist for pain of a dry socket resulting from a tooth being pulled. Did not know it was treated as an Emergency Room visit, I just picked up medication which I could not get at 2:47AM anywhere else. UHC determined it was a Emergency Room visit and Medicare was billed for $136.00 by the hospital and $147.00 for doctor treatment. Joan returned at 9:45PM went directly to her room. 9:00PM checked in on SJARA Tuesday Night Net.

      December 11, 2013 to bed at 1:00AM took evening meds. Up at 8:00AM read newspaper had breakfast and went back to bed at 10:00AM For a couple hours. Took shower and picked up Tyler at 3:00PM and took him to his dentist appointment. After his appointment we went to Subway and had something to eat.

      Nothing much happened the rest of the day went to bed on December 12, 2013 at 1:00AM after taking evening meds. December 12, 2013 up at 8:00AM let dog out and ate breakfast, yogurt, toast with ham, and large glass of water. Back to bed by 8:30AM, seem to be catching a cold, have to work to keep my head clear so I can breath. Went back to bed even though I couldn t sleep because of the congestion

      December 12, 2013 Back up watching TV and reading newspaper at 10:30AM, lot of dreaming and waking frequently. One of my confusion type dreams. 2:14PM Joan has left which appears to be for the rest of the day.

      December 13, 2013 00:15AM Joan arrives home and goes directly to her room. Took evening meds and went to bed at 00:30AM. Having trouble breathing due to nose stuffed up. Doing a lot of blowing and clearing nose. Cpap seems to help to help moisten my nose.

      7:30 up and let Bella out, took morning meds and ate breakfast. Went back to bed, didn t sleep well during the night. Up at 11:00AM took shower and got ready for my eye appointment at 2:00PM. Went out and had forgotten bank deposit and return home to pick up the deposit, passed Joan leaving the house at 1:45PM. Went to the eye doctor and seems either they made a mistake or I did but my appointment is not until Dec 18th at 2:00PM. Did some banking and picked up a gift for Genealogical Society Christmas party tomorrow at 2:30PM, hope it doesn t snow. Lunch is at the Parkette. Came back home for a short time and left for the CWVWA Christmas dinner at 5:30. Had a great time at the dinner. Got to meet several people that I don t normally see, I talk to them each week one ham radio but don t see them very often. Talked to one ham from Mt Clare area and he was telling me about a rash and reddening of the skin that he and several of his neighbors are suffering. I told him his symptoms reminded me of arsenic poisoning and advised him to be tested for arsenic. I have been hear of lots of people in the area if gas drilling of suffering from rashes and skin disorders. Arsenic is one of the chemicals used in fracking plus it is found naturally in WV rock strata as is Radon Gas. (Time will tell)

      December 14, 2013 Took meds and went to bed at 1:00AM. Up at 4:15AM, decided to stay up for a while. Got on ham radio 80mtrs and listened to some guys talking in Ohio and Indiana. Was snowing there with about 2 inches of snow on the ground. Temperatures is 36 degrees and raining, if it snows will have to go down in temperature. Went back to bed around 5:30AM, checked and Joan did not come home during the night. Slept until 8:00AM got up and let dog out and ate breakfast. Went back to bed at 10:00AM and slept until 12:30PM, took a shower and got ready to go the WVHCGS Christmas lunch at Parkette. Went to Parkette, temperature was 42 degrees and it was raining. Had a great time. Got a couple gifts in exchange. Got a WV 150 year celebration cook book compiled by the Harrison County Historical Society, and some CDs of Comedy Kings. Lots of candy and sweets exchanged for gifts so I made trades so I wouldn t get anything sweet.

      Got out of Parkette around 4:00PM and went to Krogers and picked up some dog treats and dog food, a few other things. Got home around 4:45PM and Joan walked in around 5:00PM, have no idea where she has been since last night, but it really doesn t make any difference. Things are peaceful when she is gone, I never know when and if she is going to start up again. I had left my keys in the lock when I came in and she just took them out and threw them on the end table. It startled me when she did it.

      December 15, 2013 took meds and went to bed at 1:00AM. Up at 8:00AM took meds and ate breakfast. Watch a little TV news and went back to bed for a while. Up at 11:00AM went out and got newspaper, Joan is parked in lawn since I parked in the drive way when I came back for shopping groceries and it was pouring down the rain. 2:00PM Joan came in and was looking for the newspaper and I handed it to her and she said thank you , won t wonders cease. 7:00PM talked to Barb, and had dinner, blackened salmon with broccoli with cheese, tomato juice, and a cup of coffee.

      December 16, 2013 2;00AM took meds and went to bed. A little late tonight. 06:30AM up let dog out and ate breakfast and took meds. 07:00AM sent out the Sinewaves (newsletter). Back to bed at 09:00AM. It snowed over night. About inch on ground. Cold enough that it is sticking on roads. School on two hour delay. December 16, 2013 back up again at 11:30AM, Joan is gone. Still snowing lightly. About 1 inch on the ground, the streets are clear, temperature 33.3F. 2:30PM Joan returns and did not park in the lawn, parked on the street. 4:00PM went out and cleaned snow off my car and moved it to my parking spot. Hope it doesn t snow to much by tomorrow.

      ---------------Note to Dawn appointment December 17, 2:00PM----------

      December 17, 2013 Up at 7:30 let Bella out and ate breakfast. Went back to bed until 10:00AM up and took shower to go to appointment with Dawn at 2:00PM. Arrived at therapist at 1:50PM. Had to wait until 2:30PM. First time Dawn has been running late. When I talked to Dawn she told me her employment had been terminated as of today with Dr. Salman. The session other than noticing that she was of course upset because she usually treats children and she will lose all of these child clients. At the end of my session Dr. Salman came in to talk to me and he informed me that my wife had been to visit him concerning me on December 6, 2013. She was there for a period of approximately 45minutes and as told to me when I made an inquiry of a staff member my wife was very verbal and loud when talking to the doctor. Dr. Salman asked me if it would be of any benefit if he made arrangements to have my wife come in for a session with him and I said, of course, I think she needs him more than I do. The doctor said he would contact my wife to have her come in and if needed would I be available to come and meet in a session with him with my wife, and I told him I would be happy to, but I would be very defensive and anything I discussed in from of her, because I did not want to say anything that might make things more difficult or acerbate the situation. Wondered how Joan found out I was seeing Dr. Salman. Thought maybe she intercepted the EOBs but according to Medicare none with Dr Salman on them have been mailed.

      The only other way was from Eric. If he did than I will have to make sure I discuss nothing what so ever with him in the future. I know I did not tell her. When I got home around 5:00PM Joan was not home.

      December 17, 2013 6:00PM watching local news on TV. 9:00PM held Tuesday night SJARA net, had 12 hams check in, next net will be Christmas Eve at 9:00PM. May have Santa Claus on the net if there are any kids to listen. Typical evening, just me and the dog (Bella) watching TV and browsing the Internet. Played a couple games of solitaire. 10:00PM Called Eric and told him about American Fidelity Calling today and said he owed them $6813.33 and that would pay everything up through December. He will receive a deposit of $140.00 from American Fidelity starting Feb 4, 2014. He really didn t want to be bothered, said he couldn t talk because he has a migraine, his typical statement when he doesn t want to talk about something important. When the letter comes I will give it to him and he can handle the whole thing. Banking, insurance, and deal with Medicaid and Social Security. I m getting tired of all the BS with Eric and also his mother. Joan came in at 11:00PM and went directly to her room.

      December 18, 2013 01:00AM Took evening meds and went to bedroom. Tuned around 20 mtrs to see what was coming in. Heard mostly west coast and a couple Japanese stations on JT65. Listened to 80mtrs but the same old group just chewing the fat as usual. To bed at 1:30AM. Up at 7:25AM Let dog out for a while. Ate breakfast and went back to bed at 8:30AM and up again at 10:00. Listened to 15mtrs for a few minutes, Europe and Russian heard. Just checking to see if G0BHK is up on the air. 10:30AM got paper and found it lying on the walk and not in the paper tube so called exp/tele complained that the tube was installed so the paper could be delivered so it would not get wet and I would not have to run around the yard looking where the newspaper could be.

      11:00AM took shower and getting ready to go to eye doctor at 2:00PM. Dr. Farris checked my eyes and said that my eyes are in very good shape. With glasses I have 20:15 vision. Sounds good to me. Back home at 3:45PM and watched Judge Judy at 4:00PM ant then onto the TV news at 5:00PM. Same thing on the TV news. Checked my email and had around 100, deleted most but read all the Christmas greetings, genealogy, and ham radio related emails.

      6:03PM Joan put on her coat and out the door. Back at 6:35PM, probably a cigarette run to super K.

     December 19, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds and went to bed. Up at 7:15AM let dog out and took morning meds and ate breakfast. Went back to bed at 8:30AM and back up at 10:00AM. Let dog out again for a short time. Weather looks great. Nice and warm, in the 50s. Did not east any lunch going out for dinner at 7:00PM.

      Went to eye doctor Dr. Farris at 2:00PM to have my eyes checked. He says that with my glasses I have 20/15 eyesight but do have a little stigmatism and he wrote me a new subscription for trifocals. Back home at 3:15PM. Got facebook request from Elisha R.D. looking for information on Sarah C. Hanks. Did some research and fond Sarah maiden name was Best and she married Jackson Hanks both from Ohio. In 1910 she was found living with her daughter Susan Hanks Fortney in Enterprise, WV in 1910 census. She died in 1912 and is buried in IOOF cemetery in Enterprise. Reported this to Elisha, hope it is what she wanted. Elisha had found her in on a family plot at IOOF cemetery and did not know who, and why she was buried in the family plot. Now we know. Watched TV and did some more research on the Fortney family as associated with my family research. Found Richard Fortney, Sarah s grandson was married to my first grand teacher, Braxie Radford who is directly related to my great grandson, Tyler Burton, through his maternal lineage. Picked up Troy at 6:20PM to go the SJARA Christmas dinner. Tyler did not want to go, he was going to attend a program at the high school doing with exchange students. We had a great time at the dinner, but it was not very well attended, only about a dozen at the dinner. Food and friends were great, introduced and installed new club officers for 2014/15. Returned home at 8:50PM, dropped off Troy and Tyler was just getting in from the high school activity, he said he thinks the dinner would have been more fun. December 20, 2013, took evening meds and went to bed at 2:00PM.

      December 20, 2013 Up at 7:30AM let dog out and ate breakfast, and back to bed by 9:00PM. Dog started barking and got me up at 11:00AM so got up and will have to go to the VA hospital to take my prescription for glasses and get my flu shot.

      Put the checks in Christmas cards and sent Eric s, Johnathan s Josh s, and Seth s check to Eric s address. Sent a card to Casey with her check and the boys check to Eric s address. December 20, 2013 1:30PM going to VA to deliver my prescription for glasses and get my flu shot. On way back stopped at Sam s and picked up a few things and then to Kroger s and picked up some more groceries. Went to Staples and picked up some paper file boxes to put research information in for my room, a total of 4 boxes, put one together.

      Got my notice from SS that my SS will got to $1013.00 a $16.00 Cola increase. Should get my notice from Navy soon on Cola for 2014. Stopped at Wendy s and had a salad and small chili for dinner. Came on home. 9:00PM Joan just came into the living room with a sheet of paper with the following on it. I know what you know and much more She kept waving it around saying nothing and it was difficult to make it out at first until I said hold it still so I can read it She held it still then tore it up and left the room and returned to her bed room not saying anything at all.

      9:10PM watching TV, and just wondering what she meant by the message on the paper. I assume she may mean that she knows I have been seeing a therapist with Dr. Salman. I was trying to figure how she found out I was seeing a Psychiatrist.

      The only people that know are Eric, Troy, and Tyler. I know Troy and Tyler have not talked to their grandmother so I asked Eric and he said that she told him she found out that I was seeing Dr. Salman and went to see him. (I already knew that since Dr. Salman told me that she was there on December 6th. I have figured that she read y prescription bottles and found his name since he prescribed meds for me to take for depression, so that must be what she means that she knows what I know and much more. This writing is one of the things my therapist suggested so I can keep my cool and not lose it when she raves and raises hell with me. Luckily she is being silent which makes it very easy for me. I assume she is afraid I may be recording her so she isn t going to say anything that I can record.

      December 21, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds let dog out for a while and then to bed at 1:15AM. Up at 8:00AM let dog out, took morning meds and ate breakfast. No need to stay up so went back to bed. Joan went out around 10:00AM, hope it is for the day, back up at 11:00AM let the dog out for a while and then decided to do some genealogy research on Internet and watch some TV. Went out and got the newspaper. Will read the paper, probably nothing in it as usual. Weather warm but overcast with a light rain. Had lunch at 2:00PM, saut ed peppers and onions with scrambled eggs with a couple pieces of bacon. Working on Vance family, updated about 10 members over three generations. Had chopped collard greens for supper. Joan walked in at 10:25PM and went directly to her room. 10:40PM Joan just came in living room with a sheet of paper with I know all about the phones, I know what you did written on it. Got me puzzled, have no idea what she is talking about. I must have done something to the phones. Eric told me earlier today that she got herself another cell phone but she will not give him the number.

      December 22, 2-13 1:00 took evening meds put dog out for a while then to bed at 1:15AM. December 22, 2013 Up at 8:00AM took morning meds, of course let the dog out and had breakfast, yogurt, toast, glass of milk, back to bed by 8:20AM. Bella started barking at 10:00AM Joan had gone out. Up at 11:00AM and went out to get the newspaper, lots of advertising in the paper the morning, not much to the paper.

      5:00PM Tyler dropped by and wanted to go practice parking. He is taking his driver s test tomorrow afternoon. Joan came in at 10:45PM and went directly to her room. Still not saying anything, very peaceful. There is some tension waiting for her to start up with one of her moods.

Got an email today tell me that Joan put some very damaging remarks on her facebook page. Of course, I am unfriended on her facebook so only know what the email said.

I figure the remarks are the same as she has been calling me in the past, with very little Differences. Lazy, stupid, homosexual, mean, dangerous, and threatening Nothing new. Of course, when Joan came in she lit up a cigarette and is walking back and forth in the hallway. I normally don t mention the smoking but she does it almost every time she comes in the house. She is probably a little out of sorts because I parked in the driveway last night when I came home after going with Tyler for practice parking. He did very well, parked the car 5 times with no mistakes.

11:00PM Got text from Troy inviting me to Christmas dinner at noon on Wednesday.

      December 23, 2013 2:00AM let dog out for a short time, took evening meds and to bed. 8:00AM up let dog out, ate breakfast and back to bed at 8:30AM. 10:00AM Joan just left, probably for the day. Up at 11:00AM went out to get newspaper, Reading newspaper and watching FOX news. FOX makes me a little dizzy, just leaning a little to far right. Have to go to CNN to recover my balance.

      Just taking it easy with the dog and enjoying the quite. 3:00PM no call from Tyler yet, Don t think he will be able to take his driving test today. Maybe between Christmas and New Years before he goes back to school in January.

      3:05PM Joan just walked in, didn t expect her back before night, oh well! Joan went to the kitchen and is fixing herself something to eat. 4:00PM Put a pork loin with carrots and onions seasoned with garlic and herbs in oven, should be out around 6:00PM for supper.

      7:00PM had supper, the pork loin was great. Talked to Barb on the phone. Nothing much going on this evening. December 24, 2013, well it is Christmas Eve. Not much different from any other day. 1;00PM took evening meds, let the dog out for a while and then to bed. 08:00AM up and ate breakfast and went back to bed, nothing to stay up for. Casey called at 8:30AM, seems she is having trouble with her maternal grandmother in Doddridge County where she and the boys are living. Only see or hear from Casey when she is having troubles. Can t take on anymore on right now. Back to bed. Back up at noon. There is a light snow on the ground, Maybe we will have a white Christmas, doesn t make much difference.


      Just dawned on me ..Our Anniversary was on December 22nd. Not much to remember. 51 years wasted except for two children, 5 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and 4 great grand sons.

      December 24, 2013-12-25 Up at 8:00 let dog out took morning meds, ate breakfast, back to bed at 8:30AM.

      Joan gone at 10:00AM, ate lunch at 2:00PM, didn t do much the rest of the day just watched TV and played some solitaire. Joan back at 7:30PM the then baked some cookies, don t know why, she just put some on a plate on the kitchen table. December 25, 2013, watched my Merry Christmas web page count down to Christmas and then went to bed at 2:00AM after taking evening meds and letting dog out for a while. Took shower and went to bed. December 25, 2013,,,,not a very Merry Christmas, my lap top went bad. Says in diagnostics that my memory is bad what s new for me and my memory. The other two computers are working but don t know how long with my luck. I will have to start shopping for a new laptop or at least some new memory if it is available. Going to Chris s, Troy s and Tyler s for dinner at 1:00PM

      Don t know when I will get back to this narrative .

      December 25, 2013 11:05AM . Gone to Chris s for Christmas Dinner at 1:00PM. Meal was great, Ham, green beans, mashed potatoes. Stayed until 10:00PM talking to Chris and Brenda. Had a good day.

      December 26, 2:00AM took evening meds and went to bed.

      Slept in this morning, Got up at 10:00PM, Let dog out and took morning meds. No breakfast.

      1:00PM Joan just came in carrying what looks like Christmas presents. Good for her, at least she got something. I did not get any Christmas gifts of any kind. There will be no Christmas gifts of any king from me next year. May not every be alive then, so won t make any plans.

      Working on the computers. Took the hard drive out of Mindi s old computer and put it in this HP computer It is working but could not save anything from the HP hard drive. The Hard Drive appears to be bad. It was not the memory even though the test said it was bad. It is in the computer now and is working.

      December 27, 2013
Took out garbage and placed on the curb. Garbage 1 day late due to Christmas on Tuesday. 01:00AM took my evening meds let dog out for a short time and went to bed.

      08:15PM Got up put dog out for a short time and took my morning meds and ate a yogurt. Went back to bed at 9:00AM and heard Joan go out around 10:00AM. 11:00AM Tyler called and wanted to stop by and take a shower. He came in and got some clean clothes and took a shower and left with Andy. 11:30PM Joan came in and went to her bedroom. 2:00PM I left to go to the grocery store and stop and see about a new laptop computer. Just looking and pricing. Came back at 6:00PM and put the groceries away. After putting the groceries away I went to my room to look up something on my desktop computer and when I returned to the kitchen Joan had crumpled up some cookies or cakes and scattered them all over the kitchen table. This morning when cleaning the kitchen I threw away two cookies on a plate that had been laying there for several days and were hard. Didn t thing they were eatable. Must have made her angry, so she had to retaliate.

      December 28, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds, put dog out for a short time, Went to bed. Have not seen Joan since she came in this evening. Her TV is turned off or muted, not a sound out of her room. 06:30AM heard sounds coming from her room and the hallway, just figured that she got up to go to the bathroom. Dropped back to sleep. 8:15AM heard the garbage go and got up, let the dog out and took my morning meds, and had breakfast, yogurt and toast and a glass of soymilk. Noticed that Joan s car was gone from in front of the house. Back to bed for a short time. Back up at 9:30AM. Let dog out again and went out to get the newspaper, and it was wadded up and pushed to the end of the newspaper tube. Either she did it or the paper man is angry with me, wonder who? 11:00AM Joan returned and went directly to her room. I walked down to my room and her door was wide open and she was writing on a piece of paper on her bed. I returned to the living room and in a few minutes she came up the hall and slammed a sheet of paper on the dinner room table and returned to her room and slammed the door. I was curious so I picked up the paper. This is what it said:

      Richard R. My terms for a divorce: half of the value of the house. half of CD on hand 26,000, checking acct $10,000.00, 800.00 in alimony, any of the household furniture I want, my car 99 Mercury, you file for divorce and paid all expenses. Shirley Joan Wilt Dec 28, 2013

      I would never file for divorce. If she needs a divorce she will have to file and pay for her own lawyer. I don t need a divorce, I do all the housework, all my own cooking, all my own washing, and do all the grocery shopping, which I have been doing for years so nothing has changed except she does keep her mouth shut and when she is silent life is good, so nice and quite. She wants approximately $68,000 plus $800.00 monthly alimony. I may agree to a $300.00 maintenance fee until she gets settled and the house is sold but no money for the house until it is sold. Also she must pay for her own lawyer and I will consider not fighting the divorce after she undergoes no less than 6 months, preferably 1 year of intense physiotherapy. After therapy she can file divorce at any time and then we can negotiate some sort of settlement. I am not opposed to some division of household furniture and financial assets but she must disclose any moneys she has in savings of any kind, knowing her addiction to gambling, I wonder just what she has. I will not pay any credit card debts.

      December 29, 2013 1:15AM took evening meds and to bed. 8:15AM Up and let dog out and took morning meds, ate yogurt and a glass of soymilk. Back to bed at 8:30AM. Heard Joan go out about 8:45AM. Decided to go get me a new computer. Went to Eric's to give him the information to send to AFA about his income. Turned over all of his banking so he can take care of it. Went to Walmart and got me a new HP 17.6inch Laptop. Brought it home and spending time getting it to work for me. Don't like a lot of features that come on new computers. They are for point and take what ever the system wants to let you do. I want to be in control. Have made several mods and now installing some of my old software.

5:00PM Joan came in and went directly to her room. Don't know if she noticed the new computer but I don't care. Since she is going to demand a divorce and money, I am going to buy a few things I have wanted for a long time. A faster computer and since my old one went south it gives me a good reason to get a new one.

Next thing is look at a motor home and a new radio. Maybe I'll just disappear, nothing holding me here.

      December 30, 2013 1:00AM Let dog out took evening meds and to bed. Couldn't get new computer to work correctly in Internet Explorer...will check for repairs in the morning.
8:00AM up and took morning meds....let dog out ate breakfast and went back to bed. 11:00AM back up. Let dog out and checked and Joan was gone. Thought I heard her but didn't pay much attention.
12:00PM Working on new computer. 1:30PM finally got IE working correctly and got CorFTP configured for all three web sites, everything seems to be working OK now except I can not get a good reading on Internet speed, new computer shows only 1.5MB download time and the old computer shows 5MB, It must be something to do with the processors in the new computer. Speed seems to be OK when surfing
. Got problem corrected with Internet was in the security settings which was blocking certain feathers of web sites such in AOL and my web site 2:00PM had lunch.... 4:15PM Joan just came in and went to her room.

7:15PM received my telephone call from my sister, I normally don't mention our calls but just thought I would put it in even though we talk every evening between 7 and 7:30, either I call her or she calls me.

7:30PM had dinner
Watched TV and worked on downloading some software to the computer to help with editing newsletter and producing web pages.

December 31, 2013 1:00AM took evening meds, let dog out for a while, taking shower and to bed by 1:30AM

9:15AM Slept in a little, dog got me up wanting out. Let dog out and ate breakfast and took morning meds. Went back to bed and up again at 11:00AM Got a pork roast ready to put in the oven. 1:00PM put roast in oven and went to the store to get a few things, especially dog treats, Bella is driving me crazy for a treat. Went to bank and did some banking.. Put money in new account. Went to Kroger's, boy was it crowded. Got back home at 2:55PM and set the roast up 30 more minutes to come out at 3:30PM.

Checking email and doing some work on the computer, downloading WVHCGS complete web site to make sure I don't lose. It will do the others later. Joan came in living room about 5:00PM and held a envelope up in my face, on one side it said " Spy, I know what you know" and on the other side "Big Spy". I really don't know what she means by these statements. She walked stomped out and then came back and said "I WANT A DIVORCE" very loudly. First thing she has said to me in a long time. Joan took the newspaper lying in the lounge chair and threw it across the room and then she sat down in the lounge chair. She sat there for nearly an hour staring at me. Was expecting her to say something else but she remained silent. About 6:20PM she got up and went to her room. Piece and quite again. Can smell the smoke coming from her room.

Something I forgot to mention. I went to see my son on Sunday December 29, 2013 to take all of his paperwork so he could start doing his own banking. I have doing his banking and paying bills for him since 2009 so now that I have him out of debt and he is getting SS disability and on Medicaid he can take care of himself now. While there he offered me mail for Joan that had been delivered to his address. I looked at it and it was from the Social Security Administration for her addressed at my son's address. Looks like she had notified SS to change her address.

December 31, 2013 7:50PM

Happy New Year, Hope this year is better than last. 2013 can only be described as being a year that truly "Sucked"


This appears on Joan's Facebook so you know just how much she hates me. I feel sorry for her if this is what she really thinks of me.

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Is she crazy or just a bitch?